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Name: Linda
Location: Spain

NARP Saved Linda From A Lifetime Of Narcissists Including A Yoga Guru, A Dangeorus Cult And A Master Manipulator

I was a very empathic child with psychic abilities, I seemed to know what people around me were feeling. I hated it – I could see right through them.

There was always a main manipulator in my life and then at 26, I met a charismatic yoga guru – 18 years my senior. We got married in a spiritual ceremony in Mexico.

I was his yoga girl accessory and as much as I looked up to him, I started hating him very soon for being so false. I escaped him 4 years later with a one-way ticket to Italy. 

A few months later, I was fleeing a spiritual cult that had tried to brainwash and destroy me, and claimed that the child I was pregnant with was in fact the next Messiah.

At 33 I was living in Barcelona, finally doing my dream Master’s Degree in Photojournalism, when the guy I was seeing told me that I needed to move to him now, or we would have to end it. 

I was desperate for his love and I gave up my dream degree to go be with him in Ibiza. 

It quickly spiralled into a chaotic circus of illegal business, cheating, drugs and before I knew it I was pregnant.

Four years later I woke up understanding that the life I was living was very, very wrong. I had to escape my own life yet again, but tied up with children and houses meant I couldn’t just walk out. 

It wasn’t until I found myself homeless, jobless and penniless that I realised that the common denominator in all of my awful events was in fact me. 

Melanie’s approach resonated with me, and in the beginning, I did 8 NARP healing sessions per day and only 3 months later I started doing work I loved.

When the abuser began threatening me again, I went to the police, and to court. Because of my work with NARP I knew what to do, and what to say in court.

The best part is that my book, Escaping the Magic, is being published this year. 

If you are in an abusive relationship there is only one way forward – to heal yourself. And with NARP you have access to all the support, love and healing you will need.

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