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These people healed and created an abuse free life.

So can you!

By Healing With Narp, Louise Got Back On Her Feet And Is Now The Provider In Every Regard For Herself And Her Son

Name: Louise
Location: UK

    My Thriver Story

This time last year I felt, “alone and lost in the dark”. This was before I even knew about NARP. I had lived in fear and pain for most of my life.

I had amazing parents but with narcissistic boyfriends and my ex husband who was abusive for 8 years, it amounted to me being in a lot of suffering.

Today, I am my own provider in every regard and I am leading the way for my son. This is what NARP has done for me.

I met my ex at a vulnerable time. He was older so I thought he might “look after me”.

There were the odd red flags. My intuition was screaming out to me, “get out”. I thought I could pour love on him but you cannot fix them.

My doctor diagnosed me with depression. Then my father passed away, leaving my ex in full control, as he thought.

One day he was physically abusive and he had no apology or remorse, but excuses, especially that he was “only joking”. I met with the local Domestic Abuse Team and I opened up to my mum. They told me to make a safe exit plan and go.

My ex was so shocked when he found I had gone. He texted me, “Is this a joke?” – so I guess I was the one that had the last laugh!

That’s when I found Mel! With NARP I can release all the trauma out of inside me, to set myself free.

NARP helps me connect to myself and a higher Source that loves me, nourishes me and protects and guides me infinitely.

The miraculous thing that happens is the more we heal, the easier healing becomes and you can go through life, rather than life happening to you. Good results miraculously start showing up for you as well.

Now I have re-built my business, even after the ex tried to destroy it.

The healings don’t just heal one wound, they heal many, that’s the miracle of them. So life is coming through more and more in abundance. I am not lost and alone and in the dark anymore and never will be again.

Be at one with the Light and Stars, like me.

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