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Name: Malou
Location: Lichenstein

NARP Was The Beginning Of Malou's Painful Journey Out Of The Abyss Of Abuse

I met my husband in 1997 when I was 26. 

We lived together for twenty years, twelve of which were sweetened by the arrival of my daughter in 2005, my son in 2007. 

The children and I have been trying to get him out of our lives for good since November 2017.

The horrific treatment during our marriage was nothing compared to the rage that has been consuming him since then. He has smeared me to legal authorities, stalked us, cut off our financial resources, threatened me, tried to get me hospitalized in a psychiatric ward, tried to take my children away, broken into our home, lied repeatedly in court … and yet the kids and I have never been happier. 

After I considered ending my life in the summer of 2017, I decided to make one final effort to stay alive and raise my children alone. I started reading all I could find about personality disorders of any kind. It was not long before Mel’s face became familiar. 

That was the beginning of a painful journey out of the abyss. I prepared the separation meticulously, using all Mel’s advice and free resources. 

I dithered until late 2018, finally purchasing NARP and it has helped me turn many, many things around. 

My inner journey took me to key experiences in this life and before. I found and healed wounds from former lives, from when I was in utero, already scared almost to insanity faced with my mother’s loathing and fear of me. 

As I shifted, my body became healthier, I slept, I ate, things started falling into place. I have never felt this happy, healthy, free and empowered in my entire life. 

I have broken the chain, all the links from childhood abuse right up to the last time I was face to face with my husband. I intend to remain free, and my children are free, strong, authentic and happy too. 

Can my life get any better? This is already way above my wildest hopes and dreams, I feel so alive again. 

Outwardly, our life is still a mess: no divorce, no custody and property settlement, hateful attempts to harm and derail us – unsuccessful all of them! And yet my days are filled with joy, love and progress. 

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