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Name: Sara
Location: USA

True Healing From Co-dependency

Sara was raised by an abusive alcoholic father and a codependent mother.

After being married for 16 years, and having two beautiful sons, Sara came out as a lesbian.

Sara says, ‘My children and family were accepting of my lifestyle. My first couple of relationships were with women who said they were recovering alcoholics, but they were definitely alcoholics. I realized that I was a raging codependent.’

Sara was proactive in working on herself, had studied psychology in college, and describes herself as ‘a life-long learner.’

Her next partner arrived, love-bombing Sara from day one, making Sara feel so special and loved, and somehow a fling turned into a relationship, and Sara was in love.

Sara describes the narcissist in her previous life, ‘She was strong, charismatic, and intelligent. She was studying psychology and was in the same line of work that I was in. We had amazing chemistry and started dating. My narcissist would be labeled as an altruistic narcissist. She was active with volunteer work, helped her mother, her grandmother, and her 2 best friends who were disabled. She also had a past as an alcoholic and drug addict. She had been sober and off drugs and alcohol for 10 years and had completely turned her life around.’

This relationship continued very painfully for four years, in which Sara discovered numerous infidelities, lies and experienced great abuse coupled with hoovering and love-bombing.

Sara was terribly trauma bonded and peptide addicted to her, throughout this soul roller-coaster.

‘At that point, my life felt out of control. My health was a mess, I had lost friends and my relationships with family were strained due to all of the drama in my life. I was at a low and needed help.’

Sara joined my webinar. She then signed up to be a Gold NARP Member.

It was then that Sara was able to start truly healing. She said, ‘I finally got up the nerve to go No Contact. I changed my phone number, I changed my email address, I filed a police report and she gave up really quickly.’

‘I got a lot of results within 6 months of doing the NARP program. When I started daily quantum healing sessions I was able to stop the peptide addiction.

I spent the next two years being single, working on my healing, and releasing the trauma.’ Sara now is in a loving live-in relationship with her life-partner.

‘Many of us have had difficulties with codependency as we are such caring and loving people. I look at my relationship with the narc as the final test in my journey of healing from childhood trauma.’

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