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After 4 Decades Of Abuse From A Toxic Sister, I Found Peace And Freedom For Myself And My Mum With NARP

Name: Janos
Location: UK

    My Thriver Story

There is nothing wrong with me and it is not my fault … ahhh, but it is my fault and there is something wrong with me. That is what the narcissist has convinced me of over the 4 decades of abuse.

I was not myself whenever I came into contact with my sibling and her accomplice husband.

Her behaviour escalated until the final betrayal around 5 years ago.

We had agreed that our 86 year old mum, who suffers from dementia, would come live with me in England.

I was flying back to LA to collect her and the night before I got an email informing me that she had put mum in a dementia unit and that the move to England was off.

I flew to LA and saw how mum only needed love and attention. I told her she could come and live with me in England. She was delighted.

I called the care home once we were safe and sound in the UK.

My sister then reported me for kidnapping and elder abuse.

She withheld all funding for mum’s care, sold mum’s house and pocketed the $800,000.

Finding Melanie was the best thing that ever happened to me. She shared the specific steps with the spiritual component being the foundation of the NARP work.

I knew I wanted inner peace and freedom.

I also wanted to make my sister pay for what she did. I was fearful and angry. This is what kept me stuck in the trauma.

Considering that this has been an on again/off again process for more than four decades, it is remarkable that my first course with Melanie was less than a year ago.

Yes, it takes work. Yes, it takes commitment and the release of positions that we do not want to relinquish. But Mel’s NARP system, quite simply, produces results. I never actually believed that I could completely get past the pain and trauma. I thought I might reduce the pain; learn to live with it. Now I am actually moving into a post-narcissistic trauma world. It is a bit of a miracle.

It is empowering to be my own Source; to take unwavering responsibility for myself and the condition of my life.

It is now the dawn of my new life.

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