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Name: Becca
Location: CANADA

Becca Reveals How She Got Past Years Of Incredible Deception, Lies and Abuse

If you’ve made your way to Melanie’s site and the NARP program, I don’t need to tell you about sabotage, and cruelty, lies, lies, lies, and aggression both subtle and overt.

You discover you are with a sociopathic personality. Grappling with that horrible reality is what the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (NARP) is all about. I am seven years out (and was 20 years in). In five years I have created an AMAZING new life for myself.

The first year of NARP I used the program daily to find at least a few minutes of peace of mind and deal with whatever horror was going on.

There was financial fraud. Numerous affairs. Manipulation and deception on a grand scale. And it was effortless on his part. And this is very, very frightening because you realize he is capable of ANYTHING. He would’ve killed me if he thought he would get away with it. Because getting away with it was FUN.

NARP taught me how to self-soothe old patterns and squirrelly thinking. I found out who I am.


I learned how to leave, how to look at things to present a pattern of behavior to the courts, to lawyers, to my children – this was so important. I had to be the sane parent.

NARP was my armour. When I went to see my lawyer, when I went to see the business forensics guys, when I went to court, when I went to mediation, when I went back to court, when I got another lawyer, when I signed the house over, when I chose a new career path … it was all NARP-backed.

My kids did not understand because I had hidden things so well. And I was certain he was telling them I was crazy.

I really have a new life now, in a career I didn’t even know existed until after NARP. I have the best work I have ever had in a dream job.

Relationships with my grown children have healed. I have 3 beautiful grandchildren! Those relationships are True Love.

I can say that Melanie’s NARP program is a doorway into a new way of living and of connecting to the life source that is all around us.

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