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Name: Tabi
Location: USA

NARP Has Been Life-Changing For Tabi – In Less Than One Year Post-Narcissist, Her Life Is Taking Off

I grew up in a narcissistic family in the dangerous inner-city, with all the things that come with that (neighborhood violence, gaslighting, love bombing, neglect). 

I didn’t feel heard or seen; I felt awkward and out of place. There were no boundaries. 

I had several breakdowns – in college, graduate school, and a few times in my 20s.

I tried meditation, yoga/spiritual retreats, spent thousands on therapy … I’d feel better for a while, but kept sliding back into feelings of inadequacy and self-criticism.

I developed a chronic, painful illness which cost me tens of thousands of dollars to treat – I could barely drive or walk, my hair fell out, I had migraines, and barely had the energy to get out of bed.

I did not have success in romance. All the romantic relationships I had in the past have been with narcissists.

NARP showed me my unresolved internal traumas. Deep down I believed there was something wrong with me despite my successes. 

I started and stopped NARP before I finally committed to the program last year. 

When you move into being a Thriver, narcissists often self-select themselves out of your existence!

Feeling free and unencumbered after my last unhealthy relationship, I eagerly resumed NARP. This time it worked. 

In LESS THAN ONE YEAR post-narcissist, my life is taking off. I have an even deeper sense of inner peace and freedom – I can breathe! 

The dark cloud floating over my head my whole life has disappeared! I moved into a townhome, made new friends, enjoy financial success, got a raise and an award at work, and am debt-free. 

I’m a powerlifter and have set new personal records, and even built a gym at home. 

I’m grateful that I got serious about this journey in my mid-30s, and am looking forward to living the rest of my life the Thriver way. It’s so liberating!

I am now working through the Empowered Self Course. Healing is a work in progress. 

To those considering NARP – you CAN do this. You will swim against the tide and not follow the herd, because NARP is a revolutionary way of being and thinking. 

But the payoff is HUGE.

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