Melanie Tonia Evans

Letting go of the pain and rebuilding your life is possible

Here's how to end the cycle of abuse and start living the wonderful life that you DO deserve

Hello. My name is Melanie Tonia Evans and I am proud to introduce you to a healing system that not only saved my life but has now saved thousands of other people's lives worldwide.

My life is more radiant, incredible, fulfilling and empowered than I could have ever believed possible as a result of this healing system.

I want you to know that even though the following information is discussing narcissistic love relationships, please note this healing system is effective and successful for ALL narcissistic relationships... including parents, siblings, friends, work associates and so forth, and is relevant for you regardless of your age, gender or whether you are straight or gay.

This healing system is not just one of recovery; it is about THRIVING after narcissistic abuse.

I know how painful it is ...

One moment you think you are living the life of your dreams. You have fallen in love. You have finally found "The One" – the person with whom you can enjoy your dream life.

Things are going so well, and this person seems to be everything you could have ever hoped for. They seem to know exactly how to make you feel loved, and how to fulfil your every need.

Life is wonderful. Everything is perfect!

But then the unthinkable happens. The person who once seemed to adore you begins to change. He or she seems annoyed, unhappy and starts saying and doing things that make you feel uneasy, criticised, anxious and confused.

Over time you start feeling even more bewildered. You begin questioning yourself and trying to not say or do the wrong thing. Yet whatever you are or aren't doing, trying to keep the peace isn't working.

According to this person who used to "adore you like no other," what you do is now "never good enough". You are blamed for all the problems in the relationship, no matter how much you try to explain, prove, fix things or justify yourself.

The behaviour escalates. You may have caught this person lying or doing disloyal and even adulterous things behind your back. But despite all the atrocious things this person is doing, it is YOU who is treated like "the enemy".

Your partner refuses to be accountable, is not genuinely remorseful, and despite being so caring and concerned for your wellbeing in the past, is now saying and doing awful things.

Does this sound familiar?

I know exactly how hard it is to accept that the "love of your life" is now maliciously deceiving, abusing, controlling and deliberately hurting you.

How did this happen?

You ask yourself, "How did I go from feeling SO adored, appreciated, safe, protected and cherished to feeling absolutely devastated?"

"How could the person who professed to love me with every cell of their being become so cruel, conscienceless, calculating and vicious?"

Because you are here right now, reading these words, the pain may have become unbearable.

You may be at your wit's end, trying to redeem yourself to this person, regardless of how much he or she is hurting you, and trying to win back the "dream partner" you thought you had.

Maybe by now you strongly suspect that there is no hope of making this relationship work, because nothing you are doing is working and the ugly, painful and even violent episodes are becoming more and more frequent.

It is becoming increasingly clear that your dream of the perfect partner and the perfect life is slipping further and further away.

You may have realised that even when this person at times does apologise and seems remorseful, that his or her actions do not match the words, and before long the same behaviour repeats itself.

And now it is becoming obvious that this person, despite pledging their love at times, won't be accountable and change their behaviour.

Am I the crazy one?

How many times have you asked yourself this question?

After all, how many times has this person told you how wrong you are, how bad you are, how it is all your fault, and how your issues, past, family, personality, lack of caring, lack of integrity, lack of love, lack of communication or lack of honesty is the exact reason why this person behaves the way he or she does?

If you are like the thousands of people who I have helped heal from narcissistic abuse, then you may have already done a lot of work on yourself. It is very possible that you have read lots of books, been to therapy and even attended numerous workshops.

Maybe this is not your first disappointing and painful relationship, and because you have done so much work on yourself you thought by now that you had healed your emotional wounds. You may have thought you were finally ready to create a long-lasting, healthy, loving relationship.

I know just how painful it is to believe you have "made it home" to true love, only to realise that the dream destination is not real – and now you have to start all over again because you are back in a place you thought you would never have to experience again – let alone have to go through something as horrific and traumatising as this.

This time your life feels ripped apart on most, if not all, levels. You literally feel that your soul has been raped.

You are probably beyond feeling devastated, realising this person who you thought was the love of your life is in fact your worst possible nightmare instead.

Just like all of us who have been narcissistically abused, it is likely, right now, that your faith in life feels shattered, and you wonder how you will ever trust again.

It is understandable that right now you may be feeling more powerless and helpless than you have ever felt before.

I know intimately how all of these feelings feel, because that is exactly how I ended up after narcissistic abuse. And I am not the only person to have felt like this – not by a long shot.

I have met thousands of people who all report these extreme levels of devastation and feelings of hopelessness as a result of being narcissistically abused.

In fact I will go as far as to say – we all do.

But what if I was to tell you there is a way to turn this all around?
What if I was to tell you that you can wake up from this nightmare?

What if I told you that you don't have to go through years of agony, and even within a few short months your life and emotions can be barely recognisable from the way things are now?

The truth is: this agony that you have felt powerless to change, you actually DO have the power to change.

I know this because I have seen people who have been so broken, so traumatised and who believe they may never get better and even feel suicidal, completely turn their lives around, even when their doctors and therapists couldn't grant them hope.

I'm going to show you how to make the changes that are not just going to free you from narcissistic abuse, but are also going to uncover all the answers as to why your life has not turned out the way you thought it would.

Making these changes is going to change your life forever ... in incredible ways

I want you to imagine for a moment what it would feel like to be completely over this person, to have no attachments, thoughts and feelings concerning him or her, or what happened to you whatsoever.

Imagine being able to get on with your life, enjoy living, being creative, and being able to experience purpose and know what real joy feels like again.

This is exactly what the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program has done for thousands of other people just like you.

The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program is a specific step-by-step process which creates liberation from the deadly grips of narcissistic abuse.

"I've read a ton of self-help books but nothing took hold in what I've wanted to change about me and my life. I think this is what makes your program so special, your deep knowledge about psychology, metaphysics and the human body and spirituality. Thank you Melanie for the great changes that are happening in my life. Without you and the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program I would be stuck in the same never ending pattern and pain of abuse as I've always been in."

~ Julie Parker, UK
"As a result of accessing the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program I regained confidence, self esteem and self worth in an incredibly short space of time. From being able to barely function I was able to regain myself and start directing my life with inspiration, obtain a new career, pastimes and I now have a wonderful new lady in my life. Most importantly I am different; I am a more empowered, aware and fulfilled human being."

~ Pete Norton, Australia

As you follow the 10 step process you will:
  • Find the hidden blocks within yourself that have caused you to attract abusive people into your life.
  • Release the addiction to him or her so that you can detach and stop experiencing mind-bending and soul-shattering abuse.
  • Let go of the repetitive, painful thoughts and feelings so you can start functioning and feeling healthy again, resume your life, your livelihood and be able to connect to the people and activities you care about.
  • Discover how to bypass the obsessive thoughts in your head and release your emotional trauma powerfully and directly.
  • Experience the relief of letting go of all of the betrayal, cruelty and inhumane behaviour without having to get unobtainable validation or accountability from this person.
  • Feel the relief of true closure where you are no longer haunted by the past.
  • Experience the inspiration to start moving forward again towards your goals.
  • Know what it is to feel joy, happiness and creativity again every single day.
  • Experience what it is to come home to yourself and start experiencing self-love and self-acceptance authentically.
  • Experience deeper, fuller levels of love for you, for others and for life itself, than you ever thought possible.
  • Witness the events and love that start entering your life to support you and enrich you as you heal.

These are only some of the wonderful realities you can begin to experience within a few short months as a result of the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program.

"I have a degree in mental health, and never have I been able to understand how these 2 phenomena - narcissism and co-dependency co-create. Melanie's work brings it all together. The e-books are powerful in their own right, and perfectly complimented the healing sessions. After finding NARP I finally had validation, knowledge and understanding, and most importantly a way forward."

~ Janifer Smith, Australia
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Melanie's Narcissistic Abuse Story

The fairy tale

At the age of 35 I thought I had FINALLY found "the one".

He seemed to be everything I dreamed of. He was "perfect", he was my knight in shining armour. I firmly believed he was the man for me in every conceivable way, and I was convinced that he was the answer to all of my prayers.

I was quite literally swept off my feet, and down the aisle. Within a few shorts months after meeting him I was in my dream wedding on a luxury boat.

I thought the fairy tale had come true.

The warning signs

Right from the beginning there were things that didn't add up. He would tell me bizarre stories, half-truths and exhibited strange behaviour patterns that I had never experienced before.

Because he was so obviously adoring and committed to me, I rationalised his behaviour in my mind and didn't want to hurt his feelings by bringing it up. I loved him too much to want to hurt him.

My gut was churning inside with feelings of "something isn't right", but I ignored them and made excuses ... because, after all, he was "the man of my dreams".

After we got married, his questioning, insecurities and need to constantly check up on me seemed a little disturbing. But I kept telling myself that he was behaving like this simply because he loved me so much.

I couldn't imagine ever being with anyone else. I really believed that all I needed to do was love him more. After all, love conquers all. Right?

The Destruction

Within months, his strange, controlling and jealous behaviour escalated out of control. It became so bad that I could no longer make up excuses and deny what was happening. Just 18 months after we were married, I was barely recognisable as the person I once was.

I lost many friends and business associates because he scared them away, or turned them against me. The perpetual insults, micro-managing, distrust, put downs and threats shattered my self-esteem and confidence.

He was making me out to be the crazy one. He had everyone believing that it was my fault the relationship wasn't working. He convinced our friends that I was adulterous, a liar and a horrible person, and that he was the abused person.

Eventually I got the strength to leave, but I couldn't stop myself going back to him. No one understood. The few people who did realise what he was doing to me said, "Just leave him! What on earth are you doing?"

Despite the horrific abuse and advice from people close to me, I stubbornly clung to the dream. I kept praying, fighting for and clawing away to try to get him to return to being the man I thought I had married.

Like a drug addict I kept seeing him and hid it, even after we were divorced. I lied to the people in my life who I loved, including my son and my parents. I would stay away, then I would return – over and over again, always praying that things would be different this time.

Rather than getting better, dramatically and rapidly the punishment and abuse got worse and worse. The worse he treated me, the more horrific and manic my addiction to him became. My shame, hopelessness and powerlessness spiralled down into a big black hole.

The Breakdown

After years of this self-defeating cycle, the inevitable happened. I had a complete psychotic breakdown.

A friend literally carried me to a therapist where I was diagnosed with agoraphobia, complicated-traumatic stress disorder, relationship addiction (I still couldn't stay away from him) and I was told I needed anti-psychotics, complete rest and intensive therapy to keep away from him, recover and regain the ability to function.

I got home that night and collapsed on my bathroom floor. I pleaded to God to give me the answer. I knew the path of anti-psychotics would be the end for me. I just knew I couldn't go down that track.

Then a MIRACLE happened.

The Miracle

It was like everything I thought I knew disappeared, and a powerful awakening came rushing in to replace it.

In that split second I knew the truth: the pain I was feeling had nothing to do with him, it was all to do with myself.

I had to completely detach from him no matter what it would take. I knew I could never go back, no matter how much I thought I would die without him.

I knew that my only option was to let go of him and work on myself if I was ever going to get well.

I broke all contact with him, and I refused the anti-psychotics and conventional therapy, which only held the hope of managing the symptoms, not healing me.

Instead I embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery and personal growth, spending hours every day focusing on healing myself. I read every related personal development book I could find; I studied books on boundaries, relationships, personal development, law of attraction and quantum mechanics.

I studied many healing modalities, including kinesiology, time-line regression, theta healing and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). I practised countless different techniques as I diligently worked on myself.

And throughout this journey… I stumbled upon something incredible

I discovered the FOUR COMBINED TRUTHS about abuse that no one had ever realised – not doctors, not psychologists, not counsellors, not domestic violence workers and certainly not abuse-recovery or support groups.

It became crystal clear to me WHY people all around the world were suffering from abuse, and why most of them weren't getting better, even decades after their abusive experience.

This information was the key to my recovery, but what I didn't realise at the time was that it was also a vital key to help liberate other people in the world from narcissistic abuse.

These are the FOUR FACTS about abuse:
Our narcissistic experience is a match for the wounds of our "Inner Identity"

It is common to believe that our life is being created through our logical mind, but there is actually a much more powerful force that is controlling it.

The truth is most of our emotional programs were created before the age of 7 years old when we were operating in theta and alpha brainwave. We were dry sponges who absorbed all of the messages we received from our caregivers, and we didn't have the cognitive ability to work out if a particular message was right or wrong.

It is the young parts of ourselves that developed beliefs about conditional love. Because we were raised by adults who had their own wounds (even if they had the best intentions), we were brought up with the false premise that we were loveable and acceptable for what we did or didn't do rather than knowing we were loveable simply for who we are.

When we met the narcissist, we had not yet healed the inner subconscious wounds we sustained in our childhood. The narcissist appeared to be someone who unconditionally loved and accepted us and knew exactly how to make us feel approved of and whole.

This person instead of granting us our missing wholeness came in to our life to reflect back and rip our deep subconscious childhood wounds up to the surface, so that finally we could heal them.

No matter how painful it is to face these wounds, it is vital to do so because if our sense of self is reliant on the narcissist for our wholeness, worthiness and approval, we hang on and fight to try to fix and change this person to provide the love and security that we crave.

The result is we stay enmeshed, abused and hooked.

It truly isn't until we heal our own painful subconscious wounds that we can escape the pulls of intense attraction, addiction, obsession and trying to hold the narcissist accountable to heal our childhood wounds for us.

After two narcissistic abuse experiences and helping thousands of people recover from abuse, I discovered that it is only through finding, taking responsibility for, and healing the original unhealed wounds we carry that we can break free and end the cycle of abuse in our life.
We create mental defences around our inner wounds if they are not directly healed

Because the narcissist ripped our deep subconscious wounds up to the surface, they are conscious and energised, and the emotional pain has become so bad that we can't ignore our wounds any more.

So now we have two choices: go inwards to address our woundedness; or stay in our head trying to logically rationalise our pain and assign the responsibility somewhere else.

Unfortunately we believe it will be easier to cover up our inner wounds and try to think our way out of the pain. We begin blaming and shaming, judging and creating stories of victimisation and pointing outwards away from the inner wounds to convince ourselves that our pain has nothing to do with needing to heal our own childhood wounds.

This is the force that keeps you attached to and obsessing about the very person or thing that you are sustaining damage from, and this is your mind telling you any "story", any "excuse" and any "justification" to distract you from going inside to heal your subconscious wounds.

Your mind convinces you it is someone else's fault that you are damaged – and this person is therefore responsible, even though no outer person can ever rescue you from yourself, let alone an unconscious individual who hasn't yet dealt with their own inner wounds.

If we don't go inwards to our own pain, and instead look outwards and blame other people, we disown our inner wounds. They remain unconscious and we stay embroiled in all the situations and with the people who will continue to wound us even more.

In order to recover from narcissistic abuse we have to go inwards and meet these wounds directly.

It is the only way.
Our body chemically hooks us to abusers

This crucial concept is absolutely HUGE. And once I understood it, it allowed me to realise why people can't stop going back to abusers, or move on without the obsessive thoughts and horrific addiction that controls their life.

The best way to explain this is to talk about what is actually going on chemically within our bodies.

When an event happens in our life, our related belief systems create a perception – a "decision" about that event. This then sends an electrical signal to our hypothalamus (in our brain) which produces the chemicals that match our perceptions.

These chemicals, called peptides, are then distributed throughout our body. This creates the emotion that matches our perception about the event.

There is a peptide for anger, sadness, love, happiness and every emotion we experience.

When we experience an episode at the hand of an abuser that matches an already existing childhood wound, our brain triggers "powerlessness", "victimisation", "worthlessness" and other fearful perceptions. We literally regress to the emotional age of our original unhealed wounds.

The chemical production of unhealed wounds are in repeat, and the cells of your body are literally addicted to these painful emotions. If deceit, disloyalty, injustice, betrayal, abandonment or rejection and so forth are your inner wounds, your mind continually goes back to thinking about how the narcissist hurt you, and trying to work out why he or she did, and how he or she could be so cruel and unloving.

If your body has not received its peptide of choice for a while, it holds back a small amount of that peptide and releases it into your blood stream, which than travels to your brain and triggers your brain neurons to think about the injustice and betrayal again. This then sends the signal to the hypothalamus to manufacture more of the peptide, and the painful peptide addiction cycle continues.

This is why when you are in the addiction of narcissistic abuse, no matter how much going over and over the events keep hurting you, you can't stop obsessing about the traumatic things that took place. You keep going back to the pain, powerlessness and victimisation – because your body is physiologically hooked on receiving more of those painful peptides.

This is why no matter how much we may know a person is bad for us we can't stop obsessing about them or even going back to them. This is our body's way of getting its chemical addiction fulfilled.

Even if you have managed to break all communication with your abuser – until you break this chemical cycle, you may find it impossible to get on with your life.

You can't THINK your way out of intense emotional trauma

When you are receiving large rushes of painful emotions your brain is triggered into survival mode (also known as high-range beta brainwave function). In this frequency you are disconnected from the evolved and wise part of your brain and instead you are acting from the brain's primitive centre.

This is why your mind is continually coming up with thoughts of helplessness, hopelessness, betrayal, trauma, fear, longing, neediness, panic and excuses which are selling you out to continue hanging on to hope, re-connecting with the narcissist, obsessing about the narcissist, and coming up with ideas such as "I need you to be accountable," "Maybe it really IS me and not him/her," or "If only I do THIS, maybe it can work".

This is why you may be making impulsive decisions that create more pain for yourself, even though deep down you know better.

Every time you try to use your mind to get out of the pain and stay away from the narcissist, it will find a way to keep going back for more – because of the painful peptide addiction.

The truth is this: You CAN'T heal the problem logically.

It is impossible to think your way out of extreme emotional pain because your brain can ONLY operate within the range of the painful chemicals of trauma, no matter how intelligent you know you are.

You may think you are losing your mind, but truly your body has grabbed control of your brain. It is a physiological phenomenon that can't be controlled by "thinking". It isn't until you start addressing the inner wounds and breaking the peptide addiction cycle that the body trauma chemicals will recede ... and THEN your brain naturally follows.

The irony of recovery is this:

Our mind tells us if we just think about it more, maybe we can work it out and find a solution. It thinks that if we research more about his/her behaviour then we can find the answers that will stop the pain. And yet staying in our head only generates more and more powerlessness, trauma and depression instead.

The HUGE discovery I made is this:

The issues of pain in the cells of the body (where the trauma is really going on) can't be released with the use of our mind. That it is a losing battle because the body (the emotions) is the master, while the brain (thoughts) is the servant. We need to address the pain in our body, and then our thinking will automatically change as well.

After discovering all of these shocking facts I realised why I was having such a battle to get well

I knew I wasn't going to heal unless I found something that would shift my inner programming that was keeping me hooked and wanting to make contact with him so badly.

I knew I needed something that would release the obsessive thoughts about him and what he had done to me, so that I could regain my own power, function and start re-creating my life.

I needed something that could address my pain at a level that would bypass my mind, because my mind only kept going around and around in circles fuelling the pain and keeping me hooked.

So I began working with energetic healing systems that COULD bypass my mind and work directly on my subconscious in order to release the trauma out of my cells, and STOP the peptide addiction cycle.

I knew working on my subconscious would re-program my inner wounding and transform it to healthier, empowered belief systems that would re-write my previous abuse patterns.

I was already a time-line therapist, and I then studied and was certified as an applied kinesiologist, and advanced theta healer.

All of these energetic tools that I used to communicate with my subconscious were powerful, but none of them allowed me to truly break free. I was healing rapidly, but I was still struggling with a severe debilitating agoraphobic condition that I could "just" manage and couldn't heal. My life was still limited.

Because of the incredible amount of research and learning I had done, I knew it must be possible to energetically release a wound, replace it with empowered healthy knowing and instantly shift it to an evolved state on any emotional topic.

Quantifiable physiological science recognises such instant shifts – that when an internal emotional belief system is released, the brain automatically reflects that shift. Most of us know these moments as "ah-ha moments" when not only has an idea changed about something, WE have literally changed as well.

Because of my intense desire to heal the deep wounds that were fuelling my agoraphobic condition, an inspiration occurred when I had the idea to put the best of the three healing modalities together as a combination. Suddenly I just "knew" how to combine them … it was truly an intuitive experience.

The birth of Quanta Freedom Healing

In December 2007 I performed my first ever Quanta Freedom Healing session on myself, and two hours later I had NO agoraphobia. I went out into a crowded main street of Koh Sumui feeling free and at peace, even though earlier that day I was paralysed with fear just at the thought of walking outside the hotel perimeter.

I actually felt MORE confident than I could ever remember feeling in my entire life.

It was then that I knew I had discovered something that was literally a miracle.

I just HAD to share this discovery with others.

I started communicating with other people who had been narcissistically abused and invited them to try Quanta Freedom Healing for themselves.

These individuals experienced the same instant relief that I felt, which was astounding given that some people had previously tried just about everything with no results.

Some of these narcissistically abused people had spent years and thousands of dollars trying to be free of the pain of abuse.

They consistently marvelled at what was happening to them, because nothing had given them instant relief like Quanta Freedom Healing did.

Word spread like wildfire and it didn't take long before I was working with 7-8 clients a day.

Before long I realised that this process wasn't just helping people recover from narcissistic abuse. It was shifting childhood wounds and inner belief systems that had not only kept them subconsciously living out abuse, but had also kept them limited, fearful and stuck in many other areas of their life as well.

People weren't just recovering from abuse, they were gaining confidence, becoming inspired and taking action towards their dreams, and healing relationships with their family, children and friends. All areas of their lives were dramatically improving.

People were evolving rapidly, and breaking free into becoming a higher version of themselves, and beginning to experience true joy and connectedness in their lives.

I was anxious to share this process on a much greater scale than what I could achieve with one-on-one healings … so I got to work.

I put my healing process together as a step-by-step program called the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program so it could be accessed by anyone, anywhere in the world from their own home. They could also use the healings much more regularly than their once-a-week sessions with me.

The healings worked as well as my one-on-one sessions – in fact BETTER because of the increased frequency. The evidence was conclusive that people who worked the healings regularly in the program were healing faster than my once-a-week session clients, and another benefit was that their results came at a fraction of the cost of having personal sessions with me.

Since the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (NARP) was released it has been accessed by thousands of people from over 50 countries across the world.

What makes me feel so incredibly blessed is I know people's lives are being saved. I am thrilled that there are so many NARP members who are not only free from the cycle of abuse, but are now creating spectacular, joyous and meaningful lives way beyond their previously abused lives.
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What makes NARP so successful, and achieve results that nothing else has been able to offer?

The Quanta Freedom Healing process in NARP releases you from high range beta brainwave and takes you into theta brain wave which bypasses your logical mind and speaks directly to your subconscious – where your pain is stored. With the use of visualisation techniques and other language your subconscious understands, you are able to identify and release the painful emotions and belief systems that have not only kept you stuck in abuse cycles, but have been negatively affecting your entire life.

This creates a shift away from your previous self who was living the results of powerlessness, worthlessness and victimisation, transforming you into your True Self state of self-love, self-confidence, self-honouring, self-acceptance and self-empowerment.

You become a person who knows how to generate your life effectively, confidently and authentically – naturally and organically.

In taking this stand and doing this inner work, your previous self will become unrecognisable ... yet you will feel more like your True Self than you could ever imagine.

This is important to understand:

Random inner work without direction and the real understanding of how to name, claim and release painful emotions and beliefs can lead to nowhere. That is why I have specifically created a 10-step process designed to find and release the hooks, painful emotions and negative beliefs of narcissistic abuse.

This step-by-step process has been proven time and time again to systematically dissolve the connections and hooks to your abuser, give you back your true emotional power – and allow you to break free to live the life you want to live.

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Full Instruction Booklet

This Full instruction book explains the contents of the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program, and is the complete step-by-step guide and instructions of the Program.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Healings


This powerful “tips” Module provides you with the foundation of how to heal from narcissistic abuse.

This Module explains exactly what you need to do and how to get the most out of the Healings so you can start recovering as quickly and effectively as possible.

Module 1: Release the Immediate Pain and Feelings of Loss

In Module 1 you begin releasing the intense painful charges and trauma of narcissistic abuse.

By doing so you will start to break free from the painful constriction that your body is locked into, and the trauma your mind is continually obsessing over.

As a result of working with Module 1, you can expect to start feeling relief, as layer by layer you shift the pain and fear out of your body, and more space starts opening up for healing.

Module 2: Release and Heal the Illusion of the Perfect Partner

After space, relief and hope opens up, it is time to release one of the most deadly hooks – the feelings that you can't live without the narcissist, or generate your life without him or her.

After working through this module you will be able to release the illusion that the narcissist was your source of fulfilment, happiness and/or security, and you will be able to feel, know and integrate yourself as "The One" you need to become for yourself.

As a result of working with this Module you will experience a significant decrease in your feelings of addiction, loss and longing for the narcissist.

Module 3: Forgive Yourself and Life for What You Have Been Through

The next stage of the journey is about dissolving the limiting beliefs of victimisation.

When we have been abused by a narcissist it is extremely easy to feel victimised.

When you release the painful beliefs and emotions about blame and shame, and non-acceptance of "what happened to you", you will shift into beliefs and emotions of acceptance, and self-love.

This is the energetic frequency where you start opening up to life, possibilities and miracles.

You can expect feelings of freedom, peace and renewed inspiration for your life as a result of working with this Module.
Module 4: Release and Heal the Pain of Injustice and Betrayal

This stage of your healing journey is about releasing the hooks of painful attachment as a result of the narcissist's behaviour.

This Module is invaluable to clear away the painful beliefs and emotions relating to the pain and fear of lies, deceit, smear campaigns and other narcissistic tactics.

The consistent feedback I hear from people working with this Module is a feeling like an intense weight has been lifted.

When you are no longer vibrating in the pain of injustice you cease to be a magnet for it, and this disarms the narcissist's ability to continue acting out against you.
Module 5: Let Go of the Fight to Win and Create Decency

This Module may seem similar to Module 4, but it is profoundly unique and a vital step of your complete energetic recovery.

Trying to make the narcissist accountable is one of the greatest hooks keeping you attached to the narcissist and handing your power over to them.

It is essential that you release yourself from the heightened, painful and panicked charge of "needing to win" – needing the narcissist to wake up, and needing other people to realise who the narcissist really is.

After working with this Module you will feel a profound sense of detachment as you experience the relief of having emotional closure and no longer feeling any urge to force the narcissist to take responsibility for their actions.

It is usual, after you work through this Module, for the narcissist to lose power over you.
Module 6: Release and Heal the Need to Take Responsibility for the Narcissist

Feeling responsible for the narcissist is one of the most powerful hooks that could be keeping you attached to him or her.

If you are empathetic and enable the narcissist's behaviour, by allowing him or her to be abusive to you, you make it very easy to be scapegoated and blamed for the narcissist's poor behaviour.

This Module is vital, and after working with it you'll feel relief, detachment and a release from feeling sorry for the narcissist, believing it is your responsibility to fix him or her, and taking the blame for the narcissist's projections.

Incredible clarity and being able to partner healthily with yourself comes as a result of working with this Module.
Module 7: Connect to the Gift of Your Own Personal and Spiritual Empowerment

At this stage of the journey you will shift into the deeper acceptance and purpose of why you were in a narcissistic relationship.

This creates a powerful anchoring into realising that life is operating "through you" and not "to you", which grants you the ability to transcend your woundedness and evolve.

This gives you the power to create your own life.

After completing this Module you will start feeling optimistic about your goals, and you will start to sense many future possibilities, as your life begins to open up and flourish.
Module 8: Release and Heal the Fear of the Narcissist and What May Happen Next

This Module is one of the most-used healing sessions in NARP... for very good reasons.

Narcissists can be ruthless when they are engaged in custody and property settlements, when acting out abuse by proxy, or when "hoovering" and trying to hook you back into the relationship.

Narcissists are energetic vampires who can't generate their own energy.

When you can shift the pain and fear out of your cells of what the narcissist is doing, or may do, you stop feeding him or her energy.

Many NARP members have had false charges dropped, smear campaigns fall flat and favourable custody and property settlements as a result of working this Module diligently.
Module 9: Release and Heal the Connection to the Narcissist

This Module is not just about cutting the energetic ties – it is a part of the process to keep raising your energy vibration into your "True Self" state where your essential self is no longer a vibrational match for a narcissist.

After using this Module you will experience the release of the last pieces of grief, loss and pain.

As a result you will have a much greater ability to move forward into your new life without past memories and old wounds resurfacing.

Module 10: Realise your Liberation, Freedom and Truth

This final Module allows you to align with your True Self state, which is living in love, truth, integrity, peace and joy.

After working solidly through the other Modules, you have reached a level where you can claim your True Self within this healing session.

You will open up into a state of expansiveness with feelings of joy, liberation, freedom, love and confidence as the result of working with this Module.

Unlimited Access to the NARP Community Forum

One of the most important things for anyone going through a difficult time is a support network.

As a NARP member you will be granted unlimited access to a Community of people who understand what you are going through, who are willing to listen, give encouragement and help you get better.

Many experienced NARP Thrivers, are available daily in the NARP Community Forum to guide you, hold your hand and grant you specific insights to assist your recovery process. This Community is your virtual recovery group that you can call upon for help at any time you need it.

7 Additional Empowering Ebooks
NARP Ebooks
Bonus Module – Goal Setting
After completing the 10 Modules many people experience a state of freedom and space to start creating the life they want.

This Bonus Module is perfect for setting the intention and clearing any resistance that is blocking you from the life you want to live and what you want to achieve in your new abuse free life.
Bonus – Empowerment and Relaxation Meditation


As a NARP member you will receive two bonus meditations – a full body relaxation track and empowerment track designed to provide you with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

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These Modules Are Your Continual Resource That You Can Use At Any Time

The Modules are yours to go back to the appropriate healing at any time of need, so that you continually keep shifting, evolving and growing into the highest expression of Who You Are.

You can also use these healings for any abuse you suffered in your life, such as from parents, siblings, bosses or anyone who you still have any emotional pain connected to.

Recovery from narcissistic abuse is NOT just about an intimate relationship you may have experienced.

"I had been in costly therapy for over 7 years at that point, and I had never found solutions and true healing this deep or this long-lasting. As a result of Melanie's healing process, not only have I left my painful relationship patterns far behind, I am also now in a wonderful relationship with a beautiful man. We are planning a life together, and he is kinder and more in line with my truth than any man who has been with me before."

~ Laurie, Canada
"NARP not only gave me a deep understanding of what narcissism was but also a deep understanding of what was going on inside me. I was able to clear out the pain, the fear and the old trauma that I had accumulated throughout my childhood. After 6 months of using NARP I am now capable of setting boundaries, and have limited contact with my father without guilt, pain or charges of any kind. I am now taking steps toward creating my ideal life and I would recommend NARP to anyone who has had an experience with a narcissistic family member."

~ Louise, Australia

What Global Renowned Healers Say

Arielle Ford, author
The Soulmate Secret: Manifest
the Love of Your Life with the
Law of Attraction

Melanie is a very skilled teacher who provides great insight, wisdom and transformation for those healing from the abuse of narcissists and sociopaths. If you are committed to healing, don't miss an opportunity to learn from her.

Christiane Northrup, MD
NY Times bestselling author of
Women's Bodies, Women's
Wisdom and Goddesses
Never Age

Melanie's work on recovery from Narcissistic Abuse is a Godsend for this epidemic that affects so many people world-wide. I highly recommend her programs.

Katherine Woodward Thomas,
M.A., MFT, NY Times Bestselling
Author of Conscious Uncoupling 
and Calling in "The One"

The depth and insight that Melanie Tonia Evans offers to those in the process of narcissistic abuse recovery is unparalleled. The sheer wealth of her wisdom and volume of her warmth and care will have you better in no time, and ensure you graduate forever from giving your power away to someone ever again.

Health Experts Talking About NARP

Mag. Katharina Schuldner Psychotherapist

I am a Clinical and Health Psychologist and Psychotherapist in Vienna. I had been suffering the effects of narcissistic abuse for many years.

Over the course of ten years I was able to find ways to manage my symptoms of PTSD and Depression, but I did not find solutions to address the root cause of my problems, which kept me from living a fulfilled life experience.

Melanie's Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program helped me to release my negative emotions on a vibrational level. She guided me on a personal journey to overcome my painful childhood and love experiences and to create healthy and empowered versions of love in my life. I am so grateful for Melanie's mission, she made the impossible possible for me and for thousands of people all over the world.

Dr.Thinus Coetzee PhD
Specialist Counselor
Member Amnesty International
South Africa

As a Specialist Counselor, author, lecturer and researcher for the past 25 years standing, I can truly say that I yet have to find a person of Melanie's caliber, who having suffered narcissistic abuse herself, who truly lives his/her passion as Melanie does.

I have had the honour of reviewing Melanie's work and have also referred patients, who have suffered or are suffering narcissistic abuse, to her website, where they can enroll in her Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program, and this makes my work so much easier.

Melanie is indeed a glowing example of recovery from Narcissistic Abuse. She has proven to be a leader in this field and gives absolute credibility to "You can only lead where you have been." She is a Thriver par excellence!

Fannie LeFlore
Licensed Professional
Counselor and Educator

I am a master's-level psychotherapist who previously served as writer/editor for a book by the late M. Scott Peck, MD, author of the best-selling The Road Less Travelled and other books.

Melanie's expertise on narcissism is solid. She understands the impact of abuse in intimate relationships and dynamics of recovery from narcissistic partners. This comes as a result of applied knowledge that evolved over many years through her own personal and professional experiences and her work helping thousands of people.

She both nurtures and challenges people as they seek to move beyond victimization to reclaim their lives. Many people get unstuck because someone like Melanie clearly knows what they endured, and can lead them to become survivors who then thrive.

You Can Start Healing Today

As a NARP member you will instantly receive:
  • The Instructional Module "How To Get The Most Out Of Your Healings" providing you with the foundation of how to heal from narcissistic abuse.
  • More than 16 hours of Quanta Freedom Healing laid out in a simple but powerful 10-step process that will release the pain and rewire your belief systems, perceptions and emotions which have kept you in the cycle of abusive and unsatisfying relationships.
  • Seven additional eBooks that give you powerful additional tools to assist your healing and recovery process.
  • Bonus full body relaxation track and empowerment meditations that provide you with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.
  • Bonus Goal Setting Module to clear any blocks standing in the way of achieving your desired life.
  • The ability to access all of the material from your home or anywhere you like, on any electronic device.
  • A community of thousands of people including experienced NARP Thrivers who understand what you are going through and are there to guide you and hold your hand as you recover.
  • You also get to call upon my years of narcissistic abuse recovery experience, within the NARP Community Forum, to help you with even the most difficult circumstances.
All of these combined resources provide a healing system that not only allows you to survive narcissistic abuse but to THRIVE and start creating a BRAND NEW LIFE that gives you true purpose, love and joy.

Will I Be Able To Afford it?

If you are like most NARP members you may have suffered a great deal financially. I truly understand that money may be limited at this time and that's why I have different membership levels and easy payment options to make this profound healing system accessible to you.

Not only will NARP save you potentially thousands of dollars on counselling or other types of therapy, it will allow you to expand into a much more effective version of yourself who is capable of generating more abundance in your life.

Will NARP Work For Me?

OK, so you might be thinking "Will NARP work for me? Sure it has worked for thousands of other people … but am I different?"

I understand you might feel as though you are taking a risk, and you certainly don't want to be duped or deceived like you have been in the past.

It's a good thing to be sceptical and I totally support it. And that's why I'm going to offer you to sign up today with absolutely no risk.

You get to try the entire program for 30 days, and if you don't receive fantastic, radical and LIFE-CHANGING results I will refund ALL your money, no questions asked, and you still get to keep the entire program.

All you need to do is send one email within 30 days to to request your full money-back refund.

So what are you feeling into right now?

Can you see how hard it is, and the struggle you have been having, with trying to think yourself out of the pain?

Have you been trying to get relief through various methods, only to be frustrated with the limited results?

Are you feeling powerless to get your life going, and feel like you are losing your emotional, mental, and financial health in the meantime?

The truth is …

You could go down the road of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on counselling or other forms of therapy.

Or you can start the NARP program that has helped thousands of people just like you, from over 50 countries, not only survive narcissistic abuse but THRIVE in their new joyful, narc-free life – at a fraction of the cost of what extensive and ongoing therapy would cost, with 30 days to try the entire program risk free.

Can you feel a "knowing" that this is your best chance to start to finally get better and start moving on with your life?

Can you feel how much more enjoyable your life will be if you start healing now, rather than choosing to stay in the same cycle for months, years, decades, or possibly forever?

If you're ready to make this commitment to yourself, I'm here to help you every step of the way.

I want to tell you something that I know with absolute certainty ...

No matter what you've been through, how many times your heart has been broken, or how much you have lost – you deserve the most expansive, flourishing and joyous life.

And that's exactly what I'm here to help you achieve.

Just select the membership and payment option that suits you best and I'll be there on the other side to help you make your Thriver Recovery a reality.

Narp Gold Package
  • Full Instruction Booklet
  • How To Get The Most Out Of Your Healings Module
  • 10 NARP Quanta Freedom Healing Modules
    you can instantly download onto your favourite listening device
  • 7 Additional Narcissistic Abuse Recovery eBooks
  • Unlimited access To The NARP Community Forum
  • Bonus #1 Empowerment and Relaxation Meditations
  • Bonus #2 Goal Setting Module
  • 30 Day "no questions asked" money back guarantee
*NARP Community Forum is only available with this Gold NARP Package

The Course is 100% digital - Receive instantly via download

Pay one time payment $195.00aud

Buy Narp GOLD full package


Instalments of $35.00aud pm over 6 months

Buy Narp GOLD payment plan option

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Narp Silver Package
  • Full Instruction Booklet
  • How To Get The Most Out Of Your Healings Module
  • 10 NARP Quanta Freedom Healings Modules
    you can instantly download onto your favouritelistening device
  • Bonus #1 Empowerment and Relaxation Meditations
  • Bonus #2 Goal Setting Module
  • 30 Day "no questions asked" money back guarantee
The Course is 100% digital - Receive instantly via download

Pay one time payment $120.00aud

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Instalments of $25.00aud pm over 6 months

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What currency is the program in, and how much does it cost in my currency?
    The Program is in Australian dollars (AUD). You can find out how much it costs in your currency by using our Currency Converter.
  • Is NARP also for people who have been abused by someone other than an intimate partner?
    Yes, the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program has provided real recovery results for people suffering abuse from family members, friends and co-workers – in fact any narcissist is their life.
  • Will the Program work for me if I am still in the relationship with him/her?
    Yes, many people have used NARP while still in the relationship to gain strength and courage, take their power back and make empowered decisions.
  • How long do results take?
    It all depends on how much effort you put in – the more often you commit to the healings, the faster the results. Most members experience dramatic relief in 1-3 months and often experience a complete turnaround in their life and wellbeing within 6-12 months.
  • What if I am not good at technology and don't know how to download the Program?
    No need to worry! We have a support team who are happy to help you download the Program onto your preferred reading and listening devices.
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"Because of working with Melanie's systems my connection to life grows stronger and my relationship to others deepens every day. My outer changes continually confirm my inner changes. My Life Coach is totally astounded at the changes he has observed in me. When you shift pain via Melanie's system, a phenomenal clarity, understanding and joy truly emerges. Melanie's healing system works because energetic healing addresses what normal communication can't."

~ Gil John Espinoza, USA
"Because of the significant anxiety around my issues of narcissistic abuse, I found the ability to relax on my own couch, in my own house and follow Melanie's voice and go deeply into the audio sessions incredibly soothing and healing. l am so grateful for the results l felt from doing this Program. The added bonus is that l can now access any aspect of the Program repetitively as l may find necessary in the future. The NARP program is a great solution for anyone like me who has time issues. When the Program arrived my attention was absorbed by work related matters and so being able to access it when l found the right moments was of enormous benefit."

~ Jeff Malesa, Australia
"Mel helped me to understand the unimaginable and the incredible effects of narcissistic abuse. I was severely depressed, agoraphobic and extremely anxious, and Melanie offered and delivered a fantastic recovery program, as well as incredible support, belief in me and love. As a result I went from dead woman walking to becoming a Thriver!"

~ Nikki Morgan, Dubai UAE
"I successfully raised two children on my own, and have a strong, positive reputation in my area. I am the General Manager of a company with more than fifty employees – nevertheless I suffered an abusive narcissistic relationship. Thanks to the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program I am on the path to healing and freedom. Melanie has been pivotal, crucial, and almost prophetic at many stages of my new life. I now finally have boundary functions, and I understand my responsibility to myself to be the source of my own happiness and fulfilment."

~ Dane R, USA
"My experiences with Melanie's work have changed my perspective on a lifetime of very rough treatment from a close narcissistic family member. I had worked for many years to understand my experiences - and no tool or treatment has ever given me the freedom and peace that I now feel after the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program."

~ Beth Lawson, Australia
"Even though I haven't finished your program yet, I feel so significantly different that I want to thank you for being there. I really can't express how grateful I am. Despite what I could see as negative, painful recent experiences, I feel freer than I ever have in my life. I'm finally in a place where I can allow myself to be close to someone who is turning out to be a really warm companion - me! I know I am safe and I have access to Source and love, unconditionally, and no matter what - it makes life so much easier. I let myself relax now...and can enjoy it! :)"

~ I.K, USA
"Included in my list of life-changing healing work is Melanie Tonia Evans' NARP program. This program, and her work, healed deep levels I'd never realized needed healing. Not just about recovering from a narcissistic relationship, she offers recovery from a lost self, starting from within."

~ Mary Ellen Telesha, USA
"It wasn't until my early 40's that the impact of horrendous sibling sexual, physical and mental abuse from the age of 5 hit me with full force. As a result of NARP, not only am I finally healing deep seated childhood abuse patterns, I am also thriving in incredible ways - ways that I did not believe were possible after such horrendous abuse. NARP is an incredible recovery program for any childhood abuse including the most extreme. I am beyond passionate about encouraging anyone struggling with their abusive family legacy to work with Melanie's incredible recovery program."

~ Annie, Australia
"My ex narcissist was to be awarded 50 percent custody as per State Law, and every lawyer told me that would be the case. My horror of that happening was terrible. By shifting the fear and the pain out of the cells of my body with incredible determination, against all odds I was awarded by court decree my children live with me full time. This and other incredible miracles have occurred as a result of working with Melanie's recovery process. I never believed I could achieve no remaining hooks, no pain and no fear. But I did! I now have astounding gratitude for this incredible journey of my own liberation and growth."

~ Val, USA


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