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Name: Sherry-Ann
Location: UK

Six Months Into Narp Sherry-ann Was No Longer Afraid And Her Confidence Grew As She Took Responsibility For Her Life

I was in a relationship with my childhood sweetheart from age 15. He was my everything and it was like a fairy tale.

I experienced physical abuse early in the relationship. The apologies and love-bombing came swiftly afterward and the cycle began. Friends and family warned me that he had been cheating but I had already lost myself and couldn’t live without him. So, we got married.

Within two years I barely had any friends. The ultimate isolation came when he decided that we should leave our idyllic island home in the Caribbean and move to the UK.

Fast forward 18 years and I find myself on the floor of our home, it’s about to be repossessed. I’m pregnant with our second child and our first is three years old. I’m begging him not to leave me. I heard him on the phone and knew he was going to be with her again. I crawled to the bathroom cabinet and grabbed a handful of colourful pills.

But a voice seemingly far away very gently said “no”. I slumped to the floor and cried. Another four years passed and one day after he threatened my life I finally called the police. He was arrested and taken away. My children and I fled to a safe place.

As I listened to Melanie, it’s like my life was unfolding before my eyes. This woman was talking about ME, she was speaking DIRECTLY to me!

I signed up for the free course. And that’s exactly what it gave me … freedom. I joined NARP; it was the biggest step at that time for me.

In six months my life completely changed. I wasn’t afraid anymore. My confidence grew and grew. I took responsibility for my own life.

Three years later, here’s what has changed:
I have divorced the narc – I paid for the divorce
My children live with me
I have a new job
I’ve taken my children on holiday the past four years
I’ve moved into a bigger home
I have secured child maintenance payments from the narc
I’m on the final year of a degree in Psychosocial Studies in London
I’m now in a relationship with my ‘Mr Wonderful’, he loves my children and we’re planning a future together
I have confronted my ex on many occasions. I’ve stood firm, maintained my boundaries, stayed calm

I’m now parallel-parenting two teenage children and my challenge right now is in continuing to up-level myself and help to equip them to deal with a narcissistic father.

NARP is a seed that must first be buried in the ground, where it’s dark, and it looks like nothing is happening. But keep watering and nurturing the seed and you will soon see a little shoot coming up. That’s your new up-levelled self.

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