After One NARP Healing, Dee Started Putting an End to a Ten-Year Abuse Cycle

Name: Dee
Location: Australia

    My Thriver Story

After 10 years with the ex-narcissist, I lost myself, my finances, energy and health. I’d tried many therapies to survive the relationship, yet I was still trying to fix things and was barely existing when I stumbled on Melanie’s website and signed up for NARP.

After the first healing, feeling courage and clarity, I started to make my escape. That was proof to me NARP worked, and I was totally committed to the healings. Today I’m narcissist-free, living in freedom, have turning my health and finances around and I feel more energetic and positive than even before the abuse.

I wouldn’t be alive energetically, spiritually, emotionally or physically if it weren’t for Melanie and NARP. I wouldn’t swap 10 billion dollars for how my life is today. Thankyou Mel and your amazing team with all my love and gratitude.

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