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Name: Evelyn
Location: Ireland

Evelyn Healed Years Of Narcissistic Abuse And Intimidation From Her Neighbor with A Few Powerful NARP Shifts

Eighteen years ago we moved into our lovely new home. It was everything we could possibly dream of. Lovely big gardens, big open space, and a very, very, very friendly neighbor. 

In fact, she was the best. Always there, always willing to talk, plenty of time on her hands. A stay at home mom with a cute little boy.

Things progressed really nicely for a few years, although I started to have a growing sense of unease around her. 

When I discovered I was expecting twins suddenly, the mask fell, and I found a vicious, nasty individual. 

She started intimidating us. It culminated with me being hospitalized on several occasions for stress while I was pregnant. 

It didn’t let up. After I had the twins, the abuse started in earnest. I was increasingly isolated from a lot of my neighbors, she spread malicious lies about me, sabotaged my business.

Things progressed quite nastily. Eventually she started threatening me with any local authority, and would threaten to go to the radio about me. All the while, I just kept a quiet dignity. I didn’t retaliate. I didn’t give her oxygen. 

In fact, for the last 14 years, I have not even spoken to the woman. Gradually, her attention shifted to another individual. 

Two years ago, that particular lady moved out. She couldn’t take the stress anymore. Needless to say, her attention focused back on me and it came to a pinnacle, after my beloved father passed away in the middle of the pandemic.

I had the police arrive at my home accusing me of illicit and illegal activities. After I calmly detailed a long history with the narcissist next door, he finally saw the picture, but it didn’t end there. 

The following day another police visit and then again. Finally, I wrote a detailed letter to the chief of police.

In the last 14 years the police have been to my house on 30 occasions. The officers now see this as a waste of police resources, and are actually starting a criminal investigation into her. 

Whilst writing to the chief of police, and whilst engaging my solicitor, each time, I’ve been cool, calm and collected, but I could have only done that with the help and the work that I’ve done with NARP. She can’t threaten or intimidate me anymore because she is nothing to me. 

My family is whole, my family is healthy, and they are happy. And because of the changes that I’ve made, I can see changes in my children as well.

The way that creature made me feel was horrendous. Being a young mum, being isolated, being ostracized because of the lies she told about me, had a huge, detrimental effect on my health. I was left feeling quite isolated and quite suicidal at times. It was a very long and dark time in my life. 

I tried so many different help groups and forms of therapy, and it wasn’t until at my lowest point, just after the police officers had left my house, just after I realized that I couldn’t take this anymore, that I found NARP. 

Within literally one meaningful healing of NARP, I found the strength and resilience that I didn’t realize I had. And with Melanie’s help, and with all the wonderful people in the NARP community, I have found solace. I have found my resurrection, I have found peace and I am emancipated.

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