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Name: Teresa
Location: USA

Recovery From An Abusive 32-year Marriage In Just Over A Year

It started out like any fairy tale does.

The handsome prince arrives on his white horse to whisk away the beautiful princess to a life of happily-ever-after. My storybook life had to be perfect because that is what little girls grow up to believe.

But it was very clear, as early as the honeymoon, that my knight in shining armour was anything but shiny. There was a feeling of uneasiness in the pit of my stomach. And a dark cloud hung over my heart.

How could someone change so much in just 24 hours since saying, “I do”? But I marked it up to newlywed jitters, hoping tomorrow would be better. But that better tomorrow never came. I did try to make it better. I tried for 32 years.

From the very beginning I was reprimanded and reminded by words, actions, and a lack of affection of just how inadequate, useless, and insignificant I was.

I had no idea that I was even being abused. I just figured that this was my life. I desperately wanted out of this deep dark hole but my fear of letting anyone know how imperfect our marriage really was kept me quiet.

Someone in passing shared Melanie’s website and finally, all this chaos and brokenness had a name. Through Melanie and her expert advice I began to orchestrate an exit plan based on “No Contact”.

NARP provided me the tools to begin to heal. It felt a bit scary at first but then it was as if someone had given me a glass of cold, refreshing water after being totally dehydrated.

Through NARP, I now had the tools to help me deal with trauma and damage that ran much deeper than getting over a bad relationship. There was a lot of cleansing that had to take place.

Healing is not for the faint of heart. But it was worth every tear, worth every raw release of hidden trauma, worth every surrender within my pile of faulty beliefs.

I gave myself permission to accept unconditionally the love that had always been mine to begin with. I deserved this life that was full, complete, and trauma free. I can be transparent and real now because I did the work of clearing out the junk, so the good stuff can take up full residence. There is nothing to hide.

I choose to no longer be stuck in the world of victimhood. I choose to align myself with a love that represents the authentic me with daily helpings of joy and fulfillment.

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