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The Ironies Of Life

Love, Success, Happiness From the Inside Out
by Melanie Tonia Evans
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We have all been led to believe that life is happening outside of us and that life is supposed to deliver us love, success and happiness.

Every time we use belief systems that equate to this falsehood, we are significantly disappointed.

The Cruel Ironies of Life

  • Nothing comes to us that we aren't supplying ourselves as an 'inner state.'
  • If we need something to feel love, success and happiness, we get the need but not the real thing.
  • If we need something for happiness and 'get it', we sabotage ourselves and lose this thing, ending up back in the 'need'.
  • If we rely on other people and life for love - we don't get love.
  • If we rely on people and life for happiness they don't supply it.
  • If we expect other people and life to provide us with success, we end up unfulfilled.

Love success and happiness are "states". Our entire lives are built on how we feel, not what we do or don't get.

The Perfect Ironies of Life

  • If we are being loving we are supplied with abundant love in our lives.
  • If we are being happy we attract many situations and individuals who provide us with happiness.
  • If we are being successful (namely feeling loving, expansive and happy) we effortlessly do the things that lead to our success and effortlessly attract the things that add to this success.

Love, success and happiness are not things we create outside of ourselves. They are decisions about who we are and how we feel.

We cannot 'do' something if we are not 'being' it.

We cannot 'do' life from the outside in.

We can ONLY 'be' life from the inside out.

Nothing else is authentic, real or lasting!

We are human beings NOT human doings!



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