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Name: Marcie
Location: USA

The Choice Of Die Or Heal

Marcie says that everyone in her previous life was in some way narcissistic – ancestors, parents, husbands and boyfriends.

She describes her childhood as: ‘I felt I had to be the adult and take care of family members who couldn’t or wouldn’t take care of themselves. I longed to be loved, feel loved, but thought the only way to receive ‘good things’ was to be perfect and give more and more to others. I had no emotions, as a child I felt like a ghost inside of a human body.’

Just before Marcie found her way to the NARP community, her situation was VERY serious. She had been abused in yet another relationship and felt she couldn’t take any more. She was miserable, alone, isolated and terrified of everything.

Marcie said, ‘I wanted to die, I saw no way out. I had planned to starve myself, not go anywhere or do anything – cease from functioning. I could not give anymore. I couldn’t eat, I would cry myself to sleep. I was physically sick with stomach and back pain all the time. I was so nervous, my hands shook. I could not keep up the mask anymore of everything was okay.’ Marcie had been battling her emotions and life, from an early age, due to abuse.

She had tried Prozac in her 20’s to level out the chemicals in her brain, and had been in and out of counselling since age 5.

Marcie described her therapy as this: ‘I felt like I was in a cycle where I was encouraged to continue to talk about the problems and how I felt, but nothing was discussed about permanently getting rid of them. I felt like I was always going to live depressed and full of anxiety.’

When Marcie joined the NARP Community she said that this was her last roll of the dice. If NARP didn’t work she truly believed she would die, the pain was so great, and she just couldn’t go on anymore.

However, with NARP relief came very quickly.

As Marcie said, ‘The first healing I did, I cried for the first time in years, it felt so good. I felt a weight lifted from me.’

Marcie, now, after working the NARP Healing Modules 3-4 times a week for a year, is truly Thriving.

She says, ‘Using NARP results were instant and lightning fast, after years and years of counseling and only getting temporary relief.’

‘Never in a million years would I have thought I had the confidence to do this – NARP gave me the knowing I am whole, healthy, deserving, worthy within to experience all life has to offer.’

Marcie finally had this to say, ‘Each person is worthy of a thriving life and to live whole and healthy. Using the NARP program with so many fellow Thrivers has been the best and most rewarding journey of my life.’

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