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  • After suffering a 33 year marriage with a narcissist I was able to release all the fear of his actions and gained the strength and courage to leave him. Melanie truly saved my life, and now my life at 55 years of age, is better than I ever believed possible. My future is bright.

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    • ~Kayla, ι Canada
  • After being involved in countless recovery communities with thousands of abuse victims I can honestly say that there is nothing that even comes close to Melanie's recovery method that myself or others have ever found. Her healing process is the only system I know of that delivers true healing rather than just attempts to manage abuse symptoms.

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    • Debbie Hadgkiss, Australia
  • As a male I found it very hard to reach out but after discovering Melanie and her community I realised that there were not only were there other males going through the same thing, but I was able to tell my story and be heard and truly understood.

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    • ~Phil Gallagher, Australia
  • As a counsellor who has undergone extensive therapy I realised how painstaking and prolonged it is when tackling narcissistic abuse. Melanie's work takes 'healing' to a whole new level that I had simply never experienced before. This is ground-breaking and life-changing phenomena and it has catapulted me in to an entirely new way of being!

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    • ~Lisa Adams, UK

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Melbourne, Australia.

About Melanie -

After overcoming two narcissistic relationships that nearly brought an to end her life, Melanie has made it her mission to teach people how to heal for real from abuse.

Melanie's model, which she calls the "Thriver Model", helps people understand and shift the reasons why they were abused. As a result, her clients are able to claim their personal power, break free from patterns of abusive experiences and create a greater life than they were ever able to access even before being abused.

To date Melanie's healing system Quanta Freedom Healing, the main component in the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program, has created Thriver recoveries for thousands of people from over 80 different countries.