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Learning A Powerful Lesson After Falling For A Narc Co-Worker

Name: Ashley-Rose
Location: USA

    My Thriver Story

My first and last experience with narcissistic abuse shaped me up to be the strong, thriving woman that I am today, and have been deep inside all along.

I met my narc at work. I found my Soul Mate … or so I thought. We made a great team.

He displayed kindness, thoughtfulness, and appreciation for me. He was attractive, our work relationship quickly blossomed into an intimate relationship that carried on for a year and a half.

The red flags showed up quickly but I ignored them.

The relationship risked my career so we kept it secret. Then he became possessive claiming that I flirted with the male clients.

I thought that living together could strengthen our relationship but all but the accusations escalated – he belittled me and made me feel worthless.

I endured this abuse at home and at work and reached a point where it got physical once. After moving in together the money issues began.

This horror story lasted 6 months. I questioned my very existence and started having panic attacks.

I was ashamed to go to my parents but I called my Mom and opened my door to freedom.

She explained that I was being abused and agreed to help me leave if I would NOT return to him.

After leaving him he sabotaged me at work and turned the entire staff against me.

Then he used our relationship (which broke company policy) to take me out. Instant karma occurred and we were both forced to resign.

I moved in with my parents who supported me. I went No Contact but I was distraught and confused.

Mel’s YouTube videos resonated with me and I experienced my first shift during one of her free workshops!!

I purchased NARP as a gold member and soon started experiencing life-changing events.

My NARP recovery took about 8-9 months but the healing journey is never ending!

My life has never been better! I am happily self-partnered, I’m a boundary boss, and I’m a narc repellent! I have healthy connections with several people, I’m moving into my own home and I have a better career opportunity.

Life can only go up from here!! It all started with narcissistic abuse and ended with NARP …

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