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Name: Katie
Location: USA

Once She Committed to NARP Katie Fulfilled So Many Of Her Pending Dreams

I have attention deficit disorder and I really had trouble focusing with the longer version of the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (NARP), I used to fall asleep. 

I would play the Shifts Happen videos and NARP Modules in my sleep and that seemed to help. I felt like I just wasn’t able to get it right. 

Some stuff was healed but I still had major problems in my life such as malignant narcs at work, court and legal problems with narc-ex, job loss, loss of home and forced to move in with narc-ex and later narc Family of Origin.

In 2018 I had significant health problems and debilitating anxiety that left me so physically and emotionally exhausted I just thought, I will be dead soon. 

I actually thought that.

I upgraded to the Gold membership for the Source Healing and Resolution Module when NARP 3 was released. This version was so much easier for me to use. 

When it’s time to do a Module, I just ask my inner child which Module she wants. I don’t worry about the sequential order or if the title matches the trauma to be worked on. I know she always picks the right one. 

That’s when things began to change. 

At the end of 2018 I finally got a job even though I wasn’t very qualified for it and got caught up on bills.

I was able to re-enroll in a graduate program I had to drop out of twice because of narc abuse at home and work. 

I needed a new vehicle and I was looking at Mercedes Benz online. The local dealership got my information and asked me to come and see a vehicle. 

I have wanted a Mercedes since I was 7 and finally got one. 

Then I found an apartment with an amazing view that should have been priced much higher. 

I moved out of the narc home and have been No Contact ever since. 

I finally got a job in my usual occupational industry. I had quit my other job because of abuse by my N boss and his flying monkeys. 

Court with my children’s father has been postponed due to COVID-19. I didn’t fret or panic. In fact he has a warrant for his arrest, will go to jail, and lose custody. 

I am happy to be alive and Thriving. I am happy to take all the time I need to heal with NARP.

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