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These people healed and created an abuse free life.

So can you!

Name: Renee

A Brave Journey From Feeling Helpless And Tormented To Finding Peace And Clarity

Renee was blindsided by her narcissistic husband after he schemed for over a year before announcing he wanted a divorce. He manipulated her to move far away from her workplace and work overtime while he quit his job. All the while carrying on an affair with another woman.

Renee says, ‘It felt surreal, like this person who had vowed to love me, was suddenly a stranger with one purpose only – to destroy me. It was as though a beast had emerged – and it was brutal and merciless.’

The narcissistic abuse continued, ‘He then immediately smeared me to all of our friends, his parents, and anyone who would listen. His parents took his side and withdrew all support for me and help with the children. This had become a war that his whole family was waging against me, and I had never felt more isolated or fearful.’

Renee’s husband then employed scare tactics during the relentless legal proceedings using disturbing behaviour and then pathological lies to add to her mounting distress and she became sick from the overwhelming stress of it all.

Renee’s psychologist promptly recognized he was a Narcissist. She researched how to strategize and protect herself and her children against the unrelenting emotional sledgehammering. She did this on her three hour round trip to and from work each day.

In 2016, Renee discovered NARP, she says, ‘I was so consumed with learning about Narcissists, and keeping my head above water, that I did not venture into the Quanta Freedom Healing Modules for another six months.’

‘At first I was skeptical that anything could alleviate what I was experiencing, but soon realised I held the key to my own recovery.

Within six weeks, life around me started to shift profoundly, in alignment with my inner shifts. This was a true edification process.’

Renee shares her thoughts on NARP, ‘This program has the intrinsic power to reconfigure trauma and distress, into enlightenment and soul transcendence.’

‘My children could sense and feel these changes, and they too became more settled and at peace with themselves. I made sure that I never talked badly about the ex-N to them, nor did I ever disclose the nightmare of what had really transpired. We just lived life in harmony together, and eventually, the torment for all of us stopped.’

‘The greatest joy in all of this is the confirmation that my children and I are now healed, and that this sinister cycle of abuse has been severed for future generations. That, in itself, is a true blessing. And you can so do this too! Just believe in yourself, and never give up.’

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