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Quanta Freedom™ Healing Frequently Asked Questions

FAQQuanta Freedom™ Healing is a profoundly liberating healing system founded by Melanie Tonia Evans. Discover answers to questions about Quanta Freedom™ Healing which is an energetic healing system that’s creating revolutionary healing globally. No longer do any of us have to put up with pain and suffering. We can now shift into an empowered reality very rapidly as a result of Quanta Freedom™ Healing. Say goodbye to the old way of being, and say hello to the way of being that always was your intended truth.

Melanie offers Quanta Freedom™ Healing sessionsvia skype consultation.


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What does the word 'Quanta' mean and how does it relate to the healing?

The word ‘quanta’ is the plural of ‘quantum’. Quanta relates to the all encompassing components of a system. The word Quanta is used to describe this healing system, as it is all inclusive – working through the range of your entire energetic (where everything emanates) matrix (through all space, time and dimension). By releasing resistance to your goals, and ‘coming home’ to yourself (you infinite creative power), you align to Source Energy becoming a total ‘match’ for your desires – thus creating the most effective possible Law of Attraction vibration. You literally ‘become’ that which you wish to create.

The Money-Back Guarantee

We are so excited about the results of Quanta Freedom™ Healing that we’ve offered a full money-back guarantee, if you don’t experience profound relief, freedom and empowerment in every session your experience. No other healing modality offers such a guarantee! Therefore you have no risk involved in trying the results of Quanta Freedom™ Healing for yourself, and spectacular results to gain.

How does Quanta Freedom™ Healing work?

An individual's emotional and energetic body is accessible during the healing, and at this time stuck and distorted beliefs and emotions are released from the client's Inner Identity. Feelings and beliefs that are necessary for this person to move towards the attraction and creation of their goals are brought through into the Inner Identity. The individual feels completely different, and has a knowing and a state of allowing that makes what originally seemed painful, difficult or even impossible, seem natural, flowing and very possible.

What happens during a Quanta Freedom™ Healing?

Quanta Freedom™ Healing is non-invasive, you won't be touched and your connection with Melanie is established by her asking for permission to come into your energetic space. She then connects to Source by intention and asks permission to accesses your emotional and energetic self. Melanie then conducts a soul integration to prepare you for the healing (by intention), and then asks questions in reference to your concerns, and by intuition, 'scanning' and relating to the client, finds and identifies the blockages. You’ll then be asked to access the emotion that has been holding the limitation and resistance in place, and will then undergo a process of release of all of the associated beliefs, charges and data that is connected with that limitation of self. Muscle testing will reveal when the release has taken place, and then you will be re-connected with the true authentic power and source within yourself in regard to the previously compromised topic. The emotional pain and confusion will be replaced by a feeling of confidence, clarity, and the previous issue will feel resolvable. You will have the experience of connection to you true unlimited power and wisdom in regard to what previously ailed you.

Do I have to believe in Quanta Freedom™ Healing for it to work?

No! Energy is energy, and totally unconditional. Simply by being present and allowing the healing, your body will open to and receive the benefits of the Quanta Freedom™ Healing. Many individuals have come forth as total sceptics and been amazed by the results.

Is Quanta Freedom™ Healing painful or scary?

Quanta Freedom™ Healing is without a doubt the most painless healing system we've ever encountered Quanta Freedom™ Healing solutions far surpass other emotional release techniques which may mean processing the pain in intense and extended ways.

Yes, you'll feel the feelings of pain and 'stuckedness' briefly when directed to go to your limiting beliefs, but then what follows is a profound sense of lightness and relief when these blocks are released. Each time a block is released you'll feel more and more of your expansive, loving and true self. This state feels wonderful! The standard feeling after each and every healing is peace, empowerment and connectedness to self and the goal you wish to achieve.

Will I be able to function after my Quanta Freedom™ Healing?

Because the shift with Quanta Freedom™ Healing is instant, you'll immediately feel at peace, relieved and lighter. Yes, you certainly can function, probably so much better than what you could before the session commenced! You may, however, feel extremely tired and want to have a sleep. This is especially true if you were consuming a great deal of energy, prior to the healing, as a result of being in stress and survival modes. When your body releases this stress, it’ll relax and will naturally wish to recuperate.

Is there any integration time with Quanta Freedom™ Healing for the healing to take effect?

As above the answer is: no there isn't. The healing integrates and you become your new state immediately. This is one of the astounding benefits of Quanta Freedom™ Healing, because virtually all healing modalities take time to integrate and hold within the body. If a reaction of emotional pain or discomfort occurs after a Quanta Freedom™ Healing, this is due to another group of beliefs / distorted feelings now having the ‘space’ to present. This is a rare occurrence. Generally during and after each Quanta Freedom™ Healing clients feel lighter and better each time they have one.

Will I feel anything during the Quanta Freedom™ Healing?

Virtually every person does. Many people report the feeling of resistance leaving their body, and describe feeling profound feelings of relief, lightness and ‘realness’ when True Self emotions and belief systems are reconnected. It’s usual to feel an overall sense of being at a higher state of love, 'at one' and at peace.

What's the difference between an in-person or remote session?

There is absolutely no difference. There are no barriers or limits with energy, in regard to time and space. Once Melanie has connected to ‘your space’ with your permission, she is ‘with you’, regardless of whether calling in from thousands of miles away.

How do I prepare for a Quanta Freedom™ Healing session?

Please ensure that you’re in a space which is relaxing and undisturbed for an hour. It's very important to get the most out of your session possible, and if you're open, honest and willing to access certain feelings you’ll receive the best possible results.

Please note Melanie provides the support, understanding and trust to enable you to be in this space, and has a great deal of expertise and experience in providing client support. Every session is totally confidential and your personal details are respected as being private.

How quickly can I expect to feel results?

You'll feel the shift and the results during the time of the session. When you’re back out ‘in life’ you'll notice the feeling of that issue will be different than it was previously. The triggers that were operating before the healing will be substantially diminished (if not completely dissolved) allowing you to respond in a way that does serve you. Often after an event that would have normally created a reaction, you'll reflect and realise just how different the experience was since having Quanta Freedom™ Healing work done. You will also notice that you will begin to naturally make choices in life that do serve you in relation to what you wish to achieve.

Will Quanta Freedom™ Healing conflict with my religious or spiritual beliefs?

Quanta Freedom™ Healing is non-denominational and therefore does not conflict with or oppose any spiritual beliefs. Many Quanta Freedom™ Healings have been conducted on individuals from many religious groups.

Is there anyone who cannot receive a Quanta Freedom™ Healing?

Quanta Freedom™ Healing is gentle, loving and unconditional and is suitable for anyone who wishes to access this system.

Is Quanta Freedom™ Healing the complete answer?

The simple answer is 'no'. Quanta Freedom™ Healing will release you from the fear and the emotional charges that have kept you stuck in patterns that aren't serving you, however it's essential to align your thinking and education in order to apply yourself in a conscious way to life. For example: you may have a huge fear of creating a new relationship. Quanta Freedom™ Healing™ will relieve you from the fears that were sabotaging your chances of happiness, however you still have to empower yourself with the knowing of how to walk forward honouring yourself, having relationship values and knowing who you will and won't align yourself with in order to create a healthy and durable relationship. Another example is: You may have huge fears of setting boundaries and saying ‘no’. Quanta Freedom™ HealingTM will release these fears, so that it feels much more natural, and guilt free to honour yourself, but you still would benefit from learning the ways to say ‘no’, and create a healthy boundary function effectively. As a combination with self-awareness and self-empowerment education Quanta Freedom™ Healing™ can grant you the best possible emotional resonance (and therefore acceleration) in order to create your dreams

How can I book a Quanta Freedom™ Healing with Melanie Tonia Evans?

Visit Quanta Freedom™ Healing Bookings and choose your Quanta Freedom™ Healing package.

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