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Paula Healed Her Trauma From A Toxic And Financially Abusive Relationship Just 5 Months After Starting NARP

When I joined NARP my mind was an absolute puddle. I was second guessing myself on everything. It has now been five months since joining NARP. I am amazed at my transition and transformation. The single greatest thing the Modules did for me was put a mirror up to myself. After the initial shock and focusing on letting go of the narcissist and all that entailed, I have been able to incorporate the Modules to other aspects in my life.

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Paula, USA

NARP Healed The Nightmares Of A 30-Year Abusive Marriage – Now Michelle Is Married To Her Soul Mate

I had grown up with mental and physical abuse in my birth family. Unsurprisingly, I went on to marry a man who abused me for almost 30 years and nearly destroyed me to my very Soul. Melanie’s wonderful blogs became a total life-line to me. Without Melanie’s help I don’t think I could have survived let alone turned my life around.

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Michelle, UK

By Healing With NARP, Louise Got Back On Her Feet And Is Now The Provider In Every Regard For Herself And Her Son

With NARP I can release all the trauma out of inside me, to set myself free. NARP helps me connect to myself and a higher Source that loves me, nourishes me and protects and guides me infinitely. The miraculous thing that happens is the more we heal, the easier healing becomes and you can go through life, rather than life happening to you. Good results miraculously start showing up for you as well. Now I have re-built my business, even after the ex tried to destroy it.

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Louise, UK

Joy Had Quick Results With Narp After Ending A Romance With An Altruistic Narcissist And A Shocking Spiritual Betrayal By Her Guru

I worked with NARP for weeks, several times a day. I started to feel joyous and lighter again, freer of the endless ruminations, anger and sense of betrayal I've felt. I've tried other methods of healing and moving forward, but no other method I've tried was as effective as the energy healing shifts in NARP. I would recommend this method in regards to healing any trauma nowadays.

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Joy, UK

After 4 Decades Of Abuse From A Toxic Sister, Janos Found Peace And Freedom For Himself And His Mum With NARP

Mel’s NARP system, quite simply, produces results. I never actually believed that I could completely get past the pain and trauma. I thought I might reduce the pain; learn to live with it. Now I am actually moving into a post-narcissistic trauma world. It is a bit of a miracle. It is empowering to be my own Source; to take unwavering responsibility for myself and the condition of my life.

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Janos, UK

Jacqui Is Using NARP As She Advances In The Thrive Membership Program To Create The Most Vibrant, Vivacious, Loving Version Of Herself

When working with NARP, the awareness of what I’ve held onto inside my subconscious became heartbreakingly apparent. I began to receive instant answers, realizations plus visions of all the unforgiveness I thought I had processed as forgiveness. I am now receiving the inside healing, and progressively retaining the understanding I desperately desired. This work is a daily-dedicated commitment – a gift to myself.

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Jacqui, Canada

In Only 3 Months Hayley Healed A Crippling Fear Of Her Ex Husband With NARP

Some of my past and existing relationships were abusive and unhealthy. I didn’t fully understand what needed to be done to help myself until I started working with NARP. After just 2 weeks of using NARP I stopped drinking, my anxiety reduced significantly, I started sleeping better, my physical symptoms improved. My biggest shift came the day I let go of fearing my ex husband, this was HUGE for me. It was a miracle!

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Hayley, Australia

By Committing To NARP Bex Paved The Way For An Abuse Free Life For Her 2 Young Daughters

I’ve identified trauma from as young as two years old. I’ve then held space for that pain, been with it and felt it rather than pushing it away, and then shifted it with Quanta Freedom Healing. That is the beauty of this program. Once I have done this, it is gone. I don’t have to deal with that issue again and my life is genuinely changed after every shift.

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Bex, New Zealand

The NARP Community Forum Helped Anne Keep No Contact Throughout Her Healing Process

For anyone suffering the incredible pain of the aftermath of narcissistic abuse, this program has the power to transform you from the inside out. As painful as it was, narcissistic abuse was the key to me finding NARP, healing myself, and truly THRIVING. And you can too!

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Anne, USA