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NARP Healed The Nightmares Of My 30-Year Abusive Marriage – Now I Am Married To My Soul Mate

Name: Michelle
Location: UK

    My Thriver Story

I had grown up with mental and physical abuse in my birth family. My dad let us know that he’d never wanted children.

As if that wasn’t bad enough my lovely mum joined a cult style religion. It didn’t celebrate birthdays or holidays and terrified me as a child with talk of “satan”. This developed neurotic fears in me and stopped me sleeping at night. These things isolated me from happy relationships.

Unsurprisingly, I went on to be drawn to abusive men. I fell for a horrible boy at school, lived with a man who kicked me unconscious, needing my face to be re-built on one side.

I went on to marry a man who abused me for almost 30 years and nearly destroyed me to my very Soul. He would goad me for hours and when I eventually snapped and retaliated he would tell the police I’d assaulted him and get me put in a police cell.

I was once locked up for the whole night and was so low I looked for something to slit my wrists on but there was nothing (thank heavens). I could talk endlessly about the cruelty and spite he inflicted on me and our sons.

He had a 10 year affair with my only “friend” while still married to me. He drained every penny from our joint account leaving me and our son facing destitution and homelessness.

Melanie’s wonderful blogs became a total life-line to me as a spiritually drowning woman. Mel was a Godsend. I gained confidence through this and went on a computer dating site where after a year I met my new husband.

We are true Soul Mates and have been together 7 years and happily married for 5 years. We were both 60 when we met so love and a new life can happen when you are older.

I joined NARP because I still had nightmares and obsessive thinking about my previous narcissistic abuse. I found it of great comfort and it has reduced the obsessive thoughts and nightmares greatly.

Without Melanie’s help I don’t think I could have survived let alone turned my life around. I feel successful now because I feel happy.

Thank you Mel for years of loving support. My love goes out to all sufferers of narcissistic abuse – don’t give up.

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