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Name: Ieva
Location: Uk

Ieva Went From Being Trapped, In Every Way, To Freedom With Narp

I was born and raised in Latvia under the Soviet Regime. When I was 10 Latvia was in crisis. I was neglected by my parents and my family was so poor there were times I didn’t know if there would be food for me the next day, or a home to live in.

I was often left on my own from infancy, allowed to be bullied and abused. Not surprisingly I ended up in a controlling, emotionally abusive relationship believing it was normal.

In my teenage years, I got into a crazy, controlling religious sect that was also spiritually abusive, where I was trapped for 22 years!

After 14 years of marriage, it finally came to a divorce and I was so sick and thin, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, depression, and anxiety. I turned to alcohol and medication to help numb the pain, extreme feelings of worthlessness and then, three years after becoming a single parent to two amazing children, I had a nervous breakdown.

It was the beginning of 2017 and I felt worse than ever before. At home, I couldn’t function but forced myself to when my children were with me, but when they stayed with their father, I was in bed consumed with crippling fear and depression, feeling isolated and helpless.

During Mel’s free webinar I experienced my first Quanta Freedom Healing. The next morning, I actually felt a real release and an absence of the terrorising fear and depression! I could not believe it!

I had a lot to heal such as body dysmorphia, panic attacks, having absolutely NO boundaries, extreme people pleasing, so much fear I think I was afraid of my own shadow!

Very soon I was able to go to a shop and not have a panic attack or run back home. Within a few months, my children began to have a calm, happy mummy.

Three months after my co-workers were commenting on how much I had changed from this very anxious, nervous woman to someone with confidence and a smile.

Within 6 months I was able to come off medication that previously I couldn’t imagine being without.

I began to LOVE myself. Wow! Self-Partnering … Knowing I can survive without a man.

18 months after starting NARP, I finally broke free of the religious sect, I also left my abusive workplace as I recognised my boss as a Narcissist.

I trained in Reiki modalities and discovered I was psychically gifted and have been working on creating my own business!

I started meeting new, wonderful people, that I have been able to create real friendships with, being able to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when I actually meant it.

I am 38 years young and have been a NARPer for about 2 and half years – and finally – I have just graduated on to the Empowered Self course! All I can say, it’s absolutely amazing!

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