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The NARP Community Forum Helped Me Keep No Contact Throughout My Healing Process

Name: Anne
Location: USA

    My Thriver Story

I spent 2019-2021 in an on-again-off-again, emotionally abusive relationship.

It started very quickly with intense love bombing, future promises, extravagant gifts, and incredible generosity. He was my knight in shining armor and swept me off my feet. I couldn’t have been happier.

He gradually changed. The kind man began to make cruel comments about others and criticized even the smallest details of me and my life choices. He became a brooding, short-tempered, entitled man who kept secrets.

The knight in shining armor became a man who wouldn’t keep his word or discuss issues. He would walk away, change the subject, or become defensive or angry.

Every 3-6 months he would leave the relationship. We would reconnect within weeks and the whole cycle would start again.

When we ended for good, I was a shell of myself. I was exhausted and everything I did was accompanied by his judgmental voice. I was financially in worse shape than I’d ever been. I remember thinking, ‘I have no idea who I am or how I will ever find myself’. I felt empty, alone, and ashamed.

Going No Contact gave me the space to begin to recover.

When I first read about NARP, I was skeptical. But nothing else had worked to get his voice out of my head, so I signed up, and never looked back.

I dedicated the next months to healing myself and soon not only began to feel like my old self, but had glimpses of a self I’d never known. A self who was happy from the inside, joyous, settled and safe. These glimpses became more frequent and longer lasting.

Whenever I did struggle, support from the MTE team via the NARP Community Forum kept me on track, and kept me No Contact.

After 3 months of dedicated work, I felt transformed, and better in ways I didn’t think possible.

For anyone suffering the incredible pain of the aftermath of narcissistic abuse, this program has the power to transform you from the inside out. As painful as it was, narcissistic abuse was the key to me finding NARP, healing myself, and truly THRIVING. And you can too!

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