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The Laws Of Life

How To Become A Conscious Creator
by Melanie Tonia Evans
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In order to become a true Manifester of Love, Success and Happiness, it's important to understand the Laws of Life.

The Laws of Life are:

  • You're responsible for the creation of your life.
  • You're so free to create your own life, that you have the power to shift yourself either into love, success and happiness, or pain, fear and desolation.
  • You have the power to turn your entire life around beyond previous recognition.
  • Love and Universal Energy is you, flows through you, and surrounds you. The power you have to connect to the love, happiness and success you want is phenomenal.
  • There's no escaping yourself. You're 'stuck on the train of yourself' without any way off (past lives clearly demonstrate this), so you may as well learn to love you, create an amazing life and make the most of it!
  • Merely deciding (powerfully) NOW that you've had enough and you want to create a whole new life (from the inside out) can get things powerfully started.
  • Merely deciding (powerfully) NOW that you deserve to have a great life can powerfully get things started.
  • If both of these decisions aren't made nothing is going to change.
  • You've always been deciding how your life is going to play out.
  • You live in an amazing time where spirituality, modern science, medicine and philosophy are coming together to expose 'the truth of life'. You have the support, knowledge and options available to consciously orchestrate your life in the power of the Divine Creator that you are.
  • You're more powerful (when connected to Source Energy) than you could ever imagine. If you work at maintaining this connection, life becomes effortless.


Other energy truths to consider:

The Laws of Self:

  • To create a new life, you need to resolve & forgive, (clear away) the painful toxicity of the old you.
  • Whatever pain you don't release and liberate yourself from will repeat - granting you an opportunity to heal and resolve it.
  • Your natural state of being free of false belief systems, is true love, success and happiness
  • You can't receive true love, success and happiness until you become whole. If you need anything outside of yourself for 'wholeness' you'll never feel whole even if you did obtain it.
  • The more whole you become, the more the Universe will supply people and events that add to this state.
  • You'll never have an authentic identity, faith, belief and love of self if your truth is subject to the approval of others.
  • The more authentically in love you are with yourself, the more you'll give authentic love and abundance to others, and you'll receive much authentic love and abundance in return.
  • What other people think of you is none of your business.
  • If you know and believe you're a loving, authentic person (without needing others to agree) other people will automatically agree.
  • The parts of yourself that you 'don't like' and hide will always draw the matching adversity to you.
  • If you embrace all of you openly and lovingly, without fear of exposure, you'll be free to receive an avalanche of love and gifts from the Universe.
  • If you take full responsibility for loving, healing and supporting self, the Law of Attraction will supply you with an abundance of love, healing and support from unlimited sources outside of you.
  • If you take full responsibility for living your authentic and self-loving truth, you'll attract and maintain people and situations that perfectly work with your authentic truth.
  • An essential part of 'manifesting your truth' is learning to say 'no' to something that doesn't serve you, rather than trying to change it or fix it into a 'yes'.
  • Understanding and mastering your Emotional Resonance is vital. No matter what your head thinks, if your 'body' (feeling state) doesn't know it, it's impossible to achieve.

Because we've often been taught the Laws of Life in a back-to-front fashion (from the outside-in, instead of the inside-out) we've continually been frustrated. Let's look at these frustrations...

The 'Cruel' Ironies of Life:

  • If you need someone to love you or treat you with respect - they don't.
  • If you expect someone or something to be a certain way to make you happy - it won't happen.
  • If you rely on someone or something to help you feel better - it won't happen.
  • If you give of yourself in order to get - you don't get.
  • If you need someone to believe in you or validate you - they don't.

No one can deny these truths! We've all lived and experienced them! We need to embrace the truth, and if we do, the truth will set us free. We can't live by the old system and expect to get different results.

Our previous teachings didn't teach us to be self-focused. You need to be - constantly! The total truth of life is: it's an impossibility to receive something from outside of you that you're not providing for and being within yourself.

The 'Perfect' Ironies of Life:

  • If you love and treat yourself with respect - life and people will provide more respect and support.
  • If you maintain your own happiness - life and people will provide more happiness.
  • If you work with yourself to feel better - life and people will provide more compassion.
  • If you give of yourself because you love giving - life and people will give to you.
  • If you validate yourself – life and people will believe in you.

Whatever your belief systems and their associated emotional charges are, will dictate your behaviour and will dictate your behaviour and how your life behaves for you.

The most powerful thing you can do is: change your entire beliefs and feelings about life, from those of a 'separated' individual to the beliefs of a 'connected and empowered being.'



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