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Name: Caitlin
Location: USA

Caitlin Inspires Us With Her Courageous Comeback From A Strict Religious Upbringing And A Narc Husband

I grew up in a strict, religious household as the oldest of five kids. I tried so hard to be responsible, selfless and helpful. I was deemed the “prayer warrior” in my Sunday school class. Deep down, I felt like a fraud. 

I learned that what I did was never good enough. I tried running away from home and endured so many chores, rules, and punishments. My self esteem became beaten down and fragile.

As I grew I was consistently rejected, verbally threatened and mocked on a regular basis. 

The day my (second) husband threatened to leave, I was sent into a whirlwind of terrible, confusing emotions. Over one year, the man I loved completely changed. I had just given birth to our sweet little baby, and I felt completely and utterly abandoned. 

When he disappeared, I lost hope. I blamed myself. When he reappeared and admitted he was dealing with an addiction, I was in total shock. I realized I was living the exact same pattern over and over.

I tried religious therapies, self-help books, and communication techniques. I knew I needed something deeper. 

Melanie’s video on why narcissists love intelligent people really grabbed me. It was like she was talking about MY LIFE.

At first I was concerned about the mode of spirituality present in NARP, but I kept an open mind. Melanie’s encouragement put me at ease. I was immediately brought to tears when the session began, and then I was amazed at how quickly I felt relief. 

Over the course of my Thriver journey, my entire outlook on life has shifted. I no longer attract dysfunctional relationships. I moved to an amazing community, and my children are all thriving. 

I’ve begun to recover from eating disordered behavior, and I am cultivating self-love in a way I never thought possible. I feel like I’ve awoken from a long sleep. I’m excited for my future now! 

I’d have to say that my children have exhibited the quickest and most positive changes. They are amazing, and I am grateful that they are on this journey with me.

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