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Quanta Freedom Healing™

Quanta Freedom Healing

Quanta Freedom Healing™ is a profound healing system, incorporating theta brain-wave healing, kinesiology and past-life holographic healing.

This healing system creates astounding emotional and physical healing results world-wide. It's a unique and powerful system, because it delves deep into your subconscious to shift the limiting beliefs, and negative patterns that you may be experiencing.

Stored limiting belief systems and stored tapped emotions

In order to experience our Truest Self, which is our highest flourishing, real potential and greatest joy – we need to release the inner subconscious programs which are blocking our success.

In my own personal growth and development, I have found my healing system to be an incredible powerful, fast and effective solution – as it has the ability to access and transform core wounding, at the very level where it was created.

This offers an efficient system to up-level our life, rather than attempting thinking and talking about our problems and fears, which is merely trying to manage the symptoms of our painful issues, rather than truly healing the cause.

Unknowingly, what we took on as children created our painful results as adults

childrenAs children we were innocent, and incredibly susceptible to emotional programming.

We were open little sponges who did not have a cognitive reasoning brain protecting us from taking on powerful painful messages. Much of it was absorbed directly into our subconscious.

If we took on the messages that we were conditionally loved for what we do or don't do, rather than unconditionally loved and accepted for Who We Are, then we became co-dependent.

This set us up to unconsciously seek love, approval and acceptance outside of ourselves, driven from our wounded inner centre.

We also may have suffered specific male and female wounding. How the genders related to us caused us to have deeply submerged beliefs, that not only affected our interactions with people of the same and opposite sex, but also profoundly affected our ability to "mother" and "father" ourselves healthily, lovingly and supportively.

Our generational DNA also limits us profoundly

generationalFrom an ancestral and past life perspective, we still carry beliefs and survival programs that were once necessary; however in today's modern society they don't serve us.

These beliefs are stored deep within our subconscious – within our Inner Identity.

This means that we often experience painful triggers and emotions which we can't seem to control. Logically we know the panic does not fit the reality; it's way out of proportion – but our emotions play out the fear and the pain regardless.

Common examples of beliefs stored in our Inner Identity that aren't serving us are:

"Not having a partner means I can't survive"
"If I speak my truth I will be annihilated"
"If I show the real me I will be abandoned or rejected"

… as well as many other deep submerged issues, which no matter how hard you try to resolve logically, are stuck in the cells in your body and are emotionally controlling your life.

These are the inner programs which block the life and the love that we truly wish to experience.

These inner programs are magnified and "added to" in our childhood experience with the parents that we "choose" vibrationally, who match our already existing fearful survival programs.

And the pain continues.

We then unconsciously choose love partners and experiences that continue to match these painful patterns, and on and on it goes …

That is … until we break the cycle and replace it with Inner Identity beliefs which do serve us.

Healing our Inner Identity

Inner IdentityTrying to logically change your life does not address your Inner Identity.

Your Inner Identity requires healing in a language that it CAN understand, in order to up-level and make the necessary changes.

When you undergo healing work at the Inner Identity level, the pain, fear and confusion are released, and the space is created to bring in the feeling and the knowing of the life you want to create. As a result of the Quanta Freedom Healing process, you don't need to continually try to think, analyse, process and format "how to change" and "how to create" the life or love direction you want.

There is a huge difference between informational healing and transformational healing. Information healing grants you ideas regarding how to change, and if your Inner Identity is in opposition to these "ideas", no matter how hard you try to change, your Inner Identity's subconscious programs will sabotage your attempts.

Transformational healing means that, at your core, you have become the change you seek.

Ease and accessibility of sessions

Ease and accessibility
You are talked through the entire healing process, and most of the work is done by myself.
There is no physical contact; all that is required is voice connection.
The process is extremely simple, and easy to follow.
Clarity, solidness and peace replace your pain.
The sessions can be accessed from anywhere in the world (via Skype call).
You may relax in the comfort of your home at a mutually agreed session time.
Quanta Freedom Healing is non-denominational and unconditional. You may access this process regardless of your spiritual beliefs.
There is no necessity to have any previous energetic healing experience or knowledge in order to partake in a healing.

What others say about Quanta Freedom Healing Sessions


"I had a history of every relationship being with the wrong man. I was always shattered and devastated about the way every man treated me, until I found the next one who would then hurt me in virtually identical ways. I was stuck and bewildered and seeking addictions to ease my inner emptiness and pain. Since seeking healing with Melanie I experienced immediate relief, and a strength and confidence I hadn't ever known. These men hold no emotional charge over me anymore, and I now honour and respect myself and walk my truth. I have no urge to connect with any man who doesn't have the capacity to respect me, and for the first time in my life I totally know that I deserve this. Psychology, group therapy and medication for decades made no difference. Quanta Freedom Healing did. Do it, and like me you won't have to stay in pain and suffering any longer."

~ Catherine P. Melbourne, Australia


"I had been in terrible pain and anguish for ten years, and I was barely able to function. Every therapy I tried didn't help. After one healing session with Melanie I knew instant relief, and felt a strength and peace that I didn't believe I'd ever feel again. After two sessions I have my life back on track, in perspective, and I'm no longer haunted, terrorised and destroyed by my previous narcissistic relationship. God I wish I found this earlier! I urge every broken woman out there to make an appointment with Melanie as soon as you possibly can."

~ Lynda M. Inverness, Ireland


"The suffering I experienced from my pathological ex-husband was intense. After 10 years of separation I was still broken, hoping to recover the marriage, and had no interest or joy in life. Then I stumbled across Melanie's website at a point when I was almost suicidal, and I didn't think I could go on for another day. I booked a healing, and I can barely believe the relief and joy that followed immediately. After two more sessions I am totally clear of feelings for my ex, totally know how hooked and powerless I have been, and now have a life of interests, goals and dreams again. Yes I will have the right relationship again, and it will be nothing like what I had experienced. I feel better than I could imagine. If this testimony helps other women find the solution that I did through Melanie I want to shout it out as loud as possible!"

~ Merelyn C. Bath, UK


"Wow! Why don't we all know about this? Bad men and trying to be loved led to me being homeless, broken and feeling like I was all alone. I now know what it is to love myself, make healthy decisions and know I deserve to. Thank you Melanie, no amount of professional help has given me what you gave me in one short hour. I know who I am, what to do and I feel empowered. I still can't quite work out what happened in our session, or how everything changed for me even though you are thousands of miles away, but it certainly did. You have given me my life back. Please keep doing the work you are doing and please let women know about this everywhere.."

~ Elaine H. Maine, New England


Inner Identity

Watch Quanta Freedom Healing Live In Action

To experience exactly how Quanta Freedom Healing works I recommend you check out my Shifts Happen series, where some incredible people from the Thriver community have put up their hands to show their incredible transformations live for the whole community to see.


Watch Shifts Happen on Youtube.



Booking Your Appointment

Please note because I am presently the only Quanta Freedom Healer practitioner presently and this healing system is in great demand world-wide, I am only available for a very limited number of new one-on-one clients.
Your healing session is payable in advance, price on application.
Please make sure you have Skype available on your computer.

Please email [email protected] to enquire and book.


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