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How to Recognise and Heal from Narcissistic Abuse eBook
by Melanie Tonia Evans

Narcissistic abuse is epidemic and creates symptoms that are very little understood and are unfathomable unless they have been personally experienced. This eBook will give you incredible detail regarding what you, or someone you care about is experiencing.

This eBook provides you the answers to:

What narcissism is, and the transference of narcissistic abuse.

The symptoms, perverse ‘hooking’ and addiction of narcissistic abuse, and how these phenomena occurred.

Understand the empowerment and liberation opportunities as a result of narcissistic abuse.

Narcissistic abuse almost claimed my life, and I’m not alone – the rate for emotional and literal death as a result of narcissistic abuse is frightening, and the condition is extremely serious. I know what it is to be so stuck in the abuse, the madness and the turmoil that you are barely surviving, let alone functioning. When I did break away from the narcissistic abuse on several occasions, I was terrified to discover that the pain got worse instead of better. At that point no-one had explained the phenomena of aftershock to me, what it meant and the reasons why it was happening. From the place of a complete breakdown I had to find the real reasons for narcissistic abuse, what was going on, and how to understand and overcome aftershock if I was going to survive. Little did I realise at the time, that the information that I discovered, and which ‘came to me’ in the midst of a complete breakdown, were not only the processes and tools to recover, but the ones to create a ‘self’ and life far grander than I could have ever imagined.

How to Recognise and Heal from Narcissistic Abuse eBook
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What Others Say about this eBook

"I had been stuck in victimhood as a result of my ex-narcissistic relationship for 2 ½ years, and I knew I wasn’t getting better. That’s when whilst researching more information about narcissism I found your site and ordered your eBook. What you said totally resonated me. I know I have to take responsibility of healing myself and getting better and now I know there is hope. I love how you have created such an incredible positivity from your experience, and I wish to emulate this because quite frankly I know the negativity and pain is killing me. You are right this did happen for a reason, and I can be honest about that now, and can create a new me as a result. Thank you."

~ Charmaine G USA

"Thank you for explaining so much of what didn’t make sense. I now understand how much I was set up, missed the signs and didn’t trust myself. I also know that I needed this experience in order to learn more about me and how to love, respect and honour me in ways that will attract and maintain a healthy relationship in my life. I have been horribly hooked, thought it was ‘love’, but now that I know the real reasons why this has happened I know I’m not going crazy, and realise the gift is all about loving myself. I felt incredible peace for the first time in a long time after reading this eBook."

~ Margaret A UK

"I believe your information is the best information available of the web regarding narcissism, and the only information that I believe deals with the absolute truth about it, and the true solutions at the level at which it is really going on. We can all go to the doctor for a pill to stop the pain, but we are only treating the symptoms. You allow us to understand and deal with the real reasons in order to heal what has happened, and to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Since discovering your information I have found hope and most importantly acceptance as a result of what happened. I love this particular eBook of yours, and use it as a bible regularly to keep me inspired about the truth of myself and the life that I deserve."

~ Heidi A Germany

To take this profound journey from abuse to liberation

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How to Recognise and Heal from Narcissistic Abuse eBook

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