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Name: Carly
Location: UK

Healing With NARP Allowed Carly To Finally Get Her Narcissistic Ex Out Of Her Head

I once thought my ex-husband stole my heart but the reality was over 10 years he stole my energy and identity. 

Within a month of meeting he told me he loved me, bought me gifts, took me to expensive restaurants and called me his princess. I thought he was perfect but things changed. He ignored my calls, gave me cold glares and the silent treatment. He would then act as though nothing had happened, being romantic and loving again. I was so confused.

As the years went by his mood swings were more frequent, threats to hit me and grab me became a normal part of life, damage to the house, cheating, storming off, not returning home and the lies. 

When I had my son I finally listened to my gut, I couldn’t ignore it now as it wasn’t just me being affected. I started talking to my family. They listened, comforted me and then I finally left my husband. 

Physically leaving a narcissist was hard but I underestimated how much he would still live inside my head. I went to support groups, counselling, courses on narcissists and domestic abuse but nothing was helping me get him out of my head. The mind games and abuse continued after we separated. 

I did a Quantum Freedom Healing workshop but I didn’t know if I was ready to let go of all the anger and resentment. 

I now know the abuse was not my fault. I lost my business, friendships, savings, left with debt and a  broken Soul from the emotional, psychological and sexual abuse. 

I have learnt how important it is to take the time to do the inner work. I thought it was selfish to work on my healing when my son is also suffering from the actions of my ex-husband but there is nothing selfish about it. If anything it’s crucial to work on your own healing to become a stronger parent and person.

I felt a difference after the first NARP module. I am currently fighting to protect my son against his narcissistic dad but whilst I am I know my worth and to not blame myself for what has happened.

I’ve been doing NARP for a year and know freedom of abuse is possible and I am so close to getting there.

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