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Healing Past Life Issues Affecting Your Current Life
by Melanie Tonia Evans

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About Past Life Healing

Past-life healing specifically targets core root issues at a deep subconscious level.

When undergoing past life healing, clients deeply relate to the past-life issues that surface. Past-life work has proven to me and others beyond any doubt, that we can access our very real past selves. I've never met a client whose past life core issues didn't relate directly to their most painful issues in this lifetime.

If you really want to work deeply on a dysfunctional program it can be helpful to consider the theory:
You entered this lifetime with this dysfunctional program - thus attracting the parents and 'less than' results that you did.

You may have re-lived and repeated this program for several lifetimes. Most people do. By accessing the core root of the dysfunction (where it was first established) a powerful healing re-creation can unlock and heal this wound significantly.

The Answer to Toxicity Lies in Your Past

If we die without healing and emotional resolution, we will re-create the same drama in future lives in order to grant the opportunities to heal and move away from the fearful belief system. The most powerful false belief systems are those that have painful emotional charges connected to them. This is why programs connected to grief and trauma can be extremely embedded.

Toxic Past-life Relationships

I thoroughly believe past-live dramas are extremely responsible, when you feel addicted, have trouble letting go and feel hopelessly enmeshed in toxicity with specific people in your life (especially family members and love partners).

The fact this lifetime is causing you so much pain means you may have been in a highly toxic past-life relationship that's unresolved. I've never found this theory to be incorrect. The recognition and healing of what is really going on can provide the knowledge necessary to honour you and move on. If the relationship is salvageable, it may grant the insight to resolve the hidden issues you can't quite put your finger on.

Many of us can relate to certain relationships in our lives which are extremely painful and traumatic, yet we can't seem to find a solution to stop the pain. These connections aren't just limited to love partners. This may involve your mother or father, your child, a friend or anyone else in your life. It can be extremely useful to target the core wound of these relationships in order to release the dense energy that has been trapped regarding these issues.

It is usual to find individuals who have been playing out the same episodes with the same people lifetime to lifetime. If this pattern is not healed and liberated the pattern may continue for centuries.

True Healing Requires Consistent Healthy Thinking

It must be stated that past-life work alone isn't enough and isn't a quick fix. It'll break down a wall that seemed indestructible, but if we don't keep working on new positive belief systems we easily default to the old patterns.

It can't be emphasised strongly enough - self-work is a lifestyle not a transient event.

At the end of the day there's no 'magic bullet'. We have to work extremely hard at changing our beliefs about life and ourselves, and take responsibility for evolving and developing ourselves.


  • Have you ever had the feeling there is something affecting you that you can't quite put your finger on?
  • The painful unresolved emotional issues you created in past lives, magnetise your childhood and keep presenting 'less than' events in order to heal.
  • Past-life trauma could be responsible for fearful belief systems.
  • Past-life healing can unlock the trauma and create a new safe and empowered reality.
  • You may significantly alter your behaviour by releasing the core trauma.




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