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As a result of working through the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program, you will have realised that many of your painful beliefs and programming came from your childhood.

childAfter my second narcissistic abuse experience, I realised just how crucial it is to clean up the pain and fear at the deepest subconscious levels, to really address the programming that led us to narcissistic abuse.

NARP addresses these patterns, absolutely, and if you are like myself – committed to a deep self-revolutionary journey – you may intuitively feel you require a direct focus on childhood wounding to really ensure you clean up your past generational patterns once and for all.

I know intimately that even after feeling recovered and free, and knowing everything you need to know about a narcissist, doesn't guarantee that you won’t endure another one.

After my first narcissistic abuse experience, thinking I felt great, and that I knew everything there was to know about narcissists and narcissistic abuse, I still got hooked by another one.

At first I was completely mortified, yet now after taking my journey to a much deeper level, I understood the truth.

I still had more inner wounding to liberate....

inner woundingI am so thrilled that I directly targeted and released my childhood wounding, because I was able to release and up-level my life to a much more expanded and joyous version than I had ever previously known.

Maybe like myself, you too have experienced more than one narcissistic abuse experience, despite feeling like you were done, and that you had enough knowledge never to fall for one again.

The truth is this: When we have unconscious shadow parts within us, they show up outside of us, in The Field (our experience of "life"), as per events and individuals in order to make us conscious of these parts.

That is why I am very passionate about the healings and processes in this Course, because they address and up-level our childhood subconscious wounds directly.

You can be released from your Family's Past Mistakes

You can
            be released

The reason why I have created this Program is because I understand how many people in the community have suffered intense inner wounds as a result of their upbringing.

Even parents with the best intentions were carrying their own wounds. They were simply passing on what they had learnt from their role models.

This Program caters to individuals who have been abused by their parents, and it is also very relevant for anyone who wishes to clean up any wounds received in childhood.

The truth of the matter is: we all received painful childhood programming to some extent.

Please understand that this Program is not a stand-alone Program – it is an add-on to the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program, and it is essential to have worked through NARP before doing the fine-tuning of this Program.

This program is a magnified focus, to first of all identify, and then very deeply and DIRECTLY heal your wounds from your family of origin.

Unknowingly, what we took on as children created our painful results as adults

childrenAs children we were innocent, and incredibly susceptible to emotional programming.

We were open little sponges who did not have a cognitive reasoning brain protecting us from taking on powerful painful messages. These messages were absorbed directly into our subconscious.

Mother and Father wounds can be immense, even if your parents weren’t narcissists, and these wounds relate to how effectively we are able to love, accept and approve of ourselves.

If we took on the messages that we were conditionally loved for what we did or didn't do, how we did or didn't look, or what we did or didn't have – rather than knowing we were unconditionally loveable and acceptable for Who We Are, then we became co-dependent.

This set us up to unconsciously seek love, approval and acceptance outside of ourselves – driven from our young unhealed wounded inner centre.

We also suffered specific male and female wounding. How the genders related to us caused us to have deeply embedded beliefs, which not only affected our interactions with people of the same and opposite sex, but also profoundly affected our ability to "mother" and "father" ourselves healthily, lovingly and supportively.

My relationship with my parents changed beyond recognition.

Mel and
              folksWhen I created and applied the principles and healings in this Course, I worked solidly for several weeks on shifting the still wounded parts from my childhood.

I knew I needed to – because there was NO WAY I was going to leave any of my programming susceptible to unloving, abusive and disastrous relationships ever again.

I worked extremely diligently with a fine tooth comb, locating all of my Mother and Father wounds, and shifted them out of my body. As I was doing so I brought into my Inner Child space divine female and male energy – the energy of "what I really wanted" back then. As a result I was able to connect directly to Source for the energy I was lacking.

I had no attachment to my parents changing in any way – I was simply focused on healing and liberating myself.

Then ... incredible changes happened.

My relationships with my parents, who are non-narcissistic, changed overnight.

My Father and I had previously played out engulfment. I used to feel anxious, controlled and micro-managed in his energy. Instead, a beautiful space of giving and receiving healthy love and support opened and started to flourish. He started supporting me emotionally for the first time ever without conditions.

My Mother and I had always been distant and disconnected. I used to feel judged, not accepted and not supported by her. Now we are engaged in the most beautiful relationship of mother and daughter that I could ever imagine. We love, communicate and connect as "friends" now.

We had never achieved that previously.

All of this happened immediately after doing these shifts, and I mean immediately. These changes started to happen in incredible EVIDENT ways the very same day I cleared the issues I was working on!

My parents and I are now in an evolved relationship together

evolved relationshipIt is so beautiful to now experience a mutual reciprocity of honesty, authenticity and growth together – with me leading the way, and Mum and Dad joyously rising up to meet me at this higher vibration of love.

I can’t tell you what a blessing it is to have such a special relationship with my parents now after all these years of prior angst and pain.

Truly that is a wondrous by-product – but the most important aspect of it all was, I was finally able to free myself from my painful childhood programs.

I am very aware that you may have a narcissistic parent. I can only imagine how painful it would be to not be able to have an authentic evolved relationship with him or her, because narcissism is narcissism, and my heart goes out to you.

However, you will be able to heal yourself, and claim peace and serenity within yourself. As a result you will have better boundaries, and may even open up to a healthy and safe acceptance and compassion for them, knowing they are wounded adult children too.

The goal of these healings is to become an integrated Male / Female being

The goal of these healings

Our Mother energy is the ability to unconditionally love, accept, nurture, support and soothe ourselves. It is the part of us that blooms with creativity, inspiration, love, intuition and connection to the energetic field of Life.

Our Father energy allows us to feel confident and courageous, and to know our worth and capacities in order to expand, show-up and create in the physical world.

When we are able to source our worth though our hearts, we know we are capable of co-creating our own nourishing and flourishing. Then we are free to anchor into beliefs of deservedness, capabilities and confidence in order to expand out to our true purpose, missions and life.

Integrating our Male and Female parts allows us to become a fully functioning being, operating at our highest capacities, and granting and receiving our greatest love and joy.


This Course is Perfect For You If You Want To :
This Mini Course is Perfect For You If
  • Address and heal your wounds caused by a narcissistic parent or family member.
  • Release and shift your negative belief systems and patterns that you obtained from non-narcissistic family members.
  • Change the patterns that were instilled in your childhood that set you up for adult narcissistic relationships.
  • Mend your relationship with family members and create stronger relationships with healthy people in your life.
  • Break the family pattern of victimhood and abuse for future generations.
  • Deeply and healthily influence your children's futures and their future generations.


What This Course Will Do For You
What This Mini Course Will Do For You
  • Allows you to locate and directly target your family of origin wounds.
  • Enables you to let go of any pain or wound, which you are still holding onto from your family and upbringing, no matter how deep or painful.
  • Grants wonderful opportunities to transform the relationships with your non-narcissistic family members and other people in your life.
  • Provides the strength to put up boundaries and do Modified Contact or No Contact with narcissistic individuals, and allows you to achieve acceptance for the people you can't change.
  • Fills you up with the love and self-acceptance that you missed out on in your childhood.
  • Allows you to become an integrated being of healthy male and female energy, empowering you to heal your unhealed wounds authentically rather than continue making unconscious and unhealthy choices.

This Course is a Complete System For Healing Childhood Wounds

My intention with this Course was to find a system to locate wounding, not only from Mothers and Fathers, but any influential or authority figure you experienced as a child. This includes anyone that your subconscious is still holding painful beliefs and emotional energy on – such as a grandparent, sibling, teacher, relative, neighbour, etc.

I've put this all together, as the exact process I used in order to shift my childhood wounds. This Course has since proven to grant incredible results to others as well.

The Course includes an Information Booklet explaining the healing of your family of origin wounds. Also included is an Instruction Booklet which grants step-by-step instructions regarding "how to" find and identify your subconscious programming. Then, the real work begins with the two powerful Quanta Freedom HealingMP3s (one for Female and Male Energy) which target, release and up-level your subconscious programming to Divine Female and Male Energy.


Quanta Freedom Healing – Transforming Female Energy
What This
                Mini Course Will Do For You
  • Allows you to release and heal the wounds you took on from your female family members and previous generations.
  • Grants you a deep sense of love and appreciation, allowing you to provide yourself and others with unconditional love and self-acceptance.
  • Provides you with Divine Female Energy which will care for, nurture and heal your emotional wounds.
  • Allows you to generate expansion through your heart to yourself, the Field of Life, and all other beings.
  • Allows you to attract more loving, genuine and nurturing females into your life.

Quanta Freedom Healing – Transforming Male Energy
                Freedom Healing – Transforming Female Energy
  • Allows you to release and heal the wounds you took on from your male family members and previous generations.
  • Grants you a strong sense of self-belief, allowing you to go after your goals with confidence.
  • Provides you with Divine Male Energy, empowering you to be more assertive and authentic.
  • Allows you to attract more authentic, supportive and loving men into your life.

What People Are Saying About The Family Of Origin Course

"I grew up with a mother who was very co-dependent and I attracted many of her traits. It was both my mother's and my duty to be there for my father and cater to his needs. My needs were seen to be of lesser importance, and this set me up for the pattern of putting others (especially men's) needs before my own. I felt like I had to be invisible in order to survive, and I avoided rocking the boat at all costs. I wouldn't dare speak back or go against my father's rules. Any time I did something for myself I felt like I was doing something wrong. This dynamic set me up for abuse in two long term relationships, as well as sexual abuse by a boss when I was 18 and living in another country. The after effects, particularly agoraphobia and depression, were seen by my family as me not doing enough for others or being disobedient. I desperately wanted to do something about releasing my co-dependent traits, so that I could stop living the pattern of abuse in my life. Since beginning Melanie's Transforming Family of Origin Healings 6 weeks ago, I have cut back on contact with my family of origin. I have been able to release an enormous amount of pain and anger. I now feel as if I have made peace inside myself with the female/male energies I missed out on from my family. I feel more at one with myself. Melanie's Divine Female and Male Healings are my "go to" healings now. They encompass everything I need in a healing. Not only can I work on my family of origin wounds, I have found that I can start off with any pattern I wish to let go of in my life, and the healings take me back to a family wound and clear out my ancestral and past life baggage as well."

~ Kate N.Z.

"With Melanie's Transforming Family of Origin Wounds Course, I was able to uncover and clear many issues that were part of my familial and ancestral programming that attracted the pain that I was experiencing in my life. I was able to make some interesting discoveries, especially when working the Male Energy module. And with the help of this phenomenal healing program, I was able to reclaim the male and female energies that had been missing from my life as I was growing up. Although I've just barely started scratching the surface of my family of origin issues, I've noticed that my life has already been taking an upturn. I am in the process of dissolving my abusive marriage and am looking forward to a whole new and fantastic life ahead of me! I am blazing new trails and going places where I have never gone before! I cannot recommend enough this healing program, or any of Melanie's healing programs! All of Melanie's healing programs are powerhouses!"

~ Neringa, USA

"Melanie's programs have given me the strength I needed to stop talking to my aunt and uncle, and both cousins. I knew that I needed to do this for a long time, but the "click" finally happened and I actually did it! That was about 8 months ago, and at first it was extremely painful but it is getting better. When I heard about Melanie's Transforming Family Of Origin Wounds Course, I knew this was the next step in changing and making real progress in my life. The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program brought me awareness and freedom from an individual, but the Divine Male and Female Healings are shifting the entire frame of my life. I have been doing the Healings for several weeks and I know I will need to continue to do them. I have received shifts in awareness that are enabling me to let go of the anxiety I was holding onto about my relationships, and I am now able to let go of the old relationships within my family of origin. I am more open now to people in my life who want to help me, and I can more easily accept their help. I am also now actively pursuing new, authentic relationships. I look forward to the rest of my life now, instead of dreading it, and I also know that complete healing is possible if I work for it."

~ Sasha, USA

"The Transforming Family of Origin Wounds has helped me tremendously! Several weeks ago, I did a total of six sessions of Divine Male and Divine Female energy MP3s during two Saturdays, and felt the results straight away. I had been in therapy for a while and, although I was improving, I still couldn't get rid of the negative emotions related to my relationship with my narcissistic father and my emotionally unstable upbringing. I was obsessed with him and all the hurt I had suffered. I couldn't date men because I wasn't confident. Well, after those sessions there was an incredible shift within me that made me see things from a completely different perspective! The obsession vanished and I started to be more in touch with my emotions and feelings and more able to control them. And my interactions with men also changed radically. From being scared and withdrawn around men I became relaxed and self-confident! And not only that: I have been dating a man for a month now! I am at ease with him and able to interact in a completely normal way, with no negative emotions getting in the way, with no fear of being put down, insulted or humiliated. Before, I would have attracted someone much like my father: emotionally unavailable and bullying; now, I have attracted someone who is emotionally healthy."

~ Berta B., UK

"After completing the NARP course and receiving great benefit and immediate relief, I knew that I wanted to go on and work with the TFOOW course. I have long been aware of my childhood wounds, but I have found it hard to let go of some of the issues I have, particularly with my mother. This work is profound, effective and healing, and I noticed an immediate improvement in my relationship with my mum. Things are much more harmonious between us. I notice that there is far less charge for me in our interactions, and I am much less reactive. Whenever something comes up, I can take it to the healings. I highly recommend this course as an effective tool for anyone who wishes to take the empowering journey of taking responsibility for their healing, but doesn't necessarily know how to go about it. This is true soul work. The benefits spread not only to me, but to my mum and to my daughters. I am very grateful for it and for how Melanie Tonia Evans' work has helped me."

~ Sophie P., UK

"Through my last narcissist experience, I realized the patterns I was repeating were linked to abuse I experienced in childhood. Though before I hit complete bottom from narcissistic abuse and codependence, I didn't realize what I had experienced growing up was abnormal or how my upbringing was impacting my adult life. through several relationship experiences with psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists, I realized my mother has a personality disorder, and my father is codependent. Upon completing the NARP program, which was a Godsend and literally saved my life, I purchased the TFOOW program. I cannot say enough about the value of this program. the cost is completely out of synch with the incredible value. I have to say, if you have issues from childhood, there is no excuse NOT to get it! My outlook and emotional well being have improved significantly. I had been in traditional therapy for many years and I can say I honestly feel I would have never gotten in touch with the issues nor have healed and released the deep emotional wounds without this program. I am forever grateful to Melanie for healing herself and following her own authentic path toward helping to shift the consciousness of this planet, and mine! thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

~ Tami USA


The Transforming Family of Origin Wounds Course is backed up by a promise that if you don't receive incredible and real life changing results within 30 days of going through the Course, your money will be refunded, no questions and certainly no hard feelings. That means you have a full 30 days to try the Course with no risk!

All you have to do is send one email to within 30 days to receive your full money-back refund.





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