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Name: Reena
Location: UK

From A Lifetime Of Fear And Illnesses To A Journey Of Healing

My family of origin is what created my original traumas in this life. Both my parents were immigrants and my mother is codependent, angry, has narcissistic traits and a borderline personality disorder. My father was traumatised in the Second World War, he was a binge drinker and angry.

I was terrified of both my parents for different reasons. My mother used and dumped on me and didn’t see me as a child. My father’s love was conditional on what I did for him and he had many demands. My sister was my mother’s golden child.

During my childhood I had many illnesses including eye problems, throat problems, digestive issues, IBS, and kidney problems. In my adult life these ailments progressed into allergies, lack of energy, anxiety and depression.

The relationships in my life have been disastrous, I left my last partner because I knew I would die if I didn’t.

By the time I was in my late fifties I was at the end of my tether and felt suicidal.

Since my twenties I had been constantly on the healing path. For many years I practised meditation and became an acupuncturist. I went everywhere to find help for myself.

Around 2016 I started to listen to Melanie, it was really making sense to me but felt afraid to join NARP. After two free seminars and healing experiences I still had resistance.

In July 2018, my daughter said that she was having difficulties with self-esteem and told me it was because I hadn’t stood up to my mother, who is now 91-years-old.

At the time my daughter was going to the U.S. for three weeks and said she didn’t want to see me before she left. I was devastated, it was a feeling I recognised, one where I have no ground and I feel a sense of floating in space and disconnection.

That day I joined NARP.

It was cathartic for me. I knew by now that this had to stop and knew this was the way for me now.

A few months later my daughter called me as if nothing had happened and later said to me that she could see I was taking emotional responsibility for myself. I was so heartened by that and knew right then that we would be ok.

A year on and my daughter has also joined NARP and I feel as if I have found my feet for the first time in my life. I am seeing this healing journey as truly miraculous as it has now given me my anchor into myself and my life. The relationship I have with my daughter today is so much more wholesome and real which feels wonderful.

I am so grateful to Melanie for this work.

Love, Reena xxx

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