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Name: Tonya
Location: USA

NARP Helped Thriver Tonya Heal From A Narcissistic Mother And Enabling Father

My memory of “something not being right” with my mother goes back as far as I can remember. I had to be “less than” my true self to please my mom and had to “dim my light” to get along with my sister. 

My childhood consisted of a series of patterns and practices by my mom and sister that left me totally wounded. Oddly and thankfully I was always a child of great faith in God.

My mom was diagnosed with manic depression and bipolar disease, and took medication for it. However, the meds and therapy never solved the problem. I was repeatedly traumatized by her complete mental breakdowns. 

While in college my dormmates and friends turned on me and I was devastated by their rejection and almost failed out of school. A few years later I lived and worked in Washington, DC. but I was living a somewhat isolated life. 

This led me to joining a cult, unknowingly. I feared leaving until a woman at work pointed out that my church was indeed a cult. 

I ended up leaving the cult and my job and returned to New York to my family home. I had horrible nightmares as a result of the cult. 

I was 30 years old when I entered therapy to know why I kept attracting these people and harmful experiences into my life. I discovered that my mom was a narcissist. At times I felt better, at times I felt the pain of my past. I even seriously contemplated suicide. 

My therapist suggested I write a book, it is called, “How I Broke the Generational Curse”, it is about navigating the discovery of a narcissist mother and an enabling family. 

When I found NARP it was a happy accident. Melanie offered a way to heal the pain and trauma. 

NARP gave me the permission to be my own saviour. Through Quanta Freedom Healing I was able to go back to childhood traumas and heal and change the internal programming and self-dialog. 

Healing, I believe, is the most important work we will do on earth. It is my hope that people who are hurting will come to realize this and value this work, for it is then and only then that we can step into who we truly are and what we are truly meant to experience and have.

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