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Name: Natasha
Location: USA

Narp And Helping Our Children Whilst Co-parenting

To help our children, we need to work on ourselves as the HIGHEST priority to be calm, untriggered and powerful in our bodies.

That is the great POWER of NARP – it helps us achieve that – when nothing else can.

Let’s face it, there is nothing more triggering than when our children are concerned.

Natasha’s story is one that allows you to know you can GET through this and succeed against a narcissist who is hurting your child.

“I am so grateful for how far I’ve come since starting NARP.

Because of NARP and continually releasing the trauma out of my body, situations that would normally have rendered me powerless, stressed and triggered, are no longer bothering me. Here’s a recent example.

Monday, I picked my son up from school, after he’d spent a weekend with his dad. He said what he often says, “I had the worst weekend with my dad” and he followed that with some words about his dad physically hurting him.

I’ve called Children’s Aid on his father a few times. Previously when I did this, I’ve been a wreck. I’ve felt it was pointless and I had gone so far as to tell them so.

This time, I was calm. First, I was able to witness myself taking in information from my son, and calmly empowering him to do something about it. (I think he also used to feel it was all pointless because usually nothing changes). After we talked yesterday, I gave him the phone and I let him make his own report. We haven’t tried that before, and he said he liked it.

That was Monday night. Then Tuesday morning, I called Children’s Aid myself, to report it myself.

Prior to calling (at work), I put on my NARP Program’s Goal Setting Module, and set the goal of “I can trust that my truthful reports will be met with care, concern, and belief; and that his (narc’s) untruthful reports will be seen for what they are”. As I was on the phone, I was calm, collected, not triggered. Compare this to the last time I called CAS when I was crying on the phone and so stressed afterwards that I actually took the remainder of the day off work! This time, I finished the call, feeling good, confident, and able to continue working.

And this time, instead of nothing being done about it, I got a call an hour later, asking me to show up with my son to make an official police report.

Now, I know this is not the kind of thing that would make every mother’s heart sing, but I am overwhelmed with relief and gratitude.

CAS and police took us seriously. Not only that, I am calm. I am happy. So is my son. We gave calm statements, and they were literally met with care, concern, and belief. That was my NARP Goal Setting Module goal!

Ultimately, there’s no charges laid, and no significant changes to access, but that’s okay. Things will either get better, or they’ll get worse which would lead to significant changes, and either way is okay. I feel such overwhelming success, solely because I feel fine.

And in previous calls I’ve made, there’s been this background idea that the narc and I are at war. That thought didn’t fit this time. I really don’t care about defeating him. I’m here for my son and advocating on his behalf for a best outcome. That’s it.

I feel so free!!!!!! Sending love, hope and power to all parents. NARP will give you your and your children’s lives back, if you commit to the inner work to align with and become what you need to, to deal with this.”

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