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Inner Foundation Of Trust

Creating an Inner Platform of Self to Achieve a Life that Works
by Melanie Tonia Evans
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If we are not firm within our identity, we tend to second-guess so many things in life. We can be fearful, distrustful and apply constant analysis, desperately searching for some direction, meaning and validation. We may feel abandoned and alone.

We possibly haven't realised that we have the ability and power to decide who we are, what our inner foundation is and how by living a principle centered life of providing 'mothering' (support of needs) and 'fathering' (confidence development) to ourselves that we can become an individual of empowerment and healthy self-esteem.

The following information provides the education of why this inner platform is so necessary and how to achieve it.

It is our inherent and natural state to be connected to the flow of love, success and happiness. So then, what is the only aspect of ourselves that prevents this? The answer is simple: Not trusting ourselves.

We truly are the centre of our Universe. In Ultimate Reality, each individual is 'all that exists', and the people and situations in their life are simply an attraction of each individual's vibration.

Therefore there is no necessity to trust life and others - because they are YOU. The only essential ingredient is learning how to trust yourself. Then you'll AUTOMATICALLY begin to trust and flow with people, situations and life.

How well do you trust yourself?

Let's ask some key questions:

  1. Do you believe in your desires, or do you second-guess yourself?
  2. Do you uphold intent to yourself with integrity or do you tell yourself false promises?
  3. Can you rely on yourself to follow through?
  4. Can you rely on yourself to lovingly look after your needs?
  5. Do you encourage, promote and believe in yourself?
  6. Does your home environment reflect who you wish to be and the new positive energy you wish to invoke into your life?
  7. Do you create a life of health, joy, productivity (working towards goals) and balance for yourself?

If we are really honest with ourselves, the answer may be 'no' to many of the questions, and at best 'sometimes.'

Most of us are far from being consistent with upholding respect, commitments and trust with ourselves and the ultimate irony is we become disappointed, angry and distressed with situations and people when they don't consistently supply us with 'what we want'. Then we distrust life - the very life we want to get right!!

Your trust of 'life' begins with trusting yourself

There is only one point that requires your attention - yourself. Because in reality there is nothing else to focus on. This is great and makes your life all the simpler. You stop trying to control and change things outside of yourself, and start working on where it's really all taking place.

The bonus is: YOU are always available. you'll be on the same team in this journey of growth.

You have the ultimate ability to create an outer life that works effortlessly, by getting your congruency with yourself organised. WHY - because your outer world has ALWAYS EXACTLY reflected your relationship with yourself.

There is no point trying to manifest anything new in your life, until you clean up 'WHAT IS'. And this 'WHAT IS' is YOU!!

How to improve your own integrity to yourself

Ok, so now that we know where we stand, how do we work at cleaning up our vibration?

Let's look at the points again:

  1. IF you second-guess yourself
    It is totally absurd to think that your soul (your preference, yearning or desire) is not who you truly are. Your soul absolutely knows that it will attract all the right circumstances, knowledge and 'create the way' for this to manifestation and become reality. The Universe has unlimited resources at its disposal and there is no shortage of anything to create this reality. In fact all of the Universe will conspire to bring you your desires when you are in the matching vibration. If you don't trust your desires and believe they are real, you'll also distrust life and people when opportunities are offered to bring your desires into reality.

    ANTIDOTE: Stop questioning your desires. Back yourself and know your desires are your truth. Anything less is a total contradiction to the system of life and equates to letting the REAL YOU down.

  2. IF you tell yourself false promises
    Know that this will always create a vibration of people and life doing the same. This will also spill out from your vibration causing you to possibly let others down. This will further break down the necessity of relationships of trust in your life.

    ANTIDOTE: Make realistic promises to yourself and make yourself the VIP that you are by truly upholding you to yourself. This is vital.

  3. IF you don't follow through or finish off.
    This creates a vibration of 'lots of energy and no concrete results.' Have you ever had the experience of everything going right and then the last piece of the puzzle just doesn't fall into place. Maybe you also don't come through for others when they really need you. The additional vital point to this energy statement is: Remember any manifestation you wish to bring into reality requires you to 'finish off' the last .01% of the creation. No reality that you desire can be born without you operating in an energy of 'finalisation'.

    ANTIDOTE: Follow through and finish off anything large or small that you begin with earnest. This comes down to the most simplistic areas of your life. For example: finish the dishes before you move onto folding the washing. Where possible don't leave any unfinished business or loose ends in your life. Otherwise your manifestations may never appear.

  4. IF you can't rely on yourself to look after your needs lovingly.
    Know that it is foolhardy to believe that life and others can grant you anything that you are not providing for self. There is also a possibility that you won't pay attention to or respond consistently and lovingly to others' needs. This will further break down the necessity of relationships of trust in your life..

    ANTIDOTE: Make a habit of asking yourself in times of discomfort, stress or pain "What do you need from me right now." Trust yourself in regard to the answer. Maybe it's a walk in the park. Maybe it's a healthy meal. Maybe it's drinking a glass of water. Maybe it's a meditation. Maybe it's an uplifting and supportive pep talk with yourself. Maybe it's a nurturing and relaxing bath. Maybe it's taking a nap.

  5. IF you don't encourage, promote and believe in yourself
    It is an impossibility to manifest realities of life and people that will back you and sponsor you when you are failing to do this for yourself. Don't expect people to authentically believe in you if you don't believe in yourself. This may also set up a vibration where it is difficult for you to promote and believe in significant others in your life, therefore not bringing out and sharing in the best of them.

    ANTIDOTE: Start talking to yourself in encouraging ways. Talk to others about your belief in self with inspiration. Choose to believe in yourself. If this feels like a struggle ACT LIKE you encourage, promote and believe in self. If you do this consistently, before long you'll. Your life will never take off until you do.

  6. IF your home environment doesn't reflect who you wish to be and the new positive energy you wish to introduce into your life.
    Know that your immediate environment and the items within it are a powerful energetic statement of the quality of your vibration. In other words your environment directly affects your vibration. If you are surrounded by mess and clutter, you'll energetically feel scattered, ineffective and confused. If you are surrounded by old and obsolete items, you'll feel lowered self worth and 'stuck' in regard to walking forward into a new life. If you are surrounded by objects that have painful associations, you'll be reliving the memories (even if subconsciously) in regard to the past pain, therefore energetically creating 'more of the same' in your present and future.

    ANTIDOTE: Clean up your environment. Create organisation, cleanliness and an environment that pleases your senses. Bring in a sense of 'alive', 'uplifting' 'new' and 'fresh' This process doesn't have to cost a great deal of money! Any clutter, or object that is old, obsolete or connected to pain or fear MUST GO!

  7. IF you haven't created a life of health, joy, productivity (working towards goals) and balance for yourself
    It is no one else's job to 'give' you this wonderful balanced life. It is your responsibility to create this for yourself. You are a vibrational being who operates on energy frequencies physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and all of these energetic bodies connect to each other. If any one of these bodies is neglected each and every level will be affected. In order to have a calm and flowing vibration that allows your manifestations to unfold effortlessly in your life, all of these energetic bodies require healthy sustenance.
    • The Physical Body -
      • Drink plenty of water.
      • Ingest juices and healthy foods.
      • Make time for regular exercise.
      • Have sufficient sleep.

    • The Emotional Body -
      • Connect to others lovingly (give and receive plenty of hugs!)
      • Laugh, smile, play and have fun with people you know and people you don't know.
      • Do creative and enjoyable things for yourself.
      • Spend time with nature.

    • The Mental Body -
      • Learn new things.
      • Read books.
      • Study, research and plan your goals.

    • The Spiritual Body -
      • Take time out to 'just be'.
      • Meditate.
      • Read and study spiritual literature.
      • Spend time with spiritual and inspirational people.
      • Watch spiritual/inspirational DVD'S and listen to spiritual/inspirational audios
      • Do drumming, chanting, yoga, walking on the beach or any pursuit that replenishes your spirit.

All of the above points are essential. However, really the centre pin for it all is the spiritual body. Your biggest task on this earth in this time is to get your inner vibration right.

If you are granting yourself SPIRITUAL SUSTENANCE this will always feed the inspiration, well-being, personal power and joy that will assist you to maintain every area of your life. In short this is the centre pin that provides you with TRUSTING YOURSELF and KNOWING YOU DESERVE ALL THE GOOD IN LIFE.

The more you spiritually grow the more connected you'll be to infinite wisdom, Source Energy and manifestation capability.