Niki Won Full Custody and Rights For Her and Her Children, Ending Years of Painful Litigation

Name: Niki
Location: Canada

    My Thriver Story

As a result of narcissistic abuse, I was having seizures daily, couldn’t sleep or eat, my adrenals were failing and I didn’t want to live anymore. I’d tried therapy, tapping, somatic experiencing, hypnosis, EMDR and inner child work, but I wasn’t healing.

With nothing to lose, I tried NARP and the relief from the first module was immense. Within a few weeks, I could sleep and had moments of peace and hope. This accelerated quickly, leading to standing in my power against the narcissist. I won full custody and decision-making of my children, ending years of expensive litigation.

I am now healthy, strong and younger looking then even before the narcissist. The fear, pain, and confusion have melted away. I feel free, radiant, and filled with love, joy, and expansion that far surpass anything I ever imagined for myself.  I believe there is no other program like NARP on earth.

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