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These people healed and created an abuse free life.

So can you!

Name: Rowena
Location: UK

A Highly Sensitive Empath Breaks The Damaging Lineage Patterns Of Abuse

Rowena, our beautiful Thriver artist, shares how she recovered from the intense trauma and fear of the narcissist to launch a flourishing artistic career.

It was a ‘charming’ relationship at first, overly so, then marriage, and then the rage, entitlement, violent behaviour, control and gaslighting began. After two years I was a shell of myself, full of intense fear.

The Narcissist would punish by leaving me, and my son, for weeks if I disagreed with him.

After researching his issues I found an article on Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) … and I broke down in a flood of tears, relief and gratitude.

A tiny spark of clarity had been lit. After learning about NPD and Highly Sensitive People/Empaths, I started to learn to love my own sensitivity and gentleness … and to take the onus OFF the narcissist at last, and to go inwards and to the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (NARP). I joined, approximately 18 months ago and my life has been transformed!

The NARP process was easy to pick up for me. At times doing the Modules felt painful and upsetting, but these times mean so much is shifting within you.

Patterns of co-dependency and narcissism have been with me since childhood. Fear, guilt, shame, unworthiness and aiming to please my mother became the familiar reality for me.

NARP and Mel’s articles on parenting and her son Zac, transformed my parenting and ensured the breaking of these damaging patterns for me and my son.

My life now expresses the light that was always present within yet hidden under so much fear. I now have a flourishing art business, exhibiting and selling my artwork worldwide!

I also run a private FB group ‘Intuitive Painting – Grace & Joy!’ especially for HSPs and those interested in Spirituality.

And I have started local workshops in my town. I would NEVER have felt able to do this before NARP!

NARP is a lifetime ‘tool’ and dedicating this healing time to myself has been the greatest gift of self-respect and empowerment! My Thriving life has already changed beyond anything I’d ever thought possible!

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