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Testimonials for the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program


"Within 5 months after horrible suffering from narcissistic abuse I am at the end of the tunnel into the light. I did NARP and it gave me immediate relief. I booked individual sessions with Melanie to speed up the process, I had had it with suffering, and the money invested was worth every dollar.

NARP worked powerfully and I felt it physically, weight after weight dropping off my soul. I like the clarity of the program, the logical steps to follow and the honest way all the emotions I had been through were addressed and healed.

I felt understood, guided, supported and encouraged to heal my inner self and find peace and alignment. I learned that my divinity is within me and that the positive vibrations I create will attract more of the same.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Melanie who created this program, because it truly saved my life. Melanie does not believe in prolonged suffering, and reassured me that healing can come very quickly. I needed to hear this message, because the suffering was unbearable.

I am a very rational person, but I can say that my recovery is a miracle I am thankful for every single day. Being granted my entire life back, weighed against some dollars invested, the program is priceless."

~ Christina - Switzerland

"After 17 years of physical and verbal abuse and suffering 5 of my ex-narc's affairs – I felt my life wasn't worth living. I was institutionalised twice and was on suicide watch many times.

7 years after escaping the marriage I was still severely traumatised, had no faith and confidence in myself and could barely function, and certainly could not exist without anti-depressants.

That was until I found Melanie's website. Despite spending thousands of dollars on psychologists for 9 plus years, I knew something about Melanie's work struck a chord deep within me.

After only 5 weeks on NARP I knew I was coming out the other side. 2 months later I was so excited and positive about my life, (for the first time I could remember even as a child) I wanted to take my self-empowerment to the next level, so I did Melanie's Empowered Self Course.

Now 6 months from starting Melanie's Programs I am dating, I look and feel 15 years younger. I have no attachment whatsoever to my past fear and pain, I am in my power – being dated by respectful and upstanding men – and I have never felt so alive and true to myself. I am off all medication, have started my own business, which is already bringing steady profit, and I truly know what it is to be (as Melanie says) 'at one with life'.

Where would I have been without starting NARP? The same. Depressed and afraid of everything, sitting on my couch at night trying to numb myself out with medication, wine and movies.

I can't stress this enough. Try NARP – take this step. It will change your life forever."

~ Carol - Australia

"I have my own psychotherapy and counselling business, and not only was I dealing with many victims of narcissistic abuse – I also became a victim myself.

I come from a background of 'mind therapy' even though I have always been very interested in spiritual healing.

I had found many spiritual healers too 'out there' for my practical mind. Fortunately, and I give thanks every day, I was so low with trying to keep my business going and suffering the anguish of my own breakdown as a result of being narcissistically abused, I relented and tried Melanie's NARP Program.

I have to say I am now a total convert! And I humbly admit (even though I can't share this in my business) that the processes Melanie uses to heal abuse and trauma far surpass anything that I have ever heard of, or know about in conventional therapy.

If Melanie ever decides to teach her healing modality I would be the first person with my hand up. I feel that all healing practice needs to look much deeper than it ever has to date.

If you are lucky enough to find Melanie's work, and you are suffering the agony of narcissistic abuse, I cannot think of anything that would be this fast and powerful – that truly gets to the bottom and the core of what needs to be healed as a direct path.

The processes in NARP healed me where nothing in my experience, knowledge or kit bag could.

Truly I am amazed that for what this Program creates, which is so much more than recovery from narcissistic abuse, and from my background as a professional therapist, that it is not priced as thousands of dollars. It is incredibly generously priced. Don't let the price fool you into believing the results may only be 'flippant.'"

~ M.A. - USA

"I am in my mid 50's and by the time I found Melanie's website I was so broken and dysfunctional I could barely cook a meal, let alone know how I was going to download NARP upon ordering it – but I knew I had to try.

I was pleasantly surprised that as soon as I struggled to know what to do with the files (I am technologically impaired) Mel's team helped out and I discovered it wasn't difficult. I was able to easily get all of the healings on to my iPhone and can access them anywhere.

Being the high needs individual that I was at the time, I was also thrilled to gain immediate support from the Community, which I very quickly got replies to. The patience, service, support, intuitive insight and direction, and recommendations that always got to the heart of the matter were truly five star service.

Within three weeks of being on the Program and receiving a great deal of support, I was guided into how to work my NARP shifts, not just for the anguish of my ex-narc husband, but also regarding my narcissistic father and brother.

The relief, healing and feelings of confidence are indescribable. I can't recommend Mel's NARP Program and her caring, supportive service enough!"

~ Sharon - USA

"I am so grateful to have embarked on the journey of healing using NARP to now create a life of peace, freedom, love, reality and happiness all from within me, after suffering horrific narcissistic abuse.

I felt the instant relief of literally becoming lighter, happier and excited about my future, and I am now living a meaningful life of reality.

I now know the difference, because counselling and support groups did not work on an inner level for me.

The hooks and addiction to the narcissist, which were terrifyingly overwhelming, diminished so rapidly! If you genuinely want to create the beautiful life you deserve, this program is worth every single cent as it truly saved my life!"

~ Zoe - Australia

"I am on module 3 of NARP and found relief immediately after the first healing ... the knot in my stomach (which I have had relentlessly) for the past 5 years has finally gone, and when it reappears it's not as strong and doesn't hang around after I go back to another healing!!!

I have read many books and tried other resources but nothing comes close to NARP ... the feeling I have is like an acknowledgement from myself that lets me know that I am on the right path home. For a long time I had been obsessed with thoughts and feeling a knot in my stomach when thinking about my ex partner, and now there is so much less of a charge when I think of him and the knot in my stomach has gone.

I am feeling so different towards myself, and thinking differently, and it relates to other areas not just my ex. I am expecting and asking of things from people that I would not have been able to before. I don't feel as sensitive to people, and they don't seem to rock my boat as easily, maybe because I have taken the oars and feel very confident in the direction that I am heading. I found the program more affordable by paying it over 6 months, but you still get the full program from day one. I am very excited to be able to recommend Mel's program and I'm not even half way through!!!"

~ Lisa - Scotland

"I started the NARP program a couple of months ago. The relief I felt after each session was immediate and lasting. There were a couple of times when I went back to repeat specific ones and found it great to be able to do that.

The results have been maintained throughout, and I feel that I am unhooked from my ex narcissist. This is amazing to me, as I was addicted and traumatised by this person for three and a half years.

I tried counselling over those years, and saw four different counsellors and psychologists. Nothing worked for me. I even went to see a counsellor who specialised in Domestic Violence situations. She helped me leave my situation and get clear, but it was short lived and even though I had a DVO against my ex narcissist twice, I reneged on them and went back to him, against all reason and logic. I had been told by professionals that he was abusive and would not change but I thought I knew better. I fell into a pattern of leaving my ex narcissist, and getting well and resting, and once I recovered my health he seemed to sense this and hook me back in.

The NARP program has worked where nothing else would. I did try researching all kinds of personality disorders trying to get the answer but I found my answers on your website.

Now I fully realise that I am responsible for how I feel, and for setting healthy boundaries, so I am not longer in pain due to actions of other people. I now understand peptide addiction, and how I was acting out painful childhood issues. Through the NARP program I realised what my unhealed parts were that kept hooking me in, I faced them and worked through them.

I have been able to move forward and engage in life without my ex narcissist, something which would have terrified me a few months ago. I have felt no need to check up on my ex narcissist in any way. I have no need for him to do anything except stay away from me. I am realising that there is so much potential for a great life which is just waiting.

The NARP program is affordable and amazing value for the money. Could you put a price on your mental and emotional health? I spent lots of money and time on other modalities that did not help me. I had many times where I would have given anything to gain clarity around my confusing and emotionally damaging situation, let alone a solution!

Thank you Melanie."

~ Jane A - Australia

"I found the resources and bought the NARP program after 9 months of searching and trying to understand my 17 year relationship that wasn't serving me ...

10 weeks after the departure, and working the program and being a part of the Recovery Group, I truly have a sense of peace and understanding of being 'given my life back to me'. I have forgiven myself and accepted that this is the perfect time in my life for me.

The healing NARP has provided has allowed me to break free and heal at in incredible pace. Counselling for a full year never provided this breakthrough. NARP did!"

~ Arohanui - New Zealand

"Only after completing three of the NARP healing sessions I felt a really emotional shift after having been hooked for 14 painful years. I didn't realise that I had lost touch with my soul and being reunited with it was a revelation and a great emotional experience.

I have had therapy in the past, but no therapist had picked up on the Narc Abuse and were unable to expose it for what it was. I sensed that Melanie understood narc abuse and what I was going through - Inside out.

The pain of Narcissistic Abuse has been immense, but after reading about the symptoms caused by peptides, I was able to make sense of that pain. Since using NARP, I feel I have managed to emerge from PTSD, and have reconnected with family and friends in a very profound way.

The NARP Program – although I ummd and arrrd about it for a few days, once I had purchased it, I knew it was an investment in my future life. Now I would not be without it. For me, it has not only been essential for recovery from Narc Abuse, but it has also been life enhancing.

Thank you so very much."

~ Jen - UK

"Although I had escaped the narc, I never addressed the fundamental issues within myself that had caused the attraction in the first place. Initially I read Mel's blog but resisted NARP – until I tried the short Quanta healing she offered for free one day. It offered such immediate results, I signed up to NARP as Mel makes it so cost-effective, there was nothing to lose plus her team responded super fast to any technical issues with the MP3 download.

One day I was so upset, crying hysterically that I put on the MP3 and felt sure it wasn't working – I was just too far gone. I kept going, not wanting to be a quitter, and by the end of the recording a total change had come over me. Nothing short of miraculous, and I didn't have to do anything but let Mel send my hurt back to source. It's the only therapy to have any real effect on me after trying everything – I mean everything – from ayahuasca to ashrams as well as traditional talk therapy. Now I'm rid of the grinding emotional pain, I'm free to work on rebuilding the real me – as Mel says, I've come home."

~ Tracy - UK

"Melanie thank you so much for creating NARP, with the first module I felt a release in my pain from all the years of narcissistic abuse. I have spent a fortune on books, doctors and various other treatments and was a bit skeptical given how inexpensive your program is, but I had to try it and I knew there was a money back guarantee so I went for it, and I am SO glad I did!!

With each module of NARP I see a shift in myself that is so positive I can hardly believe it, and the best part is others have noticed as well, my life, family and friendships are now better than ever – this is life changing stuff, THANK YOU, I am so grateful to have found this program!"

~ Laurie - USA

"Hi Melanie thanks again for your insight into this amazing journey of self-healing in NARP. It is a journey of mammoth proportions with so many challenges on the way to finding me.

Peptide addiction was a key issue for me in regards to your work. It gave me the insight into what my thoughts are doing to me on a practical level. I also understand through your modules that it is essential to bring to the surface all those feelings that I had neglected and ignored for so long.

I have learnt to feel, and to be okay with that I am a human being. I have learnt that every experience no matter how painful (excruciatingly so at times), is bringing me home to myself. I am becoming the love of my life, and as such I can contribute to my life and the people who choose to be a part of that."

~ Jane Peart - Israel

"After being married to a high level narcissist for 33 years, I was an empty, numb, shattered being, with no resemblance to the vibrant girl I had once been. I was drawn intuitively to Melanie's NARP program, knowing instinctively it was my only chance to heal, and the cost was only the amount I had paid for two sessions with a local psychologist.

Within 2 days of starting the program I had released years of inner turmoil, feeling HOPE for my future, and within 6 weeks I was back laughing, and smiling. I realized the anxiety and swirling thoughts that had been connected to the pain and addiction to the narcissist had receded to being almost non-existent. Melanie's program truly saved my life."

~ Kayla - British Columbia, Canada

"The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program has literally changed my life! I was skeptical at first because I did not know what to fully expect, and I didn't know of anything that could help me be free of the pain I had been carrying all my life.

It took me about 1 week to really start feeling relief from my past pain. I only started a month ago, and I feel astounded that I can talk about my past relationship as a distant memory. It seems like we broke up much longer than 2 months ago!

I was seeing a therapist for about 6 months prior to starting NARP, and at best I would feel better for the hour I was in the session, and then nothing beyond that. I was still so deeply involved in the relationship, and I couldn't imagine my life without him.

One of my 'hooks' was when I was alone, being by myself and really trying to stick to the break up (one of many), all the 'feelings' for him came rushing back and the cycle would start again.

Since starting on NARP I have been taking better care of myself, setting stronger boundaries including keeping no contact with my ex narc. My vision is much more clear as to what I want in my life and how I will get there. I am taking more responsibility for what happens in my life, and it is not as scary as I thought. Overall I FEEL better and I am much more relaxed.

I know I would not have been real with myself if it wasn't for NARP. I would have just kept compensating, and covering up and forcing myself to move on the best way I knew in my mind how to. When I go back over and read some of the stuff I wrote down all I can say is WOW! I really needed to heal and this is real.

The thing I am most amazed about when it comes to NARP is how deep the healing works. Talk about taking responsibility for your life. You hear therapists say 'do healing work on yourself' all the time but sadly a lot of us don't know how. I mean we may see a therapist, journal, etc but I know I was not taught how to really be real in order to release pain. I always thought God would take the pain away if I asked hard enough, and if he wanted to (God being an outside source). If the pain was still there, it was because there was a reason, and one day I would be stronger for it.

Well that seemed like my entire life and situation after situation. I I got so desperate to heal from my past and move forward that I tried NARP. I grew up with the belief of God saving us from darkness ... however I will say that my life has been saved by me doing the work on myself, and I can truly say I am not my past or my mistakes and I mean it with every fiber of my being.

This program is worth hundreds of dollars maybe even thousands. I am so grateful that this program is affordable because it has changed my life tremendously. Part of the reason why I gave it a try is the money back guarantee. It is literally RISK FREE. Melanie really understands what I was going through and this program has been my divine intervention."

~ Andrea - USA

"A week after we got married the abuse started. After 2 months of marriage he left me saying he didn't love me anymore. I had a complete breakdown and started taking medication.

I was devastated I couldn't even stay married for one year. I felt like such a failure. I hated life so badly. I was envious of all my friends who had found nice partners and had children. Why had my life gone so horribly wrong? I wanted to die. Then I hated myself for wanting to die! It was so confusing. I started seeing a psychologist who was into cognitive therapy. I went to maybe 4 sessions. I wasn't getting better.

At this stage I didn't know anything about peptide addictions or the rule of No Contact.

Then one day, after a horrible run in with my non-empathetic husband of less than a year, I found Melanie's site. Things started to make sense. I did one of the free healings on one of the radio links. It felt really good so I decided that I wanted to give NARP a go. Why not?

The MP3s allowed me to utilize the healing in my own home whenever I felt I needed it. I also liked how I didn't have to consider my financial situation or schedule every time I decided to do a session, because I had paid for the sessions upfront at the start, and they were with me all the time. I also like how I can redo the sessions over and over again without feeling like I am wasting money and time!

It is hard to put a price on survival, not just survival but finding self love again. I liked the idea that if it didn't work than I could get my money back.

The program was worth every penny, because as soon as I downloaded the program and did the first healing changes started to happen in my confidence. My friend even said that she noticed changes in me almost immediately.

I love how the program makes me write and cry ferociously, and how I can really feel the pain being released from my body. I then love how I fill myself with love, something that has never existed in me before. It's helped me stop focusing on him and start focusing on me.

The hooks were so strong for me as they are with anyone suffering from Narc abuse. Sometimes these hooks still poke up, but when they do it's good because I do another shift and they go completely.

It has been 4 months since I split with my ex-N and 2 months since I started the NARP program. Before I started the program I would leave the house only for work. I wouldn't visit my friends because I felt that I couldn't talk or think of anything but my ex. I have turned full circle. In the last 2 months I have travelled to Bali with one of my best friends and I have bought a house that I am going to renovate.

Now I am so positive and full of life. I know I would still be suffering if I had not found this program. It was my destiny!!

I have passed on Melanie's site to anyone who brings up 'being abused', or if I think their story rings some alarm bells. I feel the same way Melanie does, that our awareness should be shared. People deserve to learn how to love themselves, especially after abuse.

Thank you Mel for saving my life."

~ Tamara - Australia

"Melanie's NARP program changed my life. I was devastated from the end of a relationship with a narc. I knew I had to stop wanting him so much, and change my pattern of relationships.

I did the NARP program, and the Empowered Self Courses all within 6 months. I felt relief within the first module of the NARP program. I started to feel like me again. The cost of the NARP program and the ES program is about the same as 3 hours of therapy, but with priceless results. I had been in therapy for over 7 years at that point, and I had never felt relief this deep or this long-lasting.

Within 2 weeks of finishing the Empowered Self Course, I met a man whom I have now been with for over a year. We are planning a life together, and he is kinder and more in line with my truth than any man who has been with me before. I fully believe that I intentioned him into my life thanks to Melanie.

You don't need to hurt. You don't need to torture yourself. Melanie's courses change your life path from uncertainty to one of certain clarity, truth, strength and love."

~ Laurie - Canada

"I did not have the power to disconnect from a 2 year brainwashed and manipulated relationship with a full-blown narcissist, and had no idea what a narcissist was until I prayed for an answer. I was shocked, in disbelief, totally scared, broken, and thought I would need extensive therapy to heal ... and ohh, so much more (as you have experienced). During my relationship I knew I was being torn from my faith and God and prayed for God to take 'him' out of my life. He left many times, but came back. I could not break free no matter how hard I tried. I didn't understand the obsession ... it was something I never experienced before, and I knew something was terribly wrong with me.

I have Borderline Personality Disorder, and have had similar relationships in the past ... but NOTHING like this! I always felt something was wrong with me, and I had very low self-esteem, co-dependency and never really liked myself. I was desperate and went to church daily. I prayed off and on for 2 years to get rid of this obsession. But, God knew I was so far gone, I couldn't do it on my own.

This brings me to share with you an amazing story about the Virgin Mary. She appeared to me in church and spoke to me in a very soft but distinct voice. She said, 'Do not contact Joe'. It sent surges through my body. I, without hesitation, said, 'I promise'. I stopped contact. It was excruciating! I would have given in if it wasn't for my promise to Mary. I was too afraid not to be obedient. Then I started to doubt her appearance and went to a Priest who told me if I felt it was that real when it happened ... then it was. It was going on three weeks, and I almost gave up several times but persevered through faith. I was in a fog and couldn't work. I got laid off because 'I wasn't focused'.

Then I was led to your articles and purchased your Narcissist Recovery Program. I read every e-book aggressively and started the Quantum Healing MP3s.

The first one was extremely painful and hard, but I felt a bit better, but my thoughts were still consumed with my ex-narcissist the following day and I got scared. Today, I did the second session. It was even more powerful and released even more. I still was in fear that it would take me so long to heal. I was so afraid and cried myself to sleep in prayer.

I light a candle of Mary when I do your tapes. For some reason, I listened to your Module 2 Relaxation tape today (exactly 30 days since my promise to Mary of no contact and her appearing to me). And then it happened ... Mary appeared again in a vision (the female angel). The other angels that appeared were all the saints I prayed to. God was there at the end to bless the intercession (when I was in the white bubble). I felt the gold light in my veins, the green energy in my heart and the red strength in my spine. But, the most protective of all is the white bubble around me. I was full of tears and felt so honored to have this miracle happen to me. I kept saying that I wasn't that special to have these intercessions ... but I always prayed to take any evil from me that keeps me from God's divine love and keeps me from doing His will for me and my life. He has gotten me away and out of many things in my past when I pray, but I think He has something in mind for me and wants me to heal completely before I can truly serve Him.

Since your series of healing e-books and Quantum healing MP3s, I feel I am FINALLY freeing myself from past hurts and destructive abusive relationships that I have buried and never dealt with. I am becoming whole and free and loving myself for the first time.

I know your experience was also necessary because you now are a true BLESSING to others and are probably healing so many people that couldn't get healed through counseling. I have had a very traumatic life, and have gone through psychiatrists and psychologists and even have had nervous breakdowns when I was younger. I tried to commit suicide, but always got through it somehow.

You are truly blessed with an AMAZING GIFT from God, and I want you to know that you are fulfilling your purpose and God is quite pleased.

Keep up the good work and my prayers are with you for your continued ministry to all those who have been mentally abused by narcissists.

God bless you! (He HAS!) :)"

~ Kathleen - USA

"I'm doing so well with NARP. I'm hooked on loving myself! All the ebooks and mp3s are fantastic.

I come home after work and spend precious time with myself, nourishing myself with your insights and feel enlightened, empowered, happy, serene and at peace. This is the life!

I will definitely continue walking along this divine path.

Many many many many thanks."

~ Joanne - Malta

"Hi Melanie, I just have to write and thank you again for setting up your web site, your books and this fabulous recovery program. I don't think I've ever emailed anyone as often as this, but then I've never felt as wonderful as this. I am truly gobsmacked at how this program just keeps on giving more and more, I've now completed module 5 and am reading the book on healthy boundaries and I'm flooded with tears, tears of joy, I might add less than 3 weeks ago I was almost constantly crying, but crying with pain.

For me, this program was a matter of life and death. I have been telling my doctor that I can't work and won't work until I get to the bottom of what the hell is going on in my life. I knew I was going round in circles, and I told him that if I can't find out why then I didn't want to live. After years and years in therapy and thinking I was getting somewhere but really getting nowhere, I found you and in less than 3 weeks, I and my life are already transforming. The reason I have stopped to write this email is because I am overwhelmed at how this program is just peeling away those layers and giving me more and more understanding and confidence in myself and true release from all the pain and torment.

I'm 45 years old, I've told you that previously, I've come through so many experiences including addiction to heroin but it seemed that no matter how far I got in life, something was always holding me back. My current counsellor was rather put out to say the least when I told her how marvellous you and your program is. But that's her problem and hopefully she will look at your website and learn something. You are amazing! At some point I will get round to telling you my full story, but for now I am dedicated to this program. You're a miracle worker, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I have already recommended your program to one lady, and I have two other friends who I know would benefit. But I won't recommend it to them, they will ask me how I have been able to turn my life around so quickly and then I'll tell them.

Best wishes and tons of gratitude."

~ Karen - GB

"You have been given a great gift, and a wonderful calling. Just think about the huge number of lives that you have saved, and restored. God certainly has a special place in his heart for you. Mine is one of those lives. I have known my N for almost 24 years. We were married 18 years ago. (second marriage for both). There were some 'Good Times' when I felt relief, but I now realize that they are one of the 'Greatest Hooks' that can be used!

I am a person who needs to understand things, and I just could not figure out what was going on. It was all illogical, accusatory, blame throwing and full of constant unkindness which made no sense to me. We would go on road trips (I was trapped in the car for days at a time), and although the first three days seemed peaceful enough, the abuse usually started in earnest on about the fourth day. The rest of the time, I was a crying mess, and day after day this would continue until I ended up apologizing for something I did not know anything about, or could not even figure out – JUST TO MAKE IT STOP!! I knew nothing about Narcissism, but I can now see that I was his PERSONAL GOLDMINE of Narcissistic Supply!

For years, I cried and cried. I finally got a place of my own to live for half a week, but I had to go back to work at the old house for three days on the weekend. My three children came to help me to move. Then they became objects of vilification. I had hidden the situation for years, hoping that it would rectify itself. I loved him very much. As more members of my family became aware of what was happening, they boycotted him completely, and I have been caught in the middle of it. I still did not understand it at all. I took two years of counseling, and the therapist told me that it had nothing to do with me, but that he was a Narcissist with a lot of issues. What exactly did that mean? I got no real explanation.

Then, one Sunday, when I was alone, I was at my computer, and I plugged in 'Narcissistic Abusive Man' and I stumbled into YOU and your articles! I felt as if I were glued to the screen. I said to myself, 'Did she write all this about me?' It fit like a glove. Things became so clear to me that day – the hooks, the accusations out of nowhere, the triggers for fights when I tried to defend myself, my falling into every trap and on and on and on ... The whole thing was right there in front of me. I could not stop reading and thinking, 'Why have I not been told this before, with all the Therapy etc. and the reading etc. etc. etc. ....'

Dear Melanie, I have to tell you that you are one of the most blessed people in this world – a real crusader for the whole of mankind. I feel that God sent me to you, and I thank Him for that. It is by His Mercy that I am not a Raving Lunatic. He knew I needed to contact you. Since then, I have been getting better and better at a rapid rate as a result of your Program. I have to get my life back on an even keel, and I am working very hard to do so. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Much love always,


"Perhaps the best self-help program I've ever worked with. Not just for narcissistic abuse, but life in general. Reasonably priced, worth its weight in gold. Great support. Melanie knows what she's talking about.

Thank you Melanie."

~ Tony - New York City

"The NARP program has enabled me to work on myself comprehensively, and at my own pace, to the point that I can grasp and utilize all of the information and guidance in a structured way that no other individual counselling program has given me.

I can listen to the modules at my own leisure, over and over as necessary, and the healing process has been effective, not only immediately, but continues with every day that I read the books and/or work with the modules.

All of the extra assistance, as well as the blog and Community Forum that Melanie provides have made the cost of this program negligible at best, and the value is continuous for me as the more I use it, the more I receive from it!"

~ Deanna L. Harris - USA, Washington

"I had been out of my narcissistic abusive relationship for nearly two years, when I discovered I was in such a relationship. After he discarded me, I knew something was wrong. This was not like any other break-up, but I had no idea I was living with a narcissist, nor did I believe I was abused.

I tried EVERYTHING to heal myself. I was not a spiritual person, but I saw energy healers of all kinds, I saw many psychics, I saw two different therapists, I rented a house in the middle of Europe to be alone so I could cry and write in my journal every day for over a month. I moved to a different city.

I tried every technique and exercise out there and NOTHING worked. Two years of doing all that, and still not a moment of my day went by that I did not think of my ex. I had thoughts of suicide almost weekly and most days you could find me on the floor crying of agony. I couldn't date, I couldn't go out with friends (I used to be very social and outgoing).

I couldn't work (I used to be very ambitious) and I had no interest in life whatsoever. Then one day, during a session with yet another therapist, she said to me, 'Are you aware that he's a narcissist?' After I did extensive research (months of research to be exact), I became obsessed. I read every book and every site on the website about narcissistic abuse. It was obvious that not only was I subjected to this type of abuse, but I had every symptom of complicated post traumatic stress disorder.

I had come across Melanie's website, and read all her newsletters and free e-books during my search. I finally decided after months of learning about narcissistic abuse I would try at least one session with Melanie. I ended up doing four sessions with her in a period of one month because I started to feel instant relief.

I not only felt better, but I never felt that good even before I met the narcissist. I still had a lot of work to do on myself, as I had a mountain of old belief systems that had to be released. One evening I received Melanie's newsletter saying she had a special on her NARP program. I took it as a sign and purchased it that same day. For the last three weeks, I have been doing a session every day along with her forgiveness exercise from her e-book.

How has the program helped me? Well, I can physically prove to you how effective it has been. About two months ago, my knees became swollen and I was unable to walk. The swelling moved to my ankles, back and then my arms and fingers. I have seen every specialist in the Western medical field and they cannot diagnose me. When I read about the forgiveness exercise in Melanie's book, I thought I would give it a try. I made a list of 30 people that have hurt me and every day I release my anger about each person and situation followed by a NARP Healing session.

In just two weeks, I was able to walk again and all the pain in my joints were gone. I went to my doctor the other day and she was shocked when she saw me (she believed this was going to be a long-term condition) and she said to me, 'Whatever you're doing, keep doing it.'

Melanie, if it wasn't for you and this program, I probably would have died. You have not only saved my life, you freed me from all my belief systems that has kept me running in circles my entire life. To say that I am grateful is an understatement. I believe you and your program were sent to me by my guardian angels.

I hope one day we can convince the world that contemporary medicine and therapy are outdated and Quanta Freedom Healing (which is the process in NARP) is the ONLY way to true empowerment and healing."

~ GA - USA

"I experienced healing and relief in about the third time through the first module or in about a week into beginning the program.

I've tried traditional psychotherapy where I've literally spent thousands of dollars($195/1.5hr session for 2.5 yrs) and not experienced a fraction of the relief that I have through the NARP program.

I've healed to a higher vibration where I am no longer concerned with the Narc because I'm simply too busy healing and loving myself. He is no longer part of my reality."

~ Marguerite - Canada

"I feel very fortunate to have found NARP, I have been participating in sessions for a couple weeks now and I have been able to find great relief and rapid movement towards a serene state within a few sessions.

For me, this has been by far the most effective and least expensive method of dealing with narcissistic abuse. Counselling was very expensive and ineffective for me. My counsellor did not recognise narcissistic abuse, and treated me with methods suited for persons in a relationship with someone of 'normal' conscience and morality.

The healing modules in NARP have allowed and continue to allow me to become unstuck towards the narcissistic. I am becoming more and more unblocked with regard to my goals.

I'm in a very good state of mind, where I am peaceful, optimistic and looking forward to all the future holds!"

~ S.S. - USA

"I saw results in the form of powerful realizations within two days of my first NARP healing session, and have had ongoing, consistent results after subsequent sessions as I do the NARP program.

Compared to the astronomical cost and time estimate of recovery of conventional counselling, the NARP system is a life-saving deal, especially considering how many narcissistically abused individuals are broken not only in spirit, but financially as well when they reach rock bottom and are desperate for help.

Since starting on my journey three months ago using NARP, I have shifted from crippling fear that kept me bound and blind to the abuse in my life, and into clarity, awareness, and true joy and courage to seek and create the life I deserve."

~ Veronica - USA

"I found Melanie on Google search here in the US. I was in so much pain I was about to implode, and I was desperately searching for information about what in the world I was dealing with. Anything to ease the pain.

At that point I had no idea which way was up or down. I read her 2 free ebooks which put a face on this Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and boy was I able to identify, which in itself was a huge relief!! I also joined her Community Group.

About a week later I purchased NARP and less than 5 days in (about half way through the program), the intensity of my pain and anxiety decreased significantly. I mean by leaps and bounds. I also began to have some real clarity and the Great Sadness began to lift. I was amazed at how quickly I felt the results and was able to pick up the pieces and get on with my life.

I highly recommend Melanie's NARP to anyone looking to escape and heal from the immobilizing pain of a relationship with a narcissist.

It literally saved my life, and brought me back in touch with who I really am. Not too bad for such a small price - a couple tanks of gasoline here in the US.

In a matter of a couple of weeks I went from excruciating pain and paralysis to a man on the mend and well on the path to freedom and liberation – go figure!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing what you do to help us Melanie. You're an angel!!"

~ Rick M - USA

"I have been on NARP for just a few days. I have completed 2 of the modules and find myself thinking in ways that I never would have thought before, and I am experiencing a lot of relief already.

The NARP work has been a blessing as it has made so much information available, to so many people, at a time and in a way that is accessible to everyone.

When I first saw the cost I did a double take as I thought there was a typo. It has been already, the best money I have ever spent on my healing.

Even if I got nothing more than what I have today, it has been worth every cent. Thank you Melanie for the love and peace that you are and for the authenticity of this program."

~ ACW - Tasmania, Australia

"While with the narc, I needed answers and help, so I found Melanie's site. I read about Narcissism, listened to a free QF session via blog talk radio and experienced quick relief from the initial anxiety. It quieted my mind and my inner turmoil.

I then purchased the NARP program and found after the first Module, my pain, anxiety, fear, loss and agoraphobia, plus other destructive 'less than feelings' that happen when being involved with someone with this 'disorder', dissolved to a near zero result after only 2 sessions.

Previous to finding Mel's work and NARP I was attending counselling from 'an expert' in trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but all I was doing was feeding my need to talk about what happened, the injustices, the whole deal of living with abuse.

The counsellor gave me lots to read, but did nothing to address what was really going on inside me, not just in my head, but what it was doing to me in every way. The process was slowly killing me, causing me to feel less empowered (always in Victim mode). I felt worse going to the sessions and didn't look forward to crying my eyes out in the therapy, leaving drained and with no change to the way I was feeling.

On finding Melanie and starting NARP, it is truly indescribable how quickly I started to get results within a week of working with the QFH sessions. I was excited about releasing the pain, and knowing that all the associated feelings that go with Narc abuse were clearing. Truly amazing!

NARP delves into your mind and soul at a very deep level, allowing the 'shift' to take place. Once it starts happening, I found my life has changed in ways I would never have thought possible before using the Program. Conventional therapy didn't even come close. It was not addressing the real deep issues within me.

I am finding my career has lifted to a higher level, my creativity just flows and I am meeting very different personalities to what I have been associated with my entire life. Healthy like-minded people with a passion for life and healthy belief systems.

Truly NARP is so affordable! I believe if we truly want to heal and change our life, then NARP is the answer. Conventional therapy is expensive and will only keep the addiction in play for years. I was so stuck and going nowhere, and broke before finding Melanie.

Melanie's tireless work, passion and dedication are a credit to her. Her love and total empathy to each of us is to be celebrated, and a gift I am eternally grateful for."

~ Jacqui - Australia

"I followed Melanie's blogs and radio shows and most certainly did feel relief. But I knew I was still struggling. I got inspired by reading messages of people on her blog who were working with NARP, and I decided I would give it a go. The fact it was so inexpensive and had a money back guarantee meant for me that I had nothing to lose.

After starting the healing modules, I couldn't believe how quickly my recovery was taking place. The pain and anguish that I was trying to manage, that had staying in repeat for me, was literally dissolving. Layers upon layers of old pain, as well as childhood pain was just gone! I wish I had made the decision earlier, and realise that what I was struggling to control was reconciled within weeks.

I truly can't recommend this Program enough – even if you (as I was) are getting a lot from the other resources, because NARP takes your healing to a whole new level. It's fast, it's powerful and it works!"

~ Jane - Ireland

"Hello everyone, I felt that I needed to share my experience with Melanie's amazing NARP in hopes that narcissistic abuse survivors will definitely give it a try for it TRULY saved my life in more ways than one and DOES WORK!

I was raised in an addictive, dysfunctional, verbally and physically abusive household, along with continuous physical abuses done upon me outside the home between the ages of approximately 5 ½ - late teens/early adulthood (molestations, rapes, penetration, etc.) I learned very early in life to take care of others before myself, to really make no demands and have no requirements, for I assumed the role of care giver, nurturer, protector to my alcoholic father, and 3 younger brothers. I have always also been an over achiever, over doer, over thinker, highly intuitive along with many other mostly positive and sensitive qualities ...  I HATED my mother throughout a large portion of my life, due to her having some narcissistic traits, variations of depression/bi-polar and basically she should never have been a mother.

After being devalued and discarded from my narcissistic connection of approximately 20 years, I had absolutely no support network, close nearby friends for the last 13 or so years before my D&D, I thought that the ex-narcissist was my best friend (among other things ...) for he was a huge part of my life throughout working hours and even sometimes on week nights and weekends. I was a train wreck without any hope or desire to live, and the pain was unbearable for this all affected me on every level/fiber of my being ... I experienced the roller coaster emotions, peptide addiction, severe/bi-polar depression, C-PTSD, escalating health conditions ... All through this, I also kept seeking answers, for I so wanted the pain to stop, became excessive at building my knowledge about narcissism/psychopathy, attended psycho therapy, tried various forms of self improvement, and every process to stop mental/psychological pain that I could think of.

I eventually found various narcissistic abuse support groups where I'd eventually become either a moderator or administrator. Not long after joining these support groups, while I found them informative and built relationships with the members, I sensed something was still missing for there was no healing/getting over the pain or addiction advice/processes. Just 'war stories', information and inspirational postings. One day while searching for answers once again, I came upon Melanie's work along with the NARP and other products. Approximately 3 to 4 weeks after really applying myself to the NARP modules, I started receiving results. I discovered that my ex-narcissistic actually provided me with a gift that my pain had really nothing to do with him, he had merely been the catalyst to show me my missing/unhealed parts. I know for an absolute fact that I would never have figured this out on my own – despite all of the answers I've continued to seek throughout the years.

I've made a HUGE positive transformation in my healing so far ... I love, feel comfortable within myself with no need or dependence to seek outside of myself, I released the anger, resentment, helplessness, powerlessness, and other negative emotions that were holding me back from life,. I know now and have the confidence that I'll attract/be attracted to healthier relationships, I now have the knowledge and I am much better at setting/retaining boundaries, I'm proud of myself and my life has meaning and so much more …Through all of the various narcissistic abuse support group sites that I've belonged to as administrator or moderator, as well as contemporary therapy, and various other processes or techniques that I have experienced/investigated – I know you will never find any programs or processes as powerful as NARP for recovery! Nor as inexpensive for the results that you receive! Much love,"

~Debbie Burt Hadgkiss - USA

"After living with fear literally coursing through my body, I made a massive breakthrough within the first few weeks after starting NARP, where I was able to very calmly diffuse a potentially very violent, aggressive interaction from the Narc – and I continue to feel this way.

NARP has created healing on such a deep level, which I never received from the tons of self help books and many sessions with a good psychologist. The money I used to spend per month on psychology fees I have spent on the entire NARP programme.

I breathe in everyday and excitedly say to myself: 'I am actually living IN my new life already.' It`s not a far away dream anymore, because I am about to start a business. I don`t yearn for peace as an object I can pick up and hold close any longer. Instead I FEEL this peace – a joy, a lightness ... easily now, and for the first time ever, my life is feeling precious and beautiful – something I never thought I could experience. There is still more to heal which means there is so much abundance waiting for me to align myself with."

~ Rozanne- South Africa

"The relief from NARP was immediate. One day into starting the program l could feel the shift. I was very sceptical, but I had absolutely nothing to lose. If it didn't work, l would just add it to my list of failed therapists, and self help books that l had seen and read in the past.

I had been seeing a psychologist for 3 months and getting nowhere, although he did point out to me that l was probably married to a narcissist, but offered no ongoing therapy in this area that helped.

Every week I would leave his rooms in a sobbing mess, and during this time l had a complete breakdown, tried to commit suicide and ended up in a psych unit for a week!

After just one week of starting the program, l went back to see my counsellor and he could not believe he was talking to the same person. Last week he was witnessing a broken, shattered mess who could see no future for herself. This week he saw a confident, happy, peaceful person free from the hooks of her ex, who finally was being assertive, setting boundaries, had a life plan and was happy to be alive. He was literally blown away by the change in me.

I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars trying to get answers with no success but for a mere $195 dollars, (not including all the wonderful free e-books and newsletters), my life has been saved.

Thank you Melanie, your ability to turn your own adversity into a success of helping so many people in the same situation is just phenomenal."

~ Emily - Australia

"No stranger to self-help or recovery type issues, I searched for solutions as to why my life was spiralling out of control, and as to why I felt physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually worse and worse each day.

I knew I was being abused, and I was powerless to change my situation. I began to experience suicidal thoughts as I deemed my situation hopeless.

I tried 12 step, bible study, conventional therapy (8 plus years), marriage counselling, and reiki healing. My bookshelves and my iPad are full of every self-help book published in the last fifteen years.

The breaking point was when my narcissist began repeatedly exposing my 11 year old son to his non-stop narcissist rages and projections towards me. I began to see my beautiful son become broken in spirit and filled with fear.

I had my narc removed from the home by court order, and initiated court proceedings. Little did I know what we were in store for. I thought the court system would protect me and my son. Little did I know the courts would just be another tool for the narc to manipulate in his war against me.

My business and income was stolen from me, and I was forced to spend large sums defending myself from actions I never took, defending my character and proving my fitness as a parent to keep custody of my child.

I became a train wreck trying to control outcomes and situations. No one believed me, not the courts, not family members, not friends, not customers. Anger and rage consumed me.

I stumbled upon Melanie's website and began reading. I had no idea what narcissist abuse was, but this was my story, word for word contained in the blogs, the readings, the radio podcasts. It made perfect sense. I had no idea that the physical symptoms I had been experiencing were peptide addiction, and I realised this was what I needed to heal.

I purchased the NARP program piecemeal and began reading and doing the inner work. The results were amazing, and within two weeks I was free from what I now know was post traumatic stress disorder. I started to feel a joy in my heart, feeling a happiness and peace that had eluded me my entire life.

The program is amazing. In five months I have experienced incredible shifts in my outlook and life experiences, my cup is over flowing!!! Everything has now changed in my life, and the narcissist no longer manipulates me or has power over me.

I cannot say enough about Melanie. I highly recommend Melanie and her NARP program for everyone on a self-empowerment quest, and it can be used in all of life's situations, sickness, addictions, healing from other trauma, you name it.

Thank you Melanie for sharing your experience, strength and hope with the world. I love you."

~ JH - New York

"Hi Melanie,

At the end of last year I was in a bad place. My relationship with a narcissist (although I didn't know that at the time) broke down for the 3rd time. I struggled with the rejection, felt worthless and like I had done something wrong to drive him away.

I started to search the internet for answers, to distract myself from thinking about him or wanting to contact him. What I found made me realize that I'd been narcissistically abused, and luckily I came across Melanie's Quanta Healing on blog talk radio. Every day, on my bike to work, I listened to her shows and it made me really understand what had happened to me. I decided to do NARP and that took my understanding and healing to a whole new level.

Some of the ten modules resonated more than others, so I worked with those again and again. I felt instant release, and understood by writing down my feelings, that the abuse had started long before my last relationship; it all started with my, I now realized, narcissist dad. The moment I made that connection, not in my head but my heart, it was like a fog of pain lifted.

Since I started NARP in May, my life has changed a lot. I took a break from work, went to Greece for a while, started yoga, worked on myself and got better. I hardly ever think of my ex anymore and when I do, I just go back to Melanie's program.

Melanie, thanks so much for your help in finding myself. Your program is worth every cent, because in less than 6 months after starting it, I feel whole again."

~ Jantien - Holland

"I asked myself time and again, why did I wait so long? And the resistance in itself is an answer. Feeling into the question, it is the same toxic subconscious beliefs that drew me time and again into unhealthy relationships.

The gift of interacting with, not one, but two sadistic narcissists last year in different areas of my life, brought me to my knees and to Melanie's website seeking answers. It was the turning point in my life. Unbelievably manageable payment plans are made available to remove the crutch that keeps us on the 'I'm not worthy' carousel.

Melanie cares, she has been through the experience to such a degree that she has made it her life's mission to reach out and pull others on to the path to freedom, relief and bliss like we've never known. And that all comes with breaking the conditioning and hooks from the past to provide light and a path to learning how to love ourselves unconditionally. The free reading material was like Neosporin for my soul, but it was when I finally wiggled my mind free just enough to allow myself to put myself first, to dive into the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program and the mp3's, that the true shifts began.

Being highly empathic and spiritual, I know energy is real with every fiber of my being. Just like we don't have to understand how a light bulb works when we flick the switch, we benefit when we act – and so it is with energy. It is so when Melanie guides us through the visualizations and steps on the universe's behalf to remove lifetimes of pain and old beliefs that no longer serve us, that you feel incredible physical and mental shifts.

Day by day, you feel lighter, freer and more in love with yourself and over time, you see your past painful experience(s) for the life opportunity it was. You reconnect with that hurt, lost, overburdened little girl/boy you had to hide away and protect from the past, shower him/her with love, and merge together to handle events and people with new eyes, an open heart and with great love and joy for what is to come. It is in loving yourself unconditionally, shedding old beliefs & clearing past cell memories, setting boundaries and honoring your own needs by trusting and acting on your intuition for the highest good of you and others, that you find yourself, all of yourself – an inexplicable, incredible wholeness and peace settles over your entire being.

It's true, and this is my personal testimony. And with that, you not only benefit, but the world benefits through you. 'Healer heal thyself.' Thank you Melanie, and thank you to 'all that is' for continually providing opportunities in my lifetime to bring me to this point of clarity, healing and love."

~Kellie H - USA

"When I began the program I thought I was using it to heal and move on from my ex ... NARP instead healed my childhood traumas within a week or two. Once that was healed and I gave myself the love and acknowledgement through your program – I fully understood that it had nothing to do with my ex.

Any time wasted on trying to figure out why, what, how could he or she do this IS A WASTE of time.

ALL of my pain vanished once I healed my childhood traumas. I gave myself love and it has not stopped pouring in day after day from all of the people that I have met since. I fully accept that I needed my ex to bring me to a place (hell on earth) where I searched for an answer. This led me to heal my inner pain and trauma so that I can start living the life that I am now.

I believe that he was a blessing in disguise, because I would never have found the program otherwise.

My ex can make millions, he can have anyone he wants, he can be as happy as he wants – I could not care less – I am grateful that he discarded me – I would never be this happy and content with him no matter what ... He was always hard work for me and I was hoping for something in return. Trying to earn his love – or was that really my mother's love?"

~Carol - Australia


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