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Empowering Articles for Personal Growth and Awareness
by Melanie Tonia Evans


The self-empowerment articles in this section by Melanie Tonia Evans deliver the 'truths' at the deepest levels of what's really going on in your life.

The truth will set you free! By accessing and embracing vital information, you then have the ability to take back control of your life and make empowering decisions, regardless of what life and other people are or aren't doing. By aligning with yourself authentically, you then begin to align with the life that you truly wish to live!

Letting go of fear and reaching
towards becoming your own 'source of self'
empowers you to live a life of
Authentic Power
, a space from where
you can consciously create and manifest
your desires
for love, success and happiness.

Empowered Self

Narcissism and the Effectiveness of Quanta Freedom™ Healing
Recovery from Narcissistic abuse requires so much more than contemporary solutions. This article is specifically positioned in regard to narcissistic love relationships. However, it should be noted that the information following is also relevant for any narcissistic situation that a victim may be suffering from, such as via a family member or any other impacting association.

Narcissism Understood
Are you in a relationship with a narcissist? Are you confused & sucked dry emotionally, mentally, physically, financially? Narcissistic Personality Disorder destroys all types of relationships.

Co-Dependency Issues - Learning How to "Let Go"
Recovery from Co-dependency means taking responsibility for our own life whereby we stop trying to coerce, plead, bully or manipulate changes in other people and situations in order to make our lives happier.

Co-dependence to Independence to Interdependence
Creating a win-win life of freedom, love, joy and expansion with self and others.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder Common Expressions and Behaviour
Narcissistic Personality Disorder identifiers and characteristics. How to recognise or identify narcissism and narcissist traits, common behaviour, expressions and techniques used by narcissistic individuals.

Personal Boundaries in Relationships
Personal boundaries in relationships are vital. Learn to get clear about your personal truth, how to set and honour boundaries and how to live a principle centered life. Stop saying 'yes' when you feel 'no'.

Emotional Abuse - Are You Being Abused?
Identifying physical, sexual, psychological and financial abuse in relationships. Awareness is the first step to creating a safe, abuse-free environment for yourself.

Domestic Abuse - Emotional Abuse, Physical Violence
The truth about physical, mental & emotional abuse toward women. Domestic violence, also known as domestic abuse, spousal abuse and intimate partner violence (IPV), is an enormous society issue.

Jealousy Pathological Jealousy and Envy
How to understand the differences between jealousy & pathological jealousy, envy & pathological envy. Find out if insane jealousy and envy are playing out in your life.

Relationship Addiction
Identify and overcome obsessive love or relationship addiction. Find out if you are addicted to love and learn the steps to break away and heal the painful cycle.

Empowered Love Creation

Creating Conscious Relationships Of Equality)
There is a growing need for females and males to discover ways to bond together with intimacy, trust and respect, also called Spiritual Partnerships, or partnerships between equals.

Relationship Advice
How to attract and maintain a healthy, successful relationship. Stop attracting unsupportive or abusive partners. Know and hold your self-worth, self-love and self-respect without needing another person to fill the void.

Empowered Living

Your DNA Programming and its Effect on Your Life
Quantum Physics recognizes that everything in the Universe exists at the same ‘note’. This energy is known as ‘consciousness’ (God)...

The Ironies of Life - Love, Success, Happiness from the Inside Out
We've all been led to believe that life is happening outside of us and that life is supposed to deliver us love, success and happiness. Every time we use belief systems that equate to this falsehood, we are significantly disappointed...

The Laws of Life - How to Become a Conscious Creator
You're responsible for the creation of your life. You have the power to think yourself either into love, success and happiness, or pain, fear and desolation.

From Victim to Survivor to Thriver

Release your victim mentality by liberating your beliefs, thinking, words and actions using Universal Principles to transform from powerlessness to Authentic power.

How to Forgive - Releasing the Pain of the Past
Forgiveness is an essential ingredient to releasing and letting go of the past, reclaiming our 'selves' and taking back our power, and eliminating the need to recreate pain in our life and relationships...

Healing Dysfunctional Childhood Conditioning
Steps to uncover and heal your dysfunctional belief systems stemming from childhood. By working on your inner world, your outer world will change beyond recognition.

Healing Past Life Issues Affecting Your Current Life
Past-life regression specifically targets core root issues at a deep subconscious level. When undergoing regression, individuals are perfectly conscious and remember everything that occurs...

Reprogramming Beliefs and Creating New Realities
Learn how to use our free will to re-wire our brains and body’s cellular structures to create new belief systems and break away from painful past experiences.

The 11/11 Process for Healing Self
Practical exercise for changing negative belief systems into positive beliefs.

Ego, The Enemy Of Self - How to Reclaim Your True Power
Our ego will always manifest recurring pain, doubt and powerlessness. Reclaim your power! Learn how to work with your 'true self' to manifest love, happiness and success.

Getting in Touch with and Honouring Our Emotions
Learn how to embrace your emotions and work with your inner guidance to heal dysfunctional love relationships and gain happiness and inner peace.

Inner Foundation of Trust
Learn how to embrace your emotions and work with your inner guidance to heal dysfunctional love relationships and understand how to gain happiness and inner peace.

Religion Vs. Spirituality
Please understand that the mention of ‘God’ on this website and in my books is not a religious reference. Spiritual beliefs are contrary to many structured religious teachings...

Ten Tips to Self Mastery
Empower your life, achieve your goals with these self mastery tips. You are an unlimited vibrational being. Everything that shows up in your life is a direct match to your vibration. This is the Law of Attraction...


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