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Name: Martha
Location: UK

Martha Used The Healing Power Of NARP To Leave A Women's Refuge With Her Baby To Start Their New Thriver Life

At 34 years of age I found myself in an emotionally and sexually abusive relationship with my boyfriend. 

When I met him I thought this was the person I had always been waiting for, I couldn’t believe my luck! 

Three months into the relationship I became unexpectedly pregnant and he very quickly changed into someone I didn’t recognize – I was shamed, blamed and punished. 

I struggled to sleep, work, socialize and thought the only way things would get better would be to terminate the pregnancy. I had an emotional breakdown and was referred to social services due to my emotional detachment from the baby raising concerns. 

I ended the relationship romantically towards the end of my pregnancy, but his behaviour got worse. I received abusive messages and was smeared to his family and the social care professionals and finally received a family court summons.

I was scared to leave the house for fear of bumping into him. I was ashamed of being a single parent with a baby that I felt so unattached to. 

The feeling that I would never be free from him or this nightmare was overwhelming, I thought there was only one way out and admitted to wanting to crash my car and didn’t want to leave my son behind. On professional advice I fled to a refuge with my 9 month old son. 

Then I came across Melanie’s work, did a free webinar and purchased NARP straightaway. 

Two weeks into NARP I felt a newfound confidence in myself. I left the refuge as miraculously a friend offered me a house I could stay in for free with my son. 

During the next 2 months, I began making decisions for myself and started to enjoy time with my son. 

Now less than a year doing NARP we continue to Thrive and I am so proud to be his Mum. 

Regardless of the court outcome I have freed myself and my son. 

I never thought I could feel so much love, gratitude and peace. If I had to go through this all again to get here I absolutely would, but the beauty of NARP is that I never have to again. NARP truly saved my life and my soul.

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