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Reprogramming Beliefs & Creating New Realities
by Melanie Tonia Evans

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Our brains are fascinating mechanisms. Within our brains are neurons. Science now proves that we create the structure of our neurons via our thoughts. We are all literally wiring our own brains depending upon our belief systems and perceptions of life.

If we think negative thoughts our neurons relating to pain and misery will conjoin with each other and wire themselves into a pattern of negative thinking. Any experience that we have - which we have attached a negative belief system to - will trigger releases of chemicals from our hypothalamus called peptides (the chemical manufacturing centre of our brain). This chemical will be experienced as a painful emotion within our bodies. The more negative experiences we perceive the more our neurons will attach themselves to each other and form more negative wiring. The more wiring - the more secretion of negative hormones, and the more we feel negative. Our consciousness emits negative signals which then draws negative experiences and the Law of Attraction (like attracts like) keeps replaying the negativity in our lives.

We Are The Creator Of Our Own Emotions

Our emotional results in life are absolutely reflected physically within our brains. If we have been thinking negatively for a long time we literally have to do a lot of work to undo the damage and rewire our brains. Science now demonstrates that transforming our limited emotional belief systems will literally unwire the negative clumped neurons and cause them to reform positive clumps relating to positive thoughts. These positive thoughts create peptides that emit positive hormones which send wonderful feelings and emotions throughout our bodies. The more loving, uplifting and positive thoughts and feelings we have the more neurons conjoin with these clumps and the more our consciousness is omitted as positivity and the more positive results we create in our life.

The way our brains are wired and functioning is literally creating our reality. This truly comes back to the spiritual understanding all of the masters have taught for centuries - the power is within you (it is physically in your brain) and therefore you create your own reality (what you think is what your life will be).

We Keep Playing Out Our Negative Emotions From lifetime To Lifetime

In past life terms we enter into each life time as an energy form before we physically acquire our bodies and our brains. Within this energy is already a DNA imprint of our past selves. Therefore any past unresolved issues (negative belief systems) we wish to experience the opportunity to heal in this lifetime will be implanted within this energy self which then reproduces itself as a physical self.

Whatever the DNA consciousness is representing will magnetise the conditions we are born into as a direct 'hit' with this DNA. All of this is physically present in our subconscious from conception. We are all literally born with 'less-than' belief systems complete with matching neurons - which will match the lessons we experience from our parents which were purposefully attracted in order to heal these issues.

As we evolve throughout life we have the opportunity to change our previous beliefs and adopt healthier belief systems. By doing so we ultimately change our physical DNA and change our total experience of life. Changing our belief systems can literally change our life beyond recognition.

The re-programming of your belief systems requires a very real and determined commitment to yourself. It is one thing to know what your 'less-than' belief systems have been creating in your life but it is another thing to turn them around. Remember you may have been playing out these negative belief systems for many lifetimes. They are deeply ingrained within your DNA. This is where the real work of self-liberation begins.

Our psyches are literally hardwired into habitual old patterns. We are all beings who are addicted to our emotional states regardless of whether they are or aren't serving us.

Are You Addicted to being A Victim?

Say for example you have had a victim mentality for a long time and feel despondent, angry or depressed about the way life has been treating you. The neural peptides that are released and feed the cells of your body are related to feelings of victimization. The cells in your body are addicted to this particular peptide and literally call out to your brain for this specific powerful chemical.

When this happens you start feeling despondent and depressed and you start thinking about why you are feeling this way and your brain then secretes more 'victim' peptides, which are hungrily absorbed by the cells in your body. Every time these body cells split and multiply they will create new cells with more 'victim' peptide receptors, bringing about more and more carvings for victimization. The more 'negative' peptide receptors a cell has the less 'positive' receptors can exist. The cells become weaker and reproduce other poorer quality cells.

We can see how this vicious cycle creates thoughts stuck in a negative pattern. Everyone is literally emotionally addicted to emotions related to their past. Our past is all that we have as a reference point to dictate our emotions. Therefore unknowingly we are continually reliving and recreating our past. We can all imagine how a child must feel when they have to repeat a school year. Up till now you may not have realised - you might be continually repeating your life!

There is a need to change our beliefs and thinking consistently to create new realities. We do have the power of free will to re-wire our brains and our body's cellular structures - but it is only through facing and transforming our old limiting beliefs that it is possible.

Be very clear - peptides are addictive. Our entire cell structure encourages and locks onto addiction to emotions (peptide secretion). Peptides are extremely powerful chemicals. Science has proven laboratory animals which are hooked to machines dispensing peptides will forego all self care to the point of collapse as a result of being addicted to the peptide

Any individual may be just as addicted to anger, sadness, power-tripping, insecurities and victimization as a heroine addict is to heroine. Our self-manufactured peptides are every bit as powerful and addictive as synthetic drugs.

The Necessity To Get Addicted To Thoughts and Emotions That Do Serve Us

As emotionally addictive beings we can learn to train our life habits to become addicted to healthy and positive peptides. The more we do this the more our peptide releases will be related to self love, self acceptance, joy, peace and happiness. Because these new peptides attach to the cells and secrete chemicals into them our cellular structures change. The more these cells become addicted to these new feelings the more they 'call out' for healthy peptides. This supplies pleasant body feelings that trigger thinking that easily reciprocates these feelings. As a result new positive cells of a much greater quality are produced and the process continues.

The addictive vicious cycle can be transformed into an addictive life-enhancing one. The only way this can happen is if we create new belief systems that break away from our painful experiences of the past. One of the most powerful reprogramming methods is a process called Quanta Freedom Healing.


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