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What Is Quanta Freedom Healing™ and How Does It Work?

Quanta Freedom Healing™ is a healing system which has revolutionised how we can heal from narcissistic abuse.

The reason it is so effective is because a victim of narcissistic abuse is no longer left with the battle of trying to manage their abuse symptoms – such as anxiety, depression, Complicated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, adrenal fatigue and agoraphobia (as well as other emotional, mental, physical and nervous system disorders) – but rather can internally cellularly release the trauma responsible for these symptoms.

This generates healing that transcends mere "survivor" recoveries by creating "Thriver" recoveries, whereby the individual is more empowered, whole, confident and joyful than they have ever been, even before being narcissistically abused.

This profound healing process has transformed my life, and thousands of other people's lives, from more than 80 different countries world-wide – beyond description – in time frames and direct ways that contemporary healing simply can’t create.

How it all began

How It All BeganThe beginning of my profound healing journey began some years ago when, as a result of narcissistic abuse, I had a complete adrenal and psychotic breakdown.

When it happened I found myself thinking …. This is it. This is what it means to ‘snap’.

I was outside my body watching myself talking to people from the roof above me, and then I had graphic terrible images (like a movie) that kept coming with my eyes closed or open.

These images wouldn’t go away. I was taken off to hospital, and these images didn’t stop until I was given a shot.

At the time this happened, I had lost copious amounts of resources and credibility, my friends and family had turned away and I was fighting a losing battle against the narcissist because everywhere I turned he was smearing and discrediting me. Everyone believed I was “the crazy one”.

At the time of my breakdown I was only 37 kilos (82 pounds) and I was told complete rest, recovery institutionalisation and then taking three anti-psychotics for the rest of my life was my only option if I wanted to function … but I would never function again as normal.

In was in total desperation that night, at my home on suicide watch. I knew it was “game over” for me. I just knew that if I went down the path of anti-psychotics that I would never come back from that. Even headache tablets had always affected me badly!

But what options did I have? I couldn’t go on like this – and especially not the way I was now. I had no mental or physical health left. I was “checkmated.”

I was in my bathroom and I hit the floor … then as I put my hands up to God, I surrendered and asked for help. I didn’t do this to be “saved”, I did this because there was nothing else to do. At that time in my life I had run out of every option … my life had been torn to shreds with virtually nothing remaining and now my health was destroyed.

In that split moment I had the mind-blowing epiphany, and it came with such clarity that there was no mistaking it. In that split second it was like I had received the “download” of a small encyclopedia. Maybe you have to be totally out of your mind to be enough out of the way to receive the truth. That was certainly the experience I had.

I knew, like I had never known anything so clearly, that there was a way to heal every symptom I had, from the inside out, if  I took full personal responsibility to do so.

This was pretty astounding for me. Because truly I blamed him for everything. I thought I was only a victim of his carnage – an unfortunate statistic of a sociopath.

I had also believed that the only way I could get well and save my life was to focus on him. Fix him, change him or learn everything there was to know about narcissists to offset him, survive him, get away from him or minimalise what he was doing in his destruction of me.

Now I realized that all of that had led me to avoid the essential love and healing of myself screaming at me as my wounds, and because I hadn’t gone inwards to myself, this terrible breakdown had happened.

Within this intensely profound spiritual awakening I instantly understood that the narcissist in my life was not the saviour of my wounds – he was in fact the messenger of my already existing wounds.

For the first time ever in my life I understood the true key … people are not treating us how we treat them … they treat us how we really feel and believe about ourselves, and how much we truly love and accept ourselves.

At that time I didn't have transformational healing tools – I had only received the profound awareness about the truth of my breakdown. Then, because I knew this was not the true way to heal from this, I experienced the “miracle” of talking health professionals out of needing institutionalisation and anti-psychotic medication.

I firmly held No Contact with the ex-husband narcissist, because no longer was this about “him”, it had become about “me” – healing my original programs that had unconsciously taken me into abusive and disappointing relationships. My history, my genetic emotional traumas, and the reasons why I had been handing my power over to other people whilst trying to be loved.

I didn’t immediately have the tools or the answers and thus an 18-month search began, sometimes barely surviving the trauma which at that stage was still wedged in my body … second to second.

My recovery quest became that for others also. My awareness’s and empowerment regarding radical personal responsibility and taking the focus off narcissists and fully into loving and healing ourselves was helping the people who I was coaching.

I was healing me whilst helping others heal also.

However, even though this was helping people and myself and we were feeling more positive and able to hold No Contact, there was still the issue of having to go over and over the same empowerment information whilst trying to survive the internal trapped trauma still generating abuse symptoms in our life.

I had already been a holistic healer for years (before being narcissistically abused), and I realized that weekly sessions with abuse victims were
more of a "crutch" and a "dependency," rather than people being healed to the level where they no longer needed therapy.

I know understood why – the internal wounds were only being managed, they were never truly healed – and I knew there had to be a way to achieve that.

My personal healing quest continued ... I strove to be free from the wounds I was carrying, and I was constantly investigating different healing modalities, (dozens) to find a way to heal for real.

Whilst doing so I was passionate about sharing any real discoveries with others.

My healing breakthroughs

My Healing BreakthroughsOn this quest I discovered that modalities that were non-cognitive which addressed the subconscious emotional internal being were by far the ones that created real relief and shifts. As soon as I accessed these modalities, (such as theta healing and kinesiology) I could feel real healing taking place, at a level I hadn't felt before.

I was so impressed by the results, I began training diligently in these healing modalities, and was thrilled to be able to completely eradicate my Complicated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms with them. This happened incredibly quickly as a result of internally reaching and then releasing the internal traumas that were responsible for this condition.

Without those traumas I had no symptoms left to try to manage; Complicated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was just gone.

I was beyond excited, not just for myself but also for my clients and I started sharing a combination of theta healing and kinesiology to treat their trauma – which at the time I called “Holographic Healing”.

The healing acceleration was Universal, it happened for all clients who were open to shift from cognitive coaching to the “addressing the subconscious” healing path. As a result, I refused to continue with coaching. My heart was not in it when I saw healing client’s accelerated recoveries at more than ten times the rate of coaching clients.

I never again believed "talk therapy" could create any real healing for traumatic abuse – because it didn't.

However, I didn’t have the full answer yet. My agoraphobic condition persisted, despite my own healings on myself and accessing numerous theta and kinesiology experts (as well as every other subconscious healing modality I could find).

I could barely manage the symptoms, and they weren’t healed. I still had a deep-seated fear of being in open spaces or public places. It was exhausting, and sometimes crippling but I didn't give up hope, because I believed that if I continued searching I could find the answer.

Like myself, some of my clients with severe trauma had been able to heal certain conditions with “Holographic Healing”, yet some internal trapped trauma wouldn’t budge.

When I 'met' Quanta Freedom Healing

Quanta Freedom™ HealingMy life changed forever as a result of an incredible event in my life.

How this happened is: I had been invited to meet a girlfriend in Thailand. Travelling overseas alone, with agoraphobia, was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. It was a “crazy” thing to do, yet I just knew I had to do it.

I literally collapsed into her arms upon arrival, and soon within the confines of the hotel perimeter I felt happy and safe again, yet I was terrified about leaving the hotel surrounds.

I was so upset about not being able to explore beyond there freely. I had had enough … I wanted to explore … I wanted to be “normal", and I decided it was time to find the answer and true healing for my condition.

So, one quiet afternoon in my hotel room, I relaxed ... I opened my body, my heart and my mind ... then the channeling of how to combine three modalities occurred, and I took notes as if taking dictation from a much greater and more knowledgeable Source than myself.

I recorded the process, and it felt so right.

Then I applied this process by reaching deeply inside myself, identifying, claiming, releasing and transforming the stuck emotional wounds that were the very reason I was horrifically agoraphobic.

The weird thing was: I felt like I had been doing this process my entire life.

Two hours later I was playing in life – more than I had ever done – ever.

I was out in a crowded market street in Koh Sumui, and I felt connected to everything as Oneness and love without any fear.

During the hotel room session on myself, I had received the deep and absolute knowing that I had always been agoraphobic, all my life …. it was just the narcissist had smashed and activated it so much it now had my full attention.

So much of it was to do with ancestral trauma as well as incidences that had happened when I was a little girl.

And I hadn’t known it previously, because it was “my normal”; it had existed at a level previously that was “livable”.

The truth was I had always been scared of people and Life.

Now I just did not have agoraphobia.

And it never came back.

My rapidly evolving self

My Rapidly Evolving SelfAfter this Quanta Freedom Healing breakthrough occurred, I was finally able to let go of other inner wounds at an incredible rate, and replace them with a beingness that far surpassed my greatest expectations.

I was literally able to evolve myself from all the fearful, stuck, limited and painful areas of my life into what I now know as Organic Wellbeing.

Organic Wellbeing is who we are without trauma trapped inside us; this is our True Self State.

This was more than just letting go of wounds. I was tapping into what I now know as the "Super Conscious", or in other words Source / Life / God – a Higher Infinite Intelligence / Consciousness which has unlimited potential to heal what the cognitive mind simply can’t, as well as free us into understandings, potential and emotional freedom which far exceed our previous "normal identity".

For the first time ever, I knew what it was to have real joy, and a real love for myself that was not reliant on conditions. I literally knew what it was like to be in life feeling whole.

I had never experienced those feelings before, even way before being narcissistically abused.

In fact, I had never known such a level of existence was even possible.

Quanta Freedom Healing with others

Healing with others I started using Quanta Freedom Healing in sessions with clients, and like myself the results were startling, and often instant.

Wound by wound people were breaking free, and the outer started to match the inner. People could detach from narcissists, heal their trauma symptoms, escape the cycles of abuse patterns and start generating real results in their life – such as property and custody settlements with narcissists.

My clients worked with radical personal responsibility – realising the true power is within, and that when we shift emotion first (the subconscious inner programming), then all of Life in our experience follows.

These clients became excited about creating their lives from the inside out, and loved experiencing the miracles that life was rapidly reflecting back to them. All areas of their lives targeted with Quanta Freedom Healing were improving rapidly.

Strikingly, these individuals were also experiencing the organic emergence of profound insights, peace and wholeness as a result of releasing trauma and replacing it with the Quanta Freedom Healing “filling” with Source. As it happened with myself … this shift is not learned, it’s a beingness that simply unfolds originally from within.

Word of mouth spread like wild-fire. Before I knew it I had booked out clients 7 days a week, booking up months in advance. It was then that I knew I had to create a healing program (The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program – NARP) to be able to cater to people in need on a much greater level.

Then NARP exploded world-wide expanding into over 80 different countries. I had NO idea that this would happen!

Now I know the reason why … many big issues could take decades (if ever) to resolve, yet with this system they can be cleared away in minutes.

Informational and transformational healing

Informational and Transformational HealingIt's important to understand the difference between "informational healing" and "transformational healing".

"Informational healing" means receiving an "idea" regarding how to change.

The difficulty and long path of "informational healing" is that it is an attempt to create a new life direction without addressing deep subconscious wounding.

You may have heard the expression "It just doesn't sink in". That expression is the exact truth, because the information you are receiving at the cognitive mind level does not have the ability to communicate with your subconscious, where almost all of our patterns are playing out. It is the energy of e-motion (energy in motion) that creates our thought patterns, fear and associated behaviour.

Additionally, there is so much pain and fear in the subconscious blocking where this new "idea" needs to penetrate and be embodied, there is simply no "space" for the new and healthier information to enter and take hold.

Informational healing can work for aspects of our life that are not crucial issues for us, as there is very little subconscious fear, pain and resistance (e-motion) inside us attached to those particular topics.

Informational healing is mostly ineffective for profound emotional wounding, which of course is what being abused creates. In fact, your level of consciousness (thinking) is only ever a match on any particular topic in relation to your trauma or otherwise on that topic.

It is literally impossible to think healthily before you have had a shift within your subconscious body to “health”.

The brain follows the emotions always. Hence why trying to heal emotions cognitively equals how to lose, because it is like trying to put a cart in front of a horse.

This is why it doesn't matter what you read, or what therapists you see, or how much good advice you receive – you may not be able to let go of the pain and escape your victimised thoughts and feelings and associated powerlessness and traumatised actions or non-actions.

You are trying desperately to manage your symptoms because the trapped trauma in your being, causing them, is never being addressed.

"You can't drive a Ferrari in the garage on top of the old wreck blocking the way," and Debbie Ford's expression "You can't put ice-cream on top of poop," relate exactly to the futility of trying to bring in new information on top of the old that is still stuck there.

The pain is generated from trapped trauma in your body

trapped painful emotionsEverything changes in our ability to heal when we stop trying to deal with our trauma logically and cognitively.

Trapped trauma in our body has a life of its own. What this means is we have internalised the abuser, and the abusive acts and we remain bonded to them, and we will continue re-living and re-creating that abuse over and over again.

Our unconscious traumas come to consciousness; if we don't go inwards to them ourselves to heal them, they appear to us – outside of us – via events and people in life.

Within your subconscious is where your trauma is trapped, and this is holding all the symptoms in your life in place – including the narcissist.

If we try to resolve this outside of ourselves, we hook into trying to change the outside issues (the symptoms) instead of changing them within (at the true root causation level).

As a result, we continue putting ourselves in abusive situations, or at the very least we continue re-traumatising ourselves with ongoing obsessional thoughts of abuse, powerlessness and victimhood.

Our emotional wounds can be likened to physical wounds. Until physical wounds heal, the pain doesn’t stop.

The more any wound (physical or emotional) is ignored and left untreated the further it festers and spreads and the pain continues. Talking about physical wounds doesn't heal them. Nor does it heal emotional wounds.

Our untreated emotional wounds fester and permeate into our entire life, and just like a physical wound – if emotional wounding is tended to directly, it can be addressed and healed.

Working directly with the subconscious

Working directly with the subconsciousWe have access to incredible personal power when we know how to access and work with our subconscious. The incredibly disappointing thing is we were not educated to know that working with our subconscious is essential.

Interestingly, the process is far less complicated than trying to resolve emotional issues with our minds.

Our mind actually has no ability to resolve our intense emotional issues – hence why it gets so confused and completely over-complicates and perpetuates traumatised emotions.

Make these statements and realise how disconnected and ridiculous they are – "I think devastated," "I think violated," "I think abandoned."

Instead of fruitlessly trying to think our way out of emotional pain, we can use an effective process that addresses, shifts and transforms our emotional wounding at a subconscious level. Then no longer are we trying to change ourselves whilst remaining trapped in emotional agony – whilst only being able to have access to thoughts that match the consciousness of the internal trauma.

And no longer does our Inner Identity remain blocked off from receiving vital new information …

Precisely the vital information we require in order to get well

The shift in "how we heal"

The Shift in "How We Heal"There is a revolutionary movement now taking place in regard to how we face and heal issues in our life.

It's a shift that our world desperately requires on a micro (personal) and macro (world) level – if we want to stop the cycles of abuse devastating lives, and the continuation of painful victimhood and abuse / abused cycles (all as a result of unhealed inner wounding) being passed on from generation to generation.

This "how to heal" shift is growing in exposure, and is creating such widespread and powerful results many people no longer think of it as "fluffy," "new agey" or "weird."

Globally medical professionals, health services, social workers, abuse services, psychologists and counsellors as well as world renowned relationship experts recommend the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program, as creating abuse recoveries that the "old system" just can't produce. Many of these therapists and health service individuals now use my Quanta Freedom Healing Programs to up-level their own lives.

Talk therapy works with beta brainwave; it is not deep inner body recognition and accessing, which is theta brainwave. Beta brainwave seeks outwards away from the wound. Theta brainwave seeks inwards towards the wound.

Using talk therapy to address profound inner emotional trauma is like trying to access a specific radio program whilst having your dial on a completely different frequency.

The larger the wound and associated trauma, the faster the brainwaves (beta frequency), which take an individual further away from finding and healing the wound. This is the state of blaming, victimisation, holding others responsible, feeling powerless and aggrieved, and perpetuating panic, fear and trauma.

It is only when we train ourselves to turn inwards, slow our brainwaves down, let go of the mind "stories" and feel inwards that we can go directly into the wound. From here we have the ability to access, load up and release the trauma and reconnect to our Higher Self – the states of self-love and self-acceptance. The connection to our ability to generate inner solidness, inner wisdom and inner empowerment becomes actualized.

And that is when our True Life begins, as well as our ability to be the change we want to generate in our own lives, the lives of our children and our world.

Quanta Freedom Healing changes how you deal with pain

Change How You Deal With Pain

Quanta Freedom Healing completely changes the way you process emotional pain. It teaches you how to shut off your mind when emotional pain hits, and instead of fruitlessly "trying to think your way out of it", takes you inwards to your subconscious where you have the ability to “free yourself out of it” - for real.

Your subconscious stores all of your emotional belief systems and wounds and when you know how to access it directly, it allows you to find, embrace and release your wounding.

I know what it was like to spend years in my mind, knowing I had issues but not knowing exactly what they were. My issues were in fact my "normal" – I had lived with them for decades and until narcissistic abuse I knew how to "somehow" function with them.

We are all the same. When we are in "normal operation" we have blind-spots because we don't know anything different.

People write to me in blog and forum posts all the time, "How can I know or find out what it is that I need to release?" My answer is always the same – "It isn't until you go into a Module (QFH Process), and follow the process that your subconscious will show you. Until this happens you are only guessing." This is why so many people, even with the awareness of what they do that isn't serving them, have never found out the true reason as to why they are doing it.

In other words they have never located and released the emotional wounding that is generating this fear, anxiety, needy behaviour, handing power over, terror of abandonment, perpetual feelings of unworthiness – and the list goes on and on.

Humility and self-ownership is the first step. "I know I have this issue," but that is still miles away from releasing the issue. The release can only happen when you are self-partnered, meaning being in partnership with your subconscious – in communication with it – and then it reveals to you exactly what the wound is.

I promise you this is not something only "gifted" people can do. It is in fact the most organic way of meeting and being with yourself and it is powerfully natural. The more and more you do the process, you begin to feel how easy and "right" it is – as if you have always been doing it.

Who is the Quanta Freedom Healing process for?

Anyone with trapped internal trauma in any area of their Life. It is not just a system for narcissistic abuse. There are many people in this Community who, for whatever reason, have suffered disappointing life circumstances with themselves, Life and others and want to get to the bottom of it to heal it for real, and completely shift their life experience on it.

Quanta Freedom Healing allows anyone to do that.

The trap of blaming and shaming

Blaming and ShamingI completely understand how you may say, "How can it be my fault or my stuff WHEN this person is doing such horrible things to me?!"

Boy did I used to feel like that myself!

This is not about blaming ourselves.

Our subconscious is generating forty millions bits of information per second, as opposed to the mere forty bits per second of our conscious mind. This is information that we are not normally aware of. Our subconscious has so much more power than we realise; it has so much more power than our logical mind.

We all have emotional programs operating in the background running our thoughts, emotions, the lens that we view the world through, how we show up in specific situations, and the types of people and situations that we attract and are attracted to.

Neuro-scientists believe that by age 35, at least 85% (usually 90 - 95%) of our life is being driven by our subconscious programs on auto-pilot.

So what makes up our subconscious programming? Many emotional components that we did NOT choose logically. In fact, very little of it was chosen by us consciously. Our subconscious programming was not created by logical thought; it was created by our emotional responses to events in our life – every emotional event back through our timeline to the present day. Our subconscious holds all of it.

Additionally, our subconscious programming is comprised of our previous ancestors' unresolved emotional beliefs which we inherited through our DNA, and our childhood emotional programming which we had no power in theta childhood brainwave to detach from or dismiss. As children we didn't have a developed secure "self" who could detach and not personalise and internalise (take inside of us) painful triggered fearful emotions. We were in pure emotional reaction to our environment which shaped us.

Bruce Lipton, a renowned neuro-scientist, speaks of a foetus gestating in a hostile, unsafe, sad, painful, traumatic or panicked environment and how the back of the brain became larger to hold more fearful belief systems. In fact, epigenetics has now discovered that generations on, trauma brains are still being produced down the line from trauma sufferers … even when new babies are being conceived and born into safe environments.

This meant you have been born with already existing fear and defenses to equip you with growing up in a fearful environment. Then of course you were faced with the parents who granted you more fearful and painful emotional internal beliefs.The pattern continues as an adult.

It's important to understand that we are not to blame! We had no choice in so much of this! Feeling personally judged and blamed for what happened to you, or blaming others for "what happened" is not an empowering orientation – and it is not going to help you get well.

What is an empowering orientation is realising this: so within – so without. This means if our life has dealt us painful events, there is trauma stuck in our subconscious which matches it, and if we want that to stop then our only point of power is to change the internal subconscious program.

The path of the Thriver is this:

"Once the trauma is in my body and my cells, I am 100% responsible for it, regardless of how it got there. Only I can go to it, meet it, embrace it, and release and transform it into something so much healthier."

The path of the Victim is this:

"I will keep focusing outwards away from my internal wounds, hate myself for feeling this pain and hold others responsible for this wounding rather than take responsibility for it myself. And I will hold firm that they SHOULD fix it."

Naturally the outward victim's path stunts all growth, evolution and healing – whereas the inward Thriver's path allows for unlimited growth, expansion and evolution.

To become empowered and have mastery over your life, you have to get your attention into your body and be willing to work on yourself at this level.

The Young Inner Wounds

The Young Inner WoundsOur logical mind (pure surface / symptom level) may believe that the trauma is a "just now" thing.

I only hurt now, and that is all my pain relates to – what has happened to me now.

When we begin our inner transformational journey (making the unconscious conscious) we realise certain deeper, wider and much bigger picture truths. We start dealing at the causation level rather than trying to merely manage the symptoms of the wounds.

We realise that in our experience of narcissistic abuse, we were not showing up from a mature, healed, evolved inner centre.

I promise you with all of my heart that we had "gaps"– we had wounds that did not allow us to be the fortunate people who are not unconsciously attracted to narcissists. We were not the individuals who, when cracks appeared or something felt "off", could easily speak up, investigate and clarify, lay clear boundaries, honour themselves, or observe narcissists' unhealthy behaviour without personalising, feeling hooked or devastated.

Unlike these individuals, we felt powerless to emotionally detach and know "Not My Reality" even well before the abuse and destruction began.

These natural narc-free people are not "smarter" than we are, and their ability to not be taken in by narcissists has nothing to do with their logical decisions (no-one would logically pick an abuser) or immense knowledge about narcissists, or even assertion training.

The reason certain people will never be in relationships with narcissists is because their levels of emotional health – established in their Inner Beings – were different from ours.

Children who had a healthy genetic DNA, experienced emotionally healthy gestations and received unconditional love from birth knowing they were loveable and worthy because they existed (not subject to the conditions of what you do or don't do, how you look, or what you achieve), learnt healthy boundaries and limits, how to self-soothe, how to process delayed gratification, and how to self-source belief, love and acceptance of self … and as a result were well equipped to never be susceptible to narcissists.

These children understood the healthy emotional message: What you have done that is wrong does not mean YOU are wrong.

This was not us ...

It is a total fallacy (which runs rampant in narcissist abuse recovery forums) that anyone can fall for or be taken in by a narcissist. I find the victim model "I was completely tricked by a narcissist and there is nothing about me that needs adjustment" incredibly distressing and powerless and abusive when perpetuated by forum organisers – because there is no hope of anyone getting better with that model.

I know – because I used to live aligned with that model – and it nearly killed me.

In the many true recoveries I have had the joy of being a part of – I have never seen one happen with someone determined to hang on to the victim model. Rather, I see these people post on social media and in recovery groups the same pain, the same issues and the same trauma months and years afterwards, with no progress.

So … finally we can understand the truth – our trauma that we thought was an outer problem is in fact an inner problem, and when we change our subconscious programming we will be the people who don't have inner abuse wounding and programming.

Then we can observe narcissists from a healthy mature adult inner centre (rather than showing up in abuse with young unhealed inner wounding), and we will not be attracted to them, get hooked by them or feed them any energy … and we will no longer feel compelled to change them, or fruitlessly try to force them to be accountable.

Instead, we fully detach and start generating the healthy life that IS a match for our transformed healthy Inner Identity.

That is what the Thriver model creates if we are determined to go inside and heal ourselves.

The Truth About Meeting Our Inner Identity

Meeting Our Inner IdentityI understand that meeting your inner emotional wounding may seem terrifying. After all, most of us have learnt self-avoidance and self-abandonment.

We have been told to “not think about it”, and have a piece of chocolate cake, jump on social media, have a drink, a cigarette, sex or whatever it will take to numb out our painful emotions ... rather than go to them directly.

Maybe we even took up intense health regimes, or self-development or exercise to try to escape the anxiety and depression always hovering in the background.

But I promise you, there is incredible relief when you direct yourself to go towards, be with, and feel what it is that is really going on inside you, without judgement.

The absolute truth is: Complicated and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is the Inner Being panic of knowing there is no one home tending to extreme, screaming wounds!

I have seen countless cases of C-PTSD dissolving away once people start working the inner journey of accepting, being with and releasing inner wounds with Quanta Freedom Healing.

These symptoms go, because finally the Inner Being knows the "self" (who is the only person the Inner Being is screaming for – rather than False Substitutes) has finally shown up.

When we are in our head and disconnected from our emotional centre and Inner Being the pain is intense, excruciating, random and unmanageable.

We panic; we try to run from it. We self-loathe because we hate ourselves for being in pain (false-love with conditions), we grab addictions or medication to try to shut it up (self-abandonment), and the pain chases us harder to try to get our attention – to come to it, be with it and heal it.

The more we self-avoid, the louder the pain screams.

Your emotional devastation, mental anguish and physical pain are all coming from the trauma that the unhealed, underdeveloped inner parts of you are trapped in.

Can you imagine your five-year-old daughter or son running up to you with an age-appropriate unresolved trauma, and you turning your back with, "Go away, shut up. You're an idiot. This food, cigarette, drink or pining after this abusive person is SO much more important than you!"

How tormented, annihilated and devastated would he or she be now?

Instead, what do you think would happen if you turned to this five-year-old, granted your full attention, held him or her lovingly, heard her or him fully and had a process to release the trauma up and out of him or her?

Once you realise that your Inner Being holds the key to all your issues, as well as the emergence of your True Life, you know the “outside in” focus is “Wrong Town” – it can never produce the results you want.

Your self-liberation can only be activated from within … when you bring love, consciousness and emancipation to your own unhealed, previous disowned parts that hadn’t as yet been loved back to wholeness.

I want you to really feel into what I just wrote – because it is vital. If you do, finally you can understand the devastating cost to yourself of ignoring your inner wounds. This horrible cost is agonising emotions, devastating ongoing thoughts and signing up for more abuse – certain self-abuse of yourself, and the reflected back abuse from others. Certainly a life of guaranteed continued victimisation.

Are you prepared to keep paying such a hefty price?

I hope you are "getting" the picture of the personal transformation that can take place, if you turn inwards to your Inner Being with love, without judgment, totally ready to open up and be super-present to help him or her heal.

If you do, and you have the right tools to use on your Inner Being, you will start getting well – powerfully and quickly. You will become healthier than you have ever been your entire life.

What Really Keeps Us Safe

What Really Keeps Us SafeWhen we release wounds, and start to intentionally create inner emotional shifts – wisdom organically emerges.

We start to understand profound Universal truths which we were not educated about previously.

We used to believe that we had to hang on to fear and pain; we believed this was essential to protect us. This is a huge fallacy.

When you release pain and fear out of your body, the more space, wisdom and knowing emerges where the pain and fear used to be, and you become the essential empowerment of Who You Really Are – a being of love, Oneness and expansion without fear and pain.

From this inner solid state, you deeply understand that your safety depends on observation (not emotional judgement), and the calm wisdom: "Does this or doesn't this serve me?" without painful emotional attachment.

When your Inner Being becomes healthy, you can observe the truth without your young wounds and underdeveloped parts being involved, and you easily make decisions that honour yourself which represent self-love – from a place of maturity, solid integrity and self-empowerment.

Your emotions no longer derail you, hook you into more of those painful emotions, and you no longer hand your power over and continue to damage yourself with reaction, powerlessness or trying to force abusers to fix your emotional state for you.

You don't allow abuse or co-generate it when your emotional fears of criticism, rejection, abandonment or punishment and needing love and approval from outside of yourself no longer exists. There is no emotional attachment left to "what is not healthy for you" when you clean up your inner wounds.

Ultimately, when we release pain and fear, we realise that our energy was being corrupted, blocked, burned up and drained whilst trying to manage and live with these wounds.

When we release the wounds, we release our own lifeforce that was tied up in them. This previously trapped energy breaks free and expands within us as its pure organic essence.

We unlock our pure, true unlimited potential to experience life as creative, dynamic, expanding, loving and joyous beings – which is our natural state. And we feel it!

The bigger the inner wound we release, the bigger piece of ourselves we win back. When we start to experience the real and incredible results of this – it becomes EXCITING! We get to feel the direct results of our own expansion and inner flourishing.

Because of this process, we can evolve ourselves to no longer "hate" our emotional fear and pain. In fact, we look forward to it presenting itself to us, because we know we can instantly up-level aspects of our life that we struggled with previously – if we go inwards, claim this pain, and release it.


Let’s now investigate the Quanta Freedom Healing process.

Step 1: Locate The Wound

Locate The WoundThe Quanta Freedom Healing process begins by asking your permission to connect to your inner space energetically. If your intention is to grant your full attention to the healing, and to connect and participate without distractions, your brain slows down and enters a theta brainwave state.

Theta brainwave brings your mind down to the frequency of the 4–7 Hertz range. This is the same brain frequency you were often operating in as a child, but as an adult, after 12 years old (usually), you can only access this slower frequency when drowsy or meditating.

Theta brainwave grants you access to inside yourself. It allows you to shut out the outer world (which is constantly processing in your cognitive mind in beta brainwave) so that you can partner deeply with your Inner Being.

Theta brainwave is essential ... trying to partner with your Inner Being in beta brainwave is like staring at a car bonnet trying to guess a mechanical issue without raising the hood. You can't get past the "shut gate" to your subconscious in beta brainwave.

The Quanta Freedom Process opens this "gate," and leads you directly inwards to the emotional wounding that is responsible for all negative thoughts, emotions, physical manifestations, fears, doubts, confusion and anything at all that is not working in your life.

Especially the things that are happening to you that are dreadful. The abuse, punishment and atrocities that are in your experience, are exactly this because they match inner wounds you haven't found and released yet.

The Quanta Freedom Healing process directs your attention into where you feel the emotional angst in your body. This is the first step to getting out of your head and going inside, and because you are in theta brainwave in the energy "container" of the healing, you now have access. At first this takes some practice, because we have all been so used to looking outwards powerlessly with our emotional pain.

When we take our attention into the part of our body that is holding the wound, we are able to start working on the wound which is screaming out for the most attention right now. With Quanta Freedom Healing you have the ability to access and load up the energy imprint of the emotional traumas and release them.

Every emotional or mental agony represents a trapped inner emotion in our body. The bigger and the more "infected" the inner wound is, the more it bursts through into our consciousness as trauma from within and without.

When we heal these – everything starts to shift.

Step 2: Releasing the Wounding

Releasing the WoundingIn order to be free of the wounds, one-by-one we need to load up the wound energetically so that it can be released. We used to think crying was a release, and it is, in that it releases a great deal of the traumatic energy which is consciously being felt.

However, if the causation of the wound isn't released then the negative thoughts, emotions and any physical symptoms simply re-build, and the agony about the same thing comes back. In fact, re-gurgitation causes what is known as “peptide addiction” which only cements more powerlessness in the Inner Being. This is why people can cry daily, even for years, without getting better – and often become more depressed and even worse.

Quanta Freedom Healing is a formulated process which loads up energy specific to the wound that is being targeted in a shift, by accessing the related pain-body energy, the time-line energy (the associations generating that particular wound from the past) and the connected DNA generational energy. This energy is then gathered and put into a holding bay within the body to be released.

This portion of the Quanta Freedom Healing process, whether in a Healing Module or when I work with clients personally, happens automatically as directed from my intention, beliefs, specific words, visualisations and muscle testing (energetic imprints).

If you have accessed and are with the wound and simply keep your body open and breathe (not allowing yourself to be pulled out of your body by "mind stories") the loading up process happens without you having to do anything except "be" in the healing space.

Then together through a simple visualisation process, which is conducted in the language your subconscious understands, the release is done. The negative, painful energy and all of its related causation components are released from your body.

By doing so, you become freer, lighter, more spacious and often experience immediate emotional somatic relief.

Step 3: Bringing in Your True Self Function (Source Energy) to Replace the Wound

Bringing in Your True Self FunctionThe next part of the Quanta Freedom Healing process is to bring in the Source / Life / God truth down into the subconscious. This relates to your personal understanding of a Higher Power. To you this may simply be "lifeforce" or "consciousness" – the energy that the entire Universe is buzzing with, connected by and unfolding itself with.

Because the wound has been released, a space is now available where the Energy of Life – wisdom, calm, self-love, self-worth and self-acceptance (security, safety, support, co-partnering, flourishing) can come down into the space where the wound once was.

This is Wellbeing – the energy of a connection to Life and Self in healthy, empowered and self-loving ways – creating the wisdom of "how to do life" naturally and organically.

This Higher Power truth knows how to honour self and life holistically; this Energy is not self-rejection, self-abandonment, self-punishment or enabling abusers to continue abusing.

This is the energy of Connection and Love rather than separation and fear.

The Energy allows you to connect to The Truth, that you are a magnificent being who is at One with Source / Life / God, and your worth is not dependent on conditions. This Energy allows you to somatically know that you are adored by all of Existence simply because you exist.

This is the Quantum Way to Heal that your rational or cognitive mind simply does not have access to.

This Energy is your direct connection and Source with all of the worthiness, love, security, belief, trust and safety you were always trying to gain from outside of yourself through inauthentic sources.

This is the coming home to yourself.

This is the co-partnering and parenting of this Energy which provides you with all the wisdom, love, understanding and security that you missed out on from your parents, from love partners, and most of all from yourself.

The more and more you clear your wounds and connect to and fill up with this True Source, the more you start expressing your true radiance – Who You Really Are – a being of love, joy, expansion, happiness and confidence without requiring certain conditions to be so.

Simply because you become Love and Lifeforce itself unencumbered by wounds.

Then you start generating a life which represents exactly the flourishing, nourishing, joy and love that is inherent from this state, and Life then starts responding to you as exactly that, and you easily leave alone situations and people who are Not Your Reality.

You become the miracle within and without and you deeply realize it is all the same thing.

Not as a concept you are trying to convince yourself about.

It becomes a deep absolute knowing anchored in your body.

In Conclusion

The Incredible TruthWhat is a complete phenomenon (yet becomes more and more "natural") is each time you get a shift in your body you instantly and literally have changed your mind.

The previous painful thoughts are gone – you simply can't access them.

Where the painful, angry, confused or devastated emotions once were is now replaced with calmness, wisdom and a natural state of solidness, acceptance, clarity and empowerment. There is a total shift on topics that only minutes before created terrible anguish and concern.

The utter truth of human existence is this: your ineffectual mind does not re-train your almighty subconscious easily; it is a grueling up-hill battle. When devastating emotions and intense inner wounds are involved, that process is almost impossible, as myself and many other people have discovered.

Up-levelling your Life was never meant to work that way; up-levelling your life is all about breaking the cycle of unconsciousness.

Unconsciousness is the inability to self-reflect and realise that we are the emotional creators of our own experiences … it is the powerlessness of trying to control and change situations outside of ourselves to improve our life rather than evolving ourselves and changing our experience from the inside.

Often it's only when we suffer horrific breakdowns in our lives that our inner wounds genuinely get our attention, because finally we know life cannot continue as "business as usual" unless we find a solution to get better.

Often we go inside only after we have exhausted every possible avenue outside of ourselves.

I have no doubt the gravity and trauma of narcissistic abuse is no less than this massive wake-up call in our life, because this is about as emotionally traumatic as life can get.

The true purpose of our emotional pain is this: to make our unconscious wounds conscious, so that we can go inside, find these wounds and finally evolve ourselves and come home to Who We Really Are.

This is not just about creating a healthier future for ourselves, it is also about stopping the cycle of victimisation and pain for our future generations.

Fortunately, now we have a tool and a process that absolutely works, which create evolutionary healing – true fast-track liberation that is our evolved right to claim and experience.

No longer do we need to battle and suffer...

Thank goodness … because our world desperately needs to change.

Quanta Freedom Healing Resources

To date, I have used Quanta Freedom Healing with hundreds of clients in one-on-one sessions.

Because of the incredible popularity and demand for Quanta Freedom Healing (I am the only present practitioner of QFH) I offer a very limited number of one-on-one sessions for those who are looking for specialised assistance with their healing.

To learn more about Quanta Freedom Healing one-on-one sessions click here.

My specific Quanta Freedom Healing Programs are – The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery ProgramThe Empowered Self Course and The Transforming Family of Origin Wounds Course.

These allow people from all over the world to access this profound healing system affordably and instantly … to work with it at any time from the comfort of their own home, and also (in the case of NARP) access the support of the incredible Thriver Community.

Quanta Freedom Healing Resources The Quanta Freedom Healing Program that I am especially passionate about is the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (NARP). This Program, which is specifically created to heal Inner Identity abuse belief systems and wounds, has created Thriver recoveries for thousands of people from over 80 different countries.

NARP has liberated men and women aged between 18 and 80 years of age, from all walks of life, from the devastation of abusive intimate partners, family members and any other damaging individual.

This Program regularly creates healing results that are deemed impossible medically and psychologically, within time periods that are also unprecedented.

NARP has not only saved people from literal and emotional death, it has granted people the direct pathway to create a greater life than they have ever previously had access to.

Learn more about Quanta Freedom Healing Resources.



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