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The 11/11 Process For Healing Self

Practical Exercise for Changing Negative Belief Systems Into Positive Beliefs
by Melanie Tonia Evans
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Can't Get What You Want Out Of Life?

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we simply can't seem to break through in an area of life we are struggling with, which causes us to continually experience disappointments such as lack of money, or the inability to gain love and support.

There Is A Way To Change Your Life For The Better!

In order to achieve outer results in life, there is a necessity to create inner adjustments and the only way to do this effectively is to directly embrace the aspect of ourselves that isn't working, and then "re-script" the reality that we do wish to create.

Apart from powerful Quanta Freedom Healing solutions which are often instant, the 11/11 process provides breakthrough solutions and if adhered to diligently creates fast and sustainable results.

How the 11/11 Healing Process Can Help

This process is a powerful method, over time, for changing a false belief system that isn't serving you into a positive belief system. The numbers 11/11 are known by spiritualists as a 'portal of manifestation'. Many people attest to seeing the numbers 11/11 continually in everyday life, such as on clocks, number plates and signs.

Individuals who have worked with this process diligently and correctly have indeed experienced great shifts in thinking and behaviour as well as created powerful positive manifestations.

The 11/11 Process works like this... you are establishing an essential and intimate relationship with yourself. Your conscious mind is focusing upon a new positive program and filtering this to your subconscious. False belief systems will be released from your subconscious to make room for the new positive program.

What Can Be Expected from Doing The 11/11 Healing Process

People and situations will reflect back to you your new internal belief system. For example the positive statement "I love and accept myself" will start creating outer conditions that support this belief. (Such events will grant you feedback as to how you are absorbing the new program.)

As a result of working with the process, you'll feel peace, empowerment and a greater connection with yourself.

Your responses will contain vital information as to which belief systems will require ongoing re-programming. Your subconscious will reveal the next steps of your healing journey.

Your thoughts, words and actions will start supporting your new belief system, which powerfully assists the creation of the life you wish to live.

How To Do The 11/11 Healing Process

Write the positive belief system down in a journal. As you do so, focus on the positive statement.
After writing this statement, sit and wait for your mind to grant a response. DO NOT judge the response in anyway. Simply write it. It could be anything ranging from negativity / disbelief to positivity / belief or any related issues or any unrelated issues. If nothing comes to mind write "No response." The response can be as long or as short as you wish.
Continue this process 11 times.
Do this process once a day for 11 days straight.

Important Points to Remember

  • The full 11 positive statements and responses must be written in one sitting with no breaks or distractions.
  • If you leave out a day you must begin the process from day one again.
  • Up to three positive belief systems can be worked on simultaneously. Each of these must be completed one at a time - i.e. 11 statements and responses each.
  • A break of 11 days is required before returning to work on the same positive statement.


Example of the 11/11 Process

Journal Entries :: Day 1

  1. Affirmation: I unconditionally love and accept myself.
    Response: I don't know if I can do this. This feels so hard. Part of me is sitting here saying, 'What the hell - what do I need to do this for?' Another part of me really knows that for some reason I have to. I can't even imagine having a conversation like this with myself. Normally, I'd sit down, tune out and watch TV.
  2. Affirmation: I unconditionally love and accept myself.
    Response: Okay, so here I am doing this. Okay, what is it going to mean? What does loving me feel like? It certainly has to feel better than the stinking versions of love I've had. What is love anyway? If it means feeling better and really being able to trust someone again and open my heart, I guess it's got to be okay. Anything's got to be better than what's happened before.
  3. Affirmation: I unconditionally love and accept myself.
    Response: So I'm doing really well – up to the third one already and I haven't walked away yet! God, I'm good! (Just a little bit of humour). How interesting! How often do I try to cover up my feelings with humour – now I'm uncomfortable having a conversation with myself, especially one that is about telling myself something nice! Come to think of it it's always been hard for me to accept any compliments from anyone.
  4. Affirmation: I unconditionally love and accept myself.
    Response: Who the hell am I trying to kid! I don't love myself. I never have. If I loved myself I wouldn't drink myself to oblivion every chance I have and I wouldn't keep choosing men who beat the crap out of me. It's really pretty obvious that I have terrible self-worth and self-love. I am sick to death of trying to prove how tough I am and put on a front. The bottom line is I'm terrified of getting hurt and damaged again - and then I shortcut the system by damaging myself first.
  5. Affirmation: I unconditionally love and accept myself.
    Response: So I know I'm supposed to be really honest with my responses and I'm really trying to. Blah, blah - what on earth else can I say? Alright - you want to know the truth? Of course I'd love to believe this statement. Who wouldn't? It's been so hard trying to feel alright. Why on earth couldn't I have grown up feeling loved? Why did I have to go through what I did? Of course I know the reason why - to bloody well heal myself. But it still hurts. Great I'm crying now - as if I need more pain!
  6. Affirmation: I unconditionally love and accept myself.
    Response: Okay, I know, I know - get it out! The only way out is through! So I'm really focusing on this statement 'I love myself' - I'm trying. I want this. I want so badly to feel loved, and safe and protected. I never have been. I've never felt this, ever, ever in my whole life. Please, please something help me, help me feel this one day. Okay, breathe. I know I'm going to be okay. It's perfectly alright to feel this pain - surely what isn't going to kill me is going to make me stronger!
  7. Affirmation: I unconditionally love and accept myself.
    Response: So what are the choices - throw in the towel because I'm crying and go and pick up a drink, or stay here with my journal? I'm sick of giving in to myself and causing more pain. Okay, no matter what it takes I am determined. I'm sick of my life and I want to change it for the better. I'm 43 years of age and I feel like I've never got anywhere. It's time I did something about it. I really do know no one is ever going to love me unless I learn to love myself.
  8. Affirmation: I unconditionally love and accept myself.
    Response: Okay, journal I'm here with you. Whew! That feels better, I was nearly tempted for a moment. No more! No more crap! What a roller-coaster - all because I'm sitting here writing to myself telling me 'I love myself'. My God - is it any wonder I never believed anybody else who said these words? Is it any wonder that I viewed them with suspicion, or was waiting for them to leave, hurt me or run off with another woman, just like my father did?
  9. Affirmation: I unconditionally love and accept myself.
    Response: What a bloody system. Fix it or reincarnate and do it again! Gee, great choices. Is there an option number three? I guess not - even 'pick a box' might be better. What if I don't want to be me? What if God got it wrong? Do I get a trade-in or a refund? Can't I swap bodies with someone else, someone who has less cellulite?
  10. Affirmation: I unconditionally love and accept myself.
    Response: That was pretty funny. Now I'm laughing. Shit! I really do take it all way too seriously. So what if I have a bit of cellulite? I don't expect other people to be perfect, so why on earth do I think I have to be? Even gorgeous movie stars have cellulite. Having cellulite never made someone a bad person.
  11. Affirmation: I unconditionally love and accept myself.
    Response: I know I can do this. So there really is a lot to love about me when I think about it. There are plenty of people that appreciate me. The problem is I have been too busy hooking into the people that don't and trying to make them accept me. I'd do much better by simply loving me and allowing other loving people to be around me.

This process continues each day for 11 days straight.
Below are partial examples of day 5 and day 11 . . .

Journal Entries :: Day 5

  1. Affirmation: I unconditionally love and accept myself.
    Response: So here we go again. I've been such a good girl. I haven't drunk one night since I've started doing this. I'm probably too scared of what I'll write if I'm drunk! Actually I know I won't do it if I start drinking - and I'm determined to go through with this. I really have to admit I'm feeling better already.
  2. Affirmation: I unconditionally love and accept myself.
    Response: I'm pretty proud of myself. I did the best grocery shop I can remember doing in a long time. No more baked beans on toast! I actually feel like cooking for myself again. I can't believe it! Surely this must mean I am starting to 'love myself'. Everyone at work has commented by saying how much better I look. Sure, sure it only took four nights of balling my eyes out - but hey it must have been worth it!
  3. Affirmation: I unconditionally love and accept myself.
    Response: So dear journal I am spending more time with you having conversations than I can remember being bothered to talk to anyone for a long time. But this is having a conversation with myself. Surely people used to get locked up for doing this! I must say I have been sleeping so much better than I can remember for a long time. I'm not feeling anywhere nearly as lonely as I was, and I really am not tempted to try and get back together with that loser. Thank God!
  4. Affirmation: I unconditionally love and accept myself.
    Response: I had such a nice conversation with my daughter today. She sounded much happier than she has sounded for a long time. She told me how much better it was for us to talk without me criticizing her. Did I really always used to do this? I guess I never realised how I came across because I was so involved in my own pain.
  5. Affirmation: I unconditionally love and accept myself.
    Response: Does this mean I'm off the alcohol? I didn't think I'd be able to stop drinking like this. Okay, it's early days. I know I have a long way to go. One day at a time. Okay, keep focusing on looking after me. Bugger it! I am going to book a healing this week, and I'm also going to go and get my hair done. I think I might even tell the hairdresser to do a completely new style. I deserve to feel and look good. I haven't gone through all this writing for nothing!

Continue through till number 11.

Journal Entries :: Day 11

  1. Affirmation: I unconditionally love and accept myself.
    Response: I can feel me coming on! Yes! I got a raise today. Okay, so it was only small, but it was a raise. And my brother has invited me up to Queensland for a week and he has offered to pay. This is pretty darn good. Life truly isn't that bad after all, and I still haven't had a drink. I really don't feel like it.
  2. Affirmation: I unconditionally love and accept myself.
    Response: A couple of the guys told me how spunky I look! Not that I'm interested in either of them, but it is really nice to get the compliments. I certainly haven't felt like I could bother feeling attractive. Now I want to go out and get a new wardrobe - or at least some bits and pieces - money permitting!
  3. Affirmation: I unconditionally love and accept myself.
    Response: I know this is working. I can feel it. My life really is pretty good. I do have a lot to be thankful for. When I think of what some other people have to try and deal with, I really do have it pretty good. I know now I have a focus on myself and am feeling better. And I have stopped drinking. I'm nowhere nearly as unhappy and stressed as I used to be. I really want to find a hobby now. I used to play tennis years ago and loved it. I wonder if Anne would like to join something with me, she used to play when she was younger too.
  4. Affirmation: I unconditionally love and accept myself.
    Response: It's actually feeling great not having a guy in my life at the moment. I never thought I'd say this! I really want to concentrate on myself for a while - this is feeling too good to stuff it up with a guy! I really would love the right love relationship but I know I need to get myself right first. I so don't want to fall back into the same pattern again. It's way too painful. If I really work at finding me - for the first time in my life - it never has to happen again.
  5. Affirmation: I unconditionally love and accept myself.
    Response: I really am starting to know what it feels like to love myself. I now know it is a warmth, a safety and a feeling that everything is going to be okay. It's also a wanting to look after myself and enjoy my life. For the first time that I can remember I actually feel love. I feel like I want to make up for lost time. I really feel like I want to do the things that I have been too sad and depressed to do. This feels great. I am starting to feel free of the pain. It's not all the time, but the good times and feelings are getting longer and longer. They aren't just fleeting moments.

Continue through till number 11.



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