Dear Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Thriver,

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery ThriverYou have done an incredible job of working on yourself in order to break free from narcissistic abuse.

I know people in your life have been amazed at how you have been able to reclaim yourself, as a result of working diligently with The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program.

I'm incredibly proud of you, and I hope you are proud of yourself!

Like myself, you are probably astounded that you could get this far on your journey...

But what if I was to tell you – the best is yet to come!

Now that you are moving forward...

moving forwardAre you wondering what is "next" in your abuse free life?

Do you want to take your personal journey to the next step, so that you can expand out into an even greater potential of yourself now?

Are you ready to develop yourself further, and live an existence where you really know how to connect to the joy of living in the moment?

Have you always wanted to live a life of feeling consistently joyous and fulfilled?

Can you imagine what it would feel like to be safe and empowered so that you can extend out into life with purpose and confidence?

Can you feel what it would be like to no longer require any external validation or approval, and be a full source of creation to yourself, consistently attracting people and opportunities which reflect back to you your wholeness?

Maybe you know it's time to really shift into your personal expansion – such as dating again, discovering and building your personal career, or starting a business which truly reflects your deepest mission and highest calling.

Perhaps now you feel the urge to create financial freedom, positive consistent life-affirming habits, and loving authentic connections that far surpass anything you have ever experienced before.

Breaking new ground and creating incredible dreams are never JUST GIVEN to you by "the outside"...

Breaking new groundThe only thing that ever keeps us separated from our fullest flourishing and highest potential is: trapped painful beliefs stored in our subconscious.

We can never change "the outside" – we can only ever create true results by transcending and up-levelling from the inside.

The way to evolve ourselves is: to release our co-dependent tendencies, and fearful survival programs, so that we can become an empowered and extended self who co-creates and co-flourishes with all of the Field of Life.

Until we do that, there is usually something holding us back. It's like we have our foot on the brake, not accessing the true power that we have to create our life.

The new creation of you...

The new creation of youNow that your focus is detached from the Narcissist … you can put it fully on yourself.

And this is SO exciting, because when we claim the journey of self fully, we have the ability to deeply, deeply investigate and then find, claim and shift even the most resistant of our Inner Identity patterns.

Every area of your life that you have felt stuck with, confused about, or have experienced disappointing results with, holds a key for miraculous transformation.

Once you find and turn the key, you will unlock your personal power which will open doors, and generate opportunities and results that you never had access to before.

When you clean up these deep inner patterns, the magic begins – astoundingly.

It is breathtaking, how life "takes off" when we become an "open" source to ourselves, flowing Life through us – experiencing all of Existence co-partnering with us – working with us, and through us, to co-generate our highest calling and greatest joy.

I want to share HOW I expanded myself – so that you can experience it too!

MelanieAfter I overcame my narcissistic abuse experiences, I had so much more I wanted to achieve in my life.

I craved feelings of peace, joy and "being at one with life".

I wanted to create deeper, more meaningful and healthier relationships with family, friends and acquaintances.

I wanted to feel safe, free and confident in life, and I wanted to be financially secure.

I wanted to have enough confidence and self-belief to create a healthy love relationship, and date prospective love partners safely from the power centre of having an open heart to truly give and receive authentic love.

But... even after recovering from narcissistic abuse, I knew there were still things holding me back. I didn't yet have authentic confidence.

Before trying to achieve these deeply desired goals, I realised my true power had to come from within myself.

I knew that if I tried to achieve these things "from the outside in", I was only going to keep living out my previous painful patterns.

I knew I had to BECOME the qualities I wanted to receive from life – as a powerful source to myself first and foremost, in order to realise my dreams.

I dedicated to myself determinedly, rigorously learning how to become a true flourishing and radiant source to myself, until I finally cracked the code and was able to connect to the Field of Life – sourcing authentically.

My journey, to claiming authentic power and transforming my life beyond my wildest dreams, was catapulted into overdrive – in ways I never previously thought possible.

Everything in my life started to open up and expand...

my life started to open up and expandAs a result of dedicating myself to profound inner work processes, feeling joy and authentic happiness became a normal part of my everyday life, regardless of what was or wasn't happening outside of me.

Mastering my emotions and learning the power of healthy boundaries allowed me to evolve relationships with my family and friends, even relationships that were previously damaged.

Ideas came effortlessly, and my inspiration allowed me to implement these ideas fearlessly.

Synchronicities, messages, cues, information and opportunities manifested continuously, and I met people and attracted events that supported the creation of my dreams. This included connections beyond my wildest dreams.

My life expanded outwards, with life-affirming results that were way beyond my previous personal identity.

Still to this day, my joy, mission, purpose, deep loving connections and life continue to expand gloriously.

This grants me so much gratitude for the incredible stream of Abundance and Wellbeing of life.

I am so THRILLED that I chose to discover the processes, and apply them to evolving myself, in order to CONNECT to this Unlimited Supply.

You too deserve all of this - and MORE!

You too deserve all of thisYou too deserve to claim your authentic power and live out your soul's mission and deepest heartfelt desires.

I believe that is why we are here ... to experience the fullness of being totally connected to Life, sourcing authentic power and experiencing our highest potential and our greatest joy.

What we need to do, to achieve this, is up-level the parts of ourselves which haven't yet allowed these realities.

Truly, if I could do it – with the number of damaged parts I had, I know you can do it too ... ABSOLUTELY!

It takes effort, and conviction - yet the results are SO worth it! This Course is ONLY for you if you ARE dedicated to your personal growth, and if you want to - like I wanted with all my heart - to shoot for the stars.

If you are NOT content to have a mediocre or limited life - then please read on ...

I want to share all my knowledge and tools with you

I am so excited to be able to share what I have learned with you!

Each Module of the Course is specifically created to allow you to:

  • Become an infinite source of validation to yourself, so you are never reliant on approval from the outside again.
  • Gain self-love and self-belief so you can experience genuine inner solidness, purpose and inspiration.
  • Know authentic joy - simply for being alive.
  • Create inner confidence and trust yourself implicitly, so you can make decisions, and take effective action based on your inspiration, passion and truth.
  • Become a master of your emotions, so that life and others can no longer derail you.
  • Gain a rock-solid sense of self, so that you will not tolerate abuse, or any less than what you truly deserve ever again.
  • Know how to align with, expand into, and create what you really want in life.

This Course is a Complete System For Your Personal Empowerment

I've put together what I learned about "how to" claim my authentic power, and create the life I wanted in this Course.

To make sure this Course has what you need to create your dream life after narcissistic abuse, I've provided all of the knowledge, tools and step-by-step instructions for you.

The Course is divided into 10 modules, with over 200 pages packed with EMPOWERING information and exercises for you to complete. It is literally an encyclopedia!

The Course also contains 10 hours of Quanta Freedom Healing – the tool which creates lasting and real transformations, by leading you directly to your trapped painful emotions and belief systems, releasing them and up-levelling your Inner Identity to become your expansive, extended flourishing True Self.

Empowered Self Course

There is a Quanta Freedom Healing MP3 for every journaling Module in the Course (10 in total).

The Course Modules consist of:

Module 1 : Becoming Love, Approval and Fullness to Myself
Module 1
  • Eliminates confusion, obsession and fear and allows you to establish confidence and clarity in your life.
  • Grants you a sense of connectedness to life, peace and your personal power.
  • Allows you to consciously and deliberately choose your thoughts and feelings.
  • Teaches you how to begin to honour yourself and your choices.
  • Grants you the relief of knowing that you can control your feelings.
  • Unlocks the barriers within yourself that have been separating you from your goals and living a fulfilled life experience.
Module 2 : Creating Trust and Belief In Myself
Module 2
  • Creates a firm sense of belief and confidence within yourself which was previously reliant on external validation and approval.
  • Allows you the ability to encourage, promote and rely on yourself.
  • Allows you to quickly and easily identify which areas of your inner self require transformation.
  • Expands the possibilities of what you can achieve and create in your life.
  • Grants you a healthy balanced life of self-love and wellbeing.
Module 3 : My Co-dependent Tendencies
Module 3
  • Provides the knowing that you can change behaviours and patterns that haven't served you.
  • Creates you as a being who attracts what you want from life.
  • Grants you relief from neediness, emptiness and fear, and provides you with confidence, fulfilment and self-love.
  • Provides a focus to target and effectively transform your co-dependent tendencies.
  • Shows you how to experience the joy of moving into new and empowered ways of living.
Module 4 : Aligning with My Declaration of Self
Module 4
  • Allows you to feel connected to the present moment without pain of the past and fear of the future.
  • Provides you with the clear direction of how to live your life authentically.
  • Teaches you how to attract love, support, integrity and truth from the inside out.
  • Allows you to create a life that is aligned with your values.
  • Grants you a clear path to follow as you move forward in life.
Module 5 : Valuing Myself and Allowing Others to be Themselves
Module 5
  • Allows you to form reciprocal relationships of giving and receiving that do not deplete your own energy and resources.
  • Allows you to let go of the previous pain of disappointment and shows you how to easily attract all that you need.
  • Provides you with the ability to feel whole without needing anyone's approval or validation.
  • Teaches you how to enjoy the gift of win/win relationships that help you grow and expand.
  • Allows you to retain your wellbeing regardless of what others are or aren't doing, and releases the frustration of trying to change someone to get your needs met.
Module 6 : Releasing the Fear of Laying Boundaries
Module 6
  • Allows you to establish what you will and won't accept in your life.
  • Allows you to clearly identify the areas in your life where your boundaries have been non-existent or ineffective.
  • Provides you with the answers and the remedies as to why you have sustained abuse in your life.
  • Teaches you how to attract people who honour, respect and value you for Who You Are.
  • Allows you to address the core reasons as to why you have previously struggled with boundaries.
Module 7 : Aligning With What I Will Accept In My Life
Module 7
  • Allows you to resolve the pain and dissatisfaction that you are currently experiencing in your personal relationships.
  • Grants you the experience of what you do deserve.
  • Gives you the clarity and confidence to never accept abuse again.
  • Allows you to create relationships which are real, intimate and connected.
  • Allows you to avoid prolonged pain and claim relief, joy and personal growth.
  • Teaches you how to unlock your personal power and expand into a more fulfilling life.
Module 8 : Becoming an Effective Boundary Setter
Module 8
  • Allows you to resolve the pain and dissatisfaction that you are currently experiencing in your personal relationships.
  • Gives you the power to create healthy satisfying relationships, without having to wait for someone else to change.
  • Allows you to overcome your biggest hurdles to setting boundaries.
  • Grants the joy of not having to say "yes" in order for people to value you.
  • Teaches you how to have the confidence and clarity to lay effective boundaries.
Module 9 : Releasing Self-Sabotage & Achieving Self-Acceptance
Module 9
  • Allows you to begin dissolving self-judgement and self-rejection.
  • Allows you to create peace within yourself, and enjoy the relief of self-acceptance.
  • Provides you with the ability to liberate yourself from self-sabotaging tendencies.
  • Gives you the process and steps to become an integrated being.
Module 10 : Connecting to my Authentic Power
Module 10
  • Recaps the entire Course.
  • Grants you the ability to clearly see how much you have grown as a result of the Course.
  • Pinpoints the areas that you can effectively continue to up-level.
  • Provides you with the steps to further expand your personal growth.

What People Have Experienced With This Life-changing Course

"The Empowered Self Course has lead me to understand the past influences and false belief systems in my life, while at the same time providing me with the means to integrate this understanding with new ways of thinking. Not only that, there are tools built into the Course that help me to measure my progress in applying the knowledge and insights provoked by the Course. I can't emphasize enough how the Empowered Self Course supports the development of confidence in my own knowing, understanding and improved decision-making powers. This is not just a 'touchy-feely' course in self-esteem building. It encourages follow-through in action. It involves not just the head and heart but ways to enact the knowing and insights that emerge.
I am now working towards achieving financial stability through creating my own business. This Course supports me in all my efforts. It keeps me on track and underpins my decision-making processes. It helps me to winnow out self-defeating attitudes and old agendas."

~ Becca, Canada

"Since doing the Empowered Self Course I have been able to let go of so many co-dependent tendencies. I now set boundaries, and have started a new career path that I am thoroughly enjoying. I now am preparing to study a passion that I have wanted to do for a long time – kinesiology. I work the healings in the Course often whenever I know I have a fear or block I need to break free from. It is truly amazing how much my life has changed in such a short amount of time. Thank you Melanie this Course is continually changing my world."

~ George, Australia

"The Empowered Self Course for me has been one of the most meaningful experiences of my life, and a tool that I use in my day to day life. This Course has given me the opportunity to look inward to my belief systems which provided me with a quantum leap into true self-empowerment. This Course has given me the ability to become completely aware of my alignment with self. As a result, my relationships with people have become much closer to alignment than ever before. I feel a new sense of confidence and self-responsibility to take care of myself and it flows more easily with practice. I have been able to rearrange my life completely and plan to move to my place of birth - Australia in the not too distant future, while "leaving behind" a life and family of 26 years. I have a job waiting for me when I return to Australia - a job that I truly love, and I look forward to a new beginning."

~ Jane, Israel

"Through the last narcissistic relationship, I put on almost 40 pounds. During the Empowered Self Course I lost almost 50 pounds, and I fit into clothes I hadn't worn in years! I began to take regular yoga classes, and carved out time for me. I was feeling more and more like I had my own centre. I enjoyed spending time alone with myself, which used to be so painful. Now, I look forward to my alone time. It is just wonderful. I feel a stronger connection with myself and my worth than I have felt in years. My way of relating to other people and the world has changed. I no longer base my decisions on what other people think of me, but rather how closely my decisions link to my personal truth. As icing on the cake, I have met a wonderful man. We have been together for over two years. We love each other, and we are creating our lives together. In this relationship, I have a voice. I tell him how I feel, what I need, and he always honours me. Melanie's Empowered Self Course was an absolute gift. It brought me to my inner core, to my wants and desires and dreams for myself. I am forever changed. Amen to that!."

~ Laurie, Canada

"The most life changing aspect of the Course was discovering that I had a SELF and many of the negative belief systems I had about myself and life that were unconscious. I had identified with my experience of being abandoned by parents at a very young age and had an inner identity of being rejected, 'the unwanted one', 'not good enough' etc. I started to feel safe doing the journalling process of each module. I started to realize there was a True Self inside of me who was 'me', and nothing much like the one I had been told I was. I started to love the time I spent doing the Course and the journalling. More importantly, I started to like the person I was finding! I particularly loved the structure of the Course; the ten separate modules, the very clearly set out exercises and questions...all felt very safe for me, there was room to discover, but not room to get overwhelmed or lost in the issues and discoveries that I made. I could not recommend this Course highly enough for anyone who has been affected by the devastating impact of NPD in either family or intimate relationships. The empowering impact on myself was incredible and the Course is yours for life to go back to and use as need be. For me, the Empowered Self Course was literally worth its weight in gold!"

~ Valarie, Australia

"I believe the Empowered Self Course should be an essential follow on to the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program because I have had a much deeper awareness and understanding of the concepts used. The Course, combined with NARP seems to have taken my healing to an even deeper level. I discovered even greater awareness whilst doing this Course, and I was able to take even more personal responsibility to heal what I needed to. My feelings of deservedness, my decreasing need for co-dependency and need for assertiveness came to fruition during this Course. This proved invaluable during a very unnerving court situation that I feared so much. As I went through the court situation I really trusted myself, regardless of what my ex narc would threaten to do. The results were incredible! I now know I absolutely deserve a peaceful life, and this is much more solid than ever before. I can now genuinely declare what I want in my life is most certainly my truth, and I will not tolerate anything less ever again."

~ Rozanne, South Africa



The Empowered Self Course is backed up by a promise that if you don't receive incredible and real life changing results within 60 days of going through the Course, your money will be refunded, no questions and certainly no hard feelings. That means you have a full 60 days to try the Course with no risk!

Today you can begin to claim your authentic power and build your dream life...

claim your authentic powerToday you can start – the incredible inner journey of self, where you will find and up-level your limiting beliefs, and start expanding into your highest potential and greatest heartfelt desires.

This progress unfolds organically, when we take the next step of our journey, unlock our infinite power, and release a creative force that we didn't even know existed.

I want you to know it is more than possible ...

Your expanded life is a certainty when you know how to directly work on yourself to find, unlock, release and transform yourself.

From this state, you will feel real joy, inspiration and love for yourself ... You will know what it is to be whole, empowered, safe and confident enough to be Your Highest Self in the world.

From this state, you will feel real joy, inspiration and love for yourself.

And you will know beyond doubt that the TRUE creation of your life and your future is TOTALLY possible.

You will see incredible possibilities in your life unfold. Possibilities that you never had access to before unleashing your true potential.

This is exactly what this Course creates.

The resources in this Course are not just life-changing, they are on-going tools for life...

on-going tools for lifeFrom this Course, you have the ability to use the healings over and over again, refining yourself continuously, to become more and more of your authentic power and fulfil your true potential.

And you have nothing to lose, because you have a full 60 days to go through the entire Course, and if you don't experience dramatic, life changing results you will receive a full refund.

I know that you, just as I do, completely and utterly deserve the life of your dreams.

All you need to do is click the Order Now button below to begin this incredible journey today.

I can't wait to be with you on it!

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