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Ten Tips To Self Mastery

How To Empower Your Life and Achieve Your Goals
by Melanie Tonia Evans
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We have believed life is something happening 'outside of ourselves.' When we move into the knowing of Self Mastery we realise this is an illusion. By being what we wish to achieve and receive we become a direct match with the life we want to create.

  1. Understand that everything that shows up in your life is a direct match to your vibration - called "The Law Of Attraction"

    If you wish to receive honest, genuine and connected LOVE you must be willing to be honest, genuine and connected to yourself and be prepared to share this with others in an honest and intimate way. True LOVE cannot operate any other way - this means embracing yourself 'warts and all' and being willing to expose and share the true you with self and others. How can anyone love and embrace all of you if you are not willing to do this for yourself? Likewise if you want to receive success or better health your inner feelings about these beliefs and outer statements must match these vibrations. Verbal statements and actions (as a result of not feeling and believing 'what you want') that run in contrary to 'supportive, healthy love', 'perfect health' or 'abundant success' will always draw less than results regardless of what you wish for.

  2. You're not a purely physical being: you are also an unlimited vibrational being.

    We exist in two dimensions simultaneously. Yes we do need to physically engage in life, however, everything we desire in life in already a component within us. If we work towards matching (knowing and feeling) this vibration and authentically expressing this vibration as a lifestyle, we will attract anything we desire - even if it has never previously shown up in our life. In true quantum physic reality there is no separation between powerful authentic inner energies and outer direct 'hits' that match our desires perfectly.

  3. Examine your belief systems determinedly.

    Look at: what have been the past and present experiences in your life that haven't matched your desires. These results have been a direct match with your current 'less than belief systems'. Until you totally own these belief systems as your own creation, and nothing that anyone else has inflicted on you, you're powerless to change what you've been creating up till now.

  4. Re-program your belief systems determinedly.

    Working on your subconscious is vital to attract the things in your life that you desire. Regardless of what you think you want - your less than belief systems (subconscious programming) will sabotage your creations each and every time until they are replaced with belief systems that are a vibrational match to what you want. The Laws of Life cannot operate in any other way.

  5. Develop trust in the unseen.

    To become a Master of Your Life, you have to stop forcing things to happen, and create your desires on an inner level first. In order to do this you must know and develop trust in yourself as a vibrational creator, and trust in the life force that connects you to 'all of life'. This means letting go of the need for physical and tangible proof. In order to do this you must be clear on what you want, whilst having trust in the process (being educated about Ultimate Realities), in order to maintain a vibration that will attract your desires.

    Ego, separation, believing you can only be 'filled' by aspects outside of yourself (neediness), and the need to gain the upper hand, and quench the lack in the inner self by using defense mechanisms is not authentic power! No matter what the ego obtains it will always want more. Satisfying ego desires is a bottomless pit and will never sustain you with love, success or happiness. In fact it will keep your further away from your obtaining your Divine Truth - namely real and durable love, success and happiness. Self Mastery is about filling yourself vibrationally and expressing this from the inner to the outer world and then having direct matches manifest effortlessly in your life.

    Let go of defence mechanisms - and trust your ability to experience love, happiness and bliss.

    Why do so many people speak and act in a way that is contrary to 'what they really want?' If you want love - don't act out in ways that are in vibrational resistance to the truth of love. If you feel scared or insecure don't project it onto other people - own it with love, gentleness and authenticity. If you want to be wealthy stop telling people "I can't afford this. I'm broke!" Your desires, words and actions need to be in alignment. The self protection you think you are granting yourself is continually drawing more 'less than' experiences. Give out to the world an identical vibrational match of what you wish to receive.


    As an unlimited being 'what you deserve' is only limited by the belief you have about you. The Law of Attraction and Universal Possibilities are unlimited. It's as easy for the Universe to deliver something 'really big' as it is to deliver something 'really small'.

    To change our previous belief systems takes work and effort. Our physical self loves (and quite frankly needs) solutions and procedures in order to raise ourselves to effortless creators. Manifesting Your Desires is not a quick fix, or a 'sometimes' thing - It's a life style and a wonderful process of moving into enlightenment and creating the wondrous and loving life that is the truth of life itself.

  7. Detachment is necessary in order to Receive Your Desires.

    This is pure faith, and can only be created and maintained on an inner level. This ability doesn't come from the intellect or the ego, this is a true knowing of the heart. In order to be in this frequency, you must be reflecting inner peace (in the 'now' regardless of what your life looks like), harmony, honesty, trustworthiness, love and inspiration, without experiencing feelings of neediness. All else, other than these qualities, is FEAr which continues to draw disappointing creations.


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